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dds2tar-2.4.21-11tr RPM for i586

From Trustix 2.1 for i586

Name: dds2tar Distribution: Horizon
Version: 2.4.21 Vendor: Comodo Trustix
Release: 11tr Build date: Thu Mar 18 02:48:26 2004
Group: Trustix Official Build host:
Size: 34844 Source RPM: tar-1.13.25-11tr.src.rpm
Packager: Comodo Trustix <>
Summary: Digital-Data-Storage Extract Tool
This tool makes use of the fast seek command of DAT devices.
Files from a selected file archive can be extracted within
one minute.

dds2tar adds the ability to extract single files inside a tar archive
on a scsi-tape very fast.






* Mon Dec 08 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 1.13.25-9tr
  - Big rebuild.
* Wed Jun 18 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 1.13.25-8tr
  - Big rebuild.
* Wed Apr 09 2003 Gerald Dachs <gda at trustix dot org> 1.13.25-7gd
  - Added PreReq on htmlinfo
* Mon Mar 24 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 1.13.25-6em
  - Rebuilt against glibc 2.3.2.
* Thu Feb 27 2003 Erlend Midttun <erlendbm at trustix dot com> 1.13.25-5em
  - Make setup quiet.
* Wed Feb 26 2003 Goetz Bock <> tar-1.13.25-4bg
  - changed package name to tar, and have the tar srpm provide dds2tar
* Sat Feb 01 2003 Tor Hveem <torh at trustix dot org> dds2tar-2.4.21-3th
  - Fixed package Group
  - added texinfo buildreq
* Sat Nov 23 2002 Goetz Bock <> 2.4.21-2bn
  - merged the changes from info to htmlinfo from TSL2.0
  - removed the i18n files
  - added patch5 and pach6 from redhat to tar
* Mon Apr 15 2002 Goetz Bock <> 2.4.21-1bn
  - rebuild with real release number
* Thu Mar 14 2002 Goetz Bock <>
  - Combi SRPM with dds2tar and tar
  - dds2tar 2.4.21
  - tar 1.13.25
  - builded for Trustix BlackNet Edition
* Wed Jan 09 2002 Tim Powers <>
  - automated rebuild
  - based on redhat's tar-1.13.25-2



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