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postgresql-server-7.4.8-1tr RPM for i586

From Trustix 2.1 for i586

Name: postgresql-server Distribution: Trustix Secure Linux
Version: 7.4.8 Vendor: Comodo Trustix
Release: 1tr Build date: Wed May 11 16:41:20 2005
Group: Trustix Official Build host:
Size: 6097470 Source RPM: postgresql-7.4.8-1tr.src.rpm
Packager: Comodo Trustix <>
Summary: The programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server.
The postgresql-server package includes the programs needed to create
and run a PostgreSQL server, which will in turn allow you to create
and maintain PostgreSQL databases.  PostgreSQL is an advanced
Object-Relational database management system (DBMS) that supports
almost all SQL constructs (including transactions, subselects and
user-defined types and functions). You should install
postgresql-server if you want to create and maintain your own
PostgreSQL databases and/or your own PostgreSQL server. You also need
to install the postgresql package.






* Wed May 11 2005 Ajith Thampi <ajith at comodo dot com> 7.4.8-1tr
  - New Upstream
  - Vendor Security Fix for CAN-2005-1409 and CAN-2005-1410
* Fri May 06 2005 Ajith Thampi <ajith at comodo dot com> 7.4.7-3tr
  - Fix Character Conversion Vulnerability, gives public EXECUTE access to
    certain character conversion functions, which allows unprivileged
    users to call those functions with malicious values, with unknown
    impact. (CAN-2005-1409).
  - Fix DOS Vulnerability, the (1) dex_init, (2) snb_en_init, (3) snb_ru_init,
    (4) spell_init, and (5) syn_init functions as "internal" even when they
    do not take an internal argument, which allows attackers to cause a
    denial of service (application crash). (CAN-2005-1410)
* Fri Apr 22 2005 Nived Gopalan <nived at comodo dot com> 7.4.7-2tr
  - Fix CAN-2005-0247 , Bug #431
  - Already fixes CAN-2005-0245
* Fri Feb 04 2005 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot org> 7.4.7-1tr
  - New upstream.  Fixes local privilege escalation discovered by John Heasman
    Any user could use the LOAD extention to load any shared library into
    the server.
* Sun Dec 12 2004 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot org> 7.4.6-3tr
  - Now echo in stop of initscript
* Sat Nov 13 2004 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot org>
  - Add missing buildreq's.
* Wed Sep 29 2004 Oystein Viggen <oysteivi at trustix dot com>
  - Patch tempfile issue
* Thu Aug 26 2004 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot org> 7.4.5-1tr
  - New upstream that fixes potential data loss bug.
* Mon Mar 15 2004 Chr. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot org> 7.4.2-1tr
  - New upstream version
  - Binary incompatible with all earier versions, thus manual-upgrade
* Tue Feb 03 2004 Chr. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot org> 7.4.1-3tr
  - Removed support for tcl
  - Cleanup
* Tue Jan 20 2004 Janåke Rönnblom <janron at trustix dot org> 7.4.1-2jr
  - missing information_schema.sql, sql_features.txt
  - missing buildrequire for readline-devel, ncurses-devel, zlib-devel, 
    openssl-devel, pam-devel
  - /etc/sysconfig/postgresql has wrong paths, should be postgresql now
  - /etc/init.d/postgresql had 7.3 instead of 7.4 which caused a error 
    message on startup
* Mon Jan 19 2004 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot org> 7.4.1-1tr
  - New upstream.
* Tue Nov 25 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot org> 7.4-1tr
  - New upstream.  Will need a dump of your current databases to work.
  - Now use "postgresql" consistently.
  - Removed jdbc drivers.
* Thu Nov 06 2003 Chr. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot org> 7.3.4-1tr
  - New upstream version fixes buffer overflow.
* Wed Jun 18 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.3.3-2tr
  - Big rebuild
* Tue Jun 10 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.3.3-1em
  - New upstream.
  - No longer delete postgreq user/group when uninstalling.
  - Make initscript run initdb correctly.
* Thu Jun 05 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.3.2-9em
  - Try to resolve file conflicts.
* Sat May 10 2003 Gerald Dachs <gda at trustix dot org> 7.3.2-8gd
  - moved /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf to package postgresql
* Fri May 09 2003 Gerald Dachs <gda at trustix dot org> 7.3.2-7gd
  - changed /var/run/pgsql to /var/run/postgresql
  - added config files so that postgresql starts out of the box
* Sat May 03 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.3.2-6em
  - Try to fix the /var/log/pgsql file to directory conversion again.
