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RPM of Group System/Base

agetty-2.11z-5tr An alternative getty linux/i586
anaconda-7.2-88tr The Trustix Secure Linux installation program. linux/i586
anaconda-runtime-7.2-88tr Trustix Secure Linux installer portions needed only for fresh installs. linux/i586
bfsprogs-2.11z-5tr Utilities for managing the bfs filesystem. linux/i586
coreutils-5.0-9tr The GNU fileutils, sh-utils and textutils combined linux/i586
cramfsprogs-2.11z-5tr Utilities for managing the cramfs filesystem. linux/i586
crontabs-1.7-6tr Root crontab files used to schedule the execution of programs. linux/noarch
e2fsprogs-1.33-2tr Utilities for managing the second extended (ext2) filesystem. linux/i586
etcskel-2.1-8tr Trustix Secure Linux default files for new users' home directories. linux/noarch
grub-0.92-9tr GRUB - the Grand Unified Boot Loader. linux/i586
initscripts-7.14-6tr The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts. linux/i586
kudzu-0.99.23-18tr The Red Hat Linux hardware probing tool. linux/i586
lilo- The boot loader for Linux and other operating systems. linux/i586
lilo-perl- The script of lilo that requires perl linux/i586
login-2.11z-5tr The login and friends linux/i586
logrotate-3.6.8-6tr Rotates, compresses, removes and mails system log files. linux/i586
losetup-2.11z-5tr Programs for setting up and configuring loopback devices. linux/i586
lvm-1.0.7-6tr LVM tools linux/i586
man-1.5l-8tr A set of documentation tools: man, apropos and whatis. linux/i586
mdadm-1.3.0-2tr mdadm is used for controlling Linux md devices (aka RAID arrays) linux/i586
minixprogs-2.11z-5tr Utilities for managing the minix filesystem. linux/i586
mkbootdisk-1.2.8-9tr Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules. linux/i586
mkinitrd-3.4.43-6tr Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules. linux/i586
mount-2.11z-5tr Programs for mounting and unmounting filesystems. linux/i586
net-tools-1.60-5tr The basic tools for setting up networking. linux/i586
pam-0.77-7tr A security tool which provides authentication for applications. linux/i586
passwd-0.68-4tr The passwd utility for setting/changing passwords using PAM. linux/i586
pciutils-2.1.11-6tr Linux PCI utilities. linux/i586
pwdb-0.61.1-5tr The password database library. linux/i586
pwdb-devel-0.61.1-5tr haders and static library for libpwdb linux/i586
release-2.0-3tr TSL release file linux/noarch
rootfiles-5.3-10tr The basic required files for the root user's directory. linux/noarch
rpm-4.0.4-22tr The RPM package management system. linux/i586
setup-2.2.4-1tr A set of system configuration and setup files. linux/noarch
shadow-utils-4.0.3-15tr Utilities for managing shadow password files and user/group accounts. linux/i586
swup-2.3.17-3tr The secure software updater linux/noarch
swupconf-2.0-7tr Config file for swup. linux/noarch
swupcron-2.0.0-1tr Cron file for swup. linux/noarch
sysvinit-2.78-7tr Programs which control basic system processes. linux/i586
termcap-11.0.1-4tr The terminal feature database used by certain applications. linux/i586
tsl-utils-1.4-1tr Various Utilities needed by Trustix Secure Linux linux/noarch
util-linux-2.11z-5tr A collection of basic system utilities. linux/i586
wireless-tools-25-3tr Wireless ethernet configuration tools linux/i586

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