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Packages beginning with letter L

ldapclients-common-164-3tr ldap.conf config file for LDAP modules. linux/i586
less-376-5tr A text file browser similar to more, but better. linux/i586
libcap-1.10-5tr P:SIX.1e capability suite linux/i586
libcap-devel-1.10-5tr Header files and development dovumentation for libcap linux/i586
libimap-2001a-11tr c-client C API for the IMAP protocol linux/i586
libjpeg-6b-2tr A library for manipulating JPEG image format files. linux/i586
libjpeg-devel-6b-2tr Development tools for programs which will use the libjpeg library. linux/i586
libpcap