* Sat Mar 29 2003 Christian H. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot com> 7.3.2-5ct
  - Added some Debian patches. This one needs _lots_ of testing now, also
    we should add a initscript configfile which control what interfaces to bind
* Fri Mar 28 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.3.2-4em
  - Nothing
* Fri Mar 28 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.3.2-3em
  - Changed init script to hopefully work this time.
  - Removed i18n stuff from init script and moved it into the rpm.
  - Added logging.
* Mon Mar 24 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.3.2-2em
  - Rebuilt against glibc 2.3.2.
* Thu Mar 13 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.3.2-1em
  - Upgraded to 7.3.2.
  - Threw out the C++ and the ODBC interfaces as they are no longer part
    of the main PostgreSQL package.
* Wed Jan 22 2003 Tor Hveem <torh at trustix dot org> 7.2.2-7th
  - fixed $INITLOCK
* Fri Jan 17 2003 Gerald Dachs <gda at trustix dot org> 7.2.2-6gd
  - recompiled against openssl-0.9.7
* Wed Dec 04 2002 Christian H. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot com> 7.2.2-5ct
  - postgresql initscript now follows policy.
* Mon Nov 04 2002 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.2.2-4em
  - New bison.
* Mon Sep 23 2002 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.2.2-3em
  - The file patch2 used to patch is dynamically generated.  Therefore
    the patch fails every now and again -> Making it a sed script instead.
* Wed Sep 11 2002 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.2.2-2em
  - Fixed includes.
* Wed Sep 04 2002 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 7.2.2-1tr
  - New upstream version, fixes four security holes.  From the advisory:
  - in handling long datetime input
  - in repeat()
  - in lpad() and rpad() with multibyte
  - in SET TIME ZONE and TZ env var
* Fri Aug 23 2002 Christian H. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot com> 7.2.1-1ct
  - New upstream version
  - Major cleanup, but still a bit messy
  - Built for TSL-2.0 on gcc-3.2
* Mon Mar 18 2002 Christian H. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot com>
  - Added "  that arised when we added "zlib >= 1.1.4"
* Fri Mar 15 2002 Christian H. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot com>
  - Package cleanup, new release to ensure restart due to broken zlib.
  - Added Prereq zlib >= 1.1.4
* Thu Jul 05 2001 Oystein Viggen <oysteivi at trustix dot com>
  - Although we want it, we don't have python 2.0 yet.
* Mon Jun 18 2001 Olaf Trygve Berglihn <olafb at trustix dot com>
  - Added patch for python 2.0 support.
* Mon Jun 18 2001 Oystein Viggen <oysteivi at trustix dot com>
  - Fix problem with postgres account creation.
* Mon Jun 11 2001 Oystein Viggen <oysteivi at trustix dot com>
  - Snapshot for TSL
  - Don't include tk and jdbc (java)
* Sat Jun 09 2001 Lamar Owen <>
  - Sync up with Trond's set.
* Thu Jun 07 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - Don't create postgres' .bashrc from the server post script: include it instead
  - Move the test packages from /usr/share/pgsql to /usr/lib/pgsql
  - Move the symlinks,, and to the devel subpackage from 
  - Source the i18n data from the .bashrc instead of in the initscript
* Mon May 28 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - Handle i18n for database startup - backend needs to have the same locale everytime, 
    but this certainly can't be hardcoded to C either
  - Fix stop, restart in initscript (#42217)
  - Make database init _much_ less verbose
  - other minor fixes to the initscript
* Fri May 25 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - 7.1.2
* Thu May 24 2001 Lamar Owen <> <>
  - 7.1.2-0.1.1.PGDG PRERELEASE
  - Changed versioning and release numbering a little for better flexibility,
  -- particularly for distribution packagers.
  - Release numbering comment at top of spec, where it's more useful.
  - Trimmed changelog to 7.1.x. See the last 7.0.3's specfile for the 7.0
  -- changlog, and the last 6.5.3's specfile for the changelog prior to
  -- 7.0.
* Sun May 20 2001 Lamar Owen <> <>
  - 7.1.1-4.PGDG
  - _really_ got Python version agnosticism working.
