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Packages beginning with letter P

pam-0.77-7tr A security tool which provides authentication for applications. linux/i586
pam-devel-0.77-7tr Headerfiles and static libaries for pam linux/i586
pam_ldap-164-3tr PAM module for LDAP. linux/i586
parted-1.4.24-9tr The GNU disk partition manipulation program. linux/i586
parted-devel-1.4.24-9tr Files for developing apps which will manipulate disk partitions. linux/i586
passwd-0.68-4tr The passwd utility for setting/changing passwords using PAM. linux/i586
patch-2.5.4-6tr The GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files. linux/i586
pciutils-2.1.11-6tr Linux PCI utilities. linux/i586
pciutils-devel-2.1.11-6tr Linux PCI development library. linux/i586
pcre-4.3-2tr Perl-compatible regular expression library linux/i586
pcre-devel-4.3-2tr Development files for pcre linux/i586
perl-5.8.0-14tr The Perl programming language. linux/i586
perl-dbi-1.37-1tr The Perl Database Interface by Tim Bunce linux/i586
perl-devel-5.8.0-14tr The Perl programming language (devel). linux/i586
perl-doc-5.8.0-14tr The Perl programming language (documentation). linux/i586
pkgconfig-0.13.0-3tr A tool for determining compilation options. linux/i586
popt-1.6.4-22tr A C library for parsing command line parameters. linux/i586
portmap-4.0-28tr A program which manages RPC connections. linux/i586
postfix-2.0.13-8tr The Postfix mailer daemon linux/i586
postfix-ldap-2.0.13-8tr dynamic Postfix map: ldap linux/i586
postfix-mysql-2.0.13-8tr dynamic Postfix map: mysql linux/i586
postfix-pcre-2.0.13-8tr dynamic Postfix map: pcre linux/i586
postfix-pgsql-2.0.13-8tr dynamic Postfix map: pgsql linux/i586
postfix-rmail-2.0.13-8tr UUCP mail receive linux/i586
postgresql-7.3.8-1tr PostgreSQL client programs and libraries. linux/i586
postgresql-contrib-7.3.8-1tr Contributed source and binaries distributed with PostgreSQL linux/i586
postgresql-devel-7.3.8-1tr PostgreSQL development header files and libraries. linux/i586
postgresql-docs-7.3.8-1tr Extra documentation for PostgreSQL linux/i586
postgresql-jdbc-7.3.8-1tr Files needed for Java programs to access a PostgreSQL database. linux/i586
postgresql-libs-7.3.8-1tr The shared libraries required for any PostgreSQL clients. linux/i586
postgresql-plperl-7.3.8-1tr The PL/Perl procedural language for PostgreSQL. linux/i586
postgresql-python-7.3.8-1tr Development module for Python code to access a PostgreSQL DB. linux/i586
postgresql-server-7.3.8-1tr The programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server. linux/i586
postgresql-tcl-7.3.8-1tr A Tcl client library, and the PL/Tcl procedural language for PostgreSQL. linux/i586
postgresql-test-7.3.8-1tr The test suite distributed with PostgreSQL. linux/i586
ppp-2.4.1-8tr The PPP daemon and documentation for Linux 1.3.xx and greater. linux/i586
pptpd-1.1.3-8tr A PPTP server daemon. linux/i586
procmail-3.22-5tr The procmail mail processing program. linux/i586
procps-3.1.8-6tr Utilities for monitoring your system and processes on your system. linux/i586
proftpd-1.2.8-11tr ProFTPd -- Professional FTP Server. linux/i586
psacct-6.3.2-3tr Utilities for monitoring process activities. linux/i586
psmisc-19-6tr Utilities for managing processes on your system. linux/i586
pump-0.8.11-3tr A Bootp and DHCP client for automatic IP configuration. linux/i586
pump-devel-0.8.11-3tr Development tools for sending dhcp requests linux/i586
pwdb-0.61.1-5tr The password database library. linux/i586
pwdb-devel-0.61.1-5tr haders and static library for libpwdb linux/i586
python-2.2.3-9tr An interpreted, interactive object-oriented programming language. linux/i586
python-dbm-2.2.3-9tr Berkely database support for the Python programming language. linux/i586
python-devel-2.2.3-9tr The libraries and header files needed for Python development. linux/i586
python-docs-2.2.3-9tr Documentation for the Python programming language. linux/i586
python-gdbm-2.2.3-9tr Gnu database support for the Python programming language. linux/i586
python-modules-2.2.3-9tr additional python modules linux/i586

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