* Sat May 19 2001 Lamar Owen <> <>
  - 7.1.1-3.PGDG Release
  - Python version agnosticism.....
* Tue May 15 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - Use openssl
  - Make it obsolete subpackages if they aren't built
* Mon May 14 2001 Lamar Owen <> <>
  - 7.1.1-2.PGDG Release.
  - Appended .PGDG to release string to differentiate our RPM set from the others.
  - /bin/sh fix in initscript
  - README.rpm-dist updates.
* Mon May 14 2001 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <> 7.1.1-0.7
  - Rebuild with new readline
* Thu May 10 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - Initial 7.1.1
* Mon May 07 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - Specify shell when running commands through su in the initscript, to avoid problems 
    when people switch the postgres user to use tcsh
* Thu Apr 19 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - JDBC driver for Postgresql 7.1
* Sun Apr 15 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - slightly different versioning scheming, will go back to the official
    later when I'm sure the package is ready to use
* Fri Apr 13 2001 Lamar Owen <> <>
  - 7.1 RELEASE
  - 7.1-1 RPM RELEASE
  - Change to COPTS -- strip out -ffastmath -- Considered Harmful.
  - Back to old versioning scheme, kept teg's other fixes.
  - README.rpm-dist updated.
  - PGVERSION updated all-around (hopefully!)
  - Couple of fixes from Peter E.
  - Rearrange dependencies -- only the -libs subpackage is required for most stuff
  - Removed broken and confusing logrotate script.
* Mon Apr 09 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - chown considered harmful - removed
  - fix dangling symlimks (pg_crc.c)
  - changes for maximum compatiblity
  - different versioning scheme, to avoid trouble later
  - remove temporary perl file from the file list
  - fix spelling error in tcl description
  - mark odbcinst.ini as a config file
  - use %defattr on packages which didn't have it
* Sat Apr 07 2001 Lamar Owen <> <>
  - Integrated the PL/Perl stuff from Karl DeBisschop --conditional.
  - Packaging reorg: added contrib and docs subpackages.
  - Removed sgml source docs from main package --> docs subpackage.
  - Removed contrib tree from main package --> contrib subpackage.
  - Contrib tree is now prebuilt -- HOWEVER, very little install work is
  -- currently done with this.
* Fri Apr 06 2001 Lamar Owen <> <>
  - Quickie RC3.  There will be a 7.1RC3-2 shortly with other stuff.
* Tue Apr 03 2001 Lamar Owen <> <>
  - RC2
  - eliminate versioning information for ancilliary files in prep for CVS.
  - Fix docs mixup.
* Tue Mar 27 2001 Lamar Owen <> <>
  - RC1 quickie.
* Tue Mar 20 2001 Lamar Owen <>
  - Beta 6 initial build.
  - Use make install-all-headers instead of cpio hack for devel headers.
  - Split out the libs into the libs subpackage.
  - Updated initscript to use pg_ctl to stop
  - Updated initscript to initdb and start postmaster with LC_ALL=C to 
  -- prevent index corruption.
* Sun Jan 28 2001 Lamar Owen <>
  - Beta4
  - Return to 'pgsql' directories instead of 'postgresql'
  - Better perl patches.
* Mon Jan 15 2001 Lamar Owen <>
  - Edit patches to get rid of some cruft.
  - Eliminate some more pre-7.1 specfile baggage that is no longer necessary.
  - Moved pg_id to server
  - added and pg_config to devel
  - Corrected /usr/include/pgsql to /usr/include/postgresql
  - Fixed some configure options.  Will be trying the configure macro next release
  - Since it is terminally ill in this version pg_upgrade is _gone_.
  - Thanks to Peter E for a good review.
* Sun Jan 14 2001 Lamar Owen <>
  - Running regression. 1 on the release-o-meter.
  - Minor patches to get regression running right.  
  - Initscript tweaking -- the old test for a database structure fails with 7.1's new structure.
* Sat Jan 13 2001 Lamar Owen <>
  - Perl 5 needs to be built with PREFIX set on the Makefile, not GNUmakefile....
  - The 7.1 build is different from the 7.0 build -- see the configure line.
  - NOTE: many files that used to be in /usr/share/postgresql are now in /usr/share/postgresql!
  - by request, conditional packages are now supported. See the top of the spec.
  - Fixed the server postinstall problems.
* Mon Jan 08 2001 Lamar Owen <>
  - First 7.1 beta test-build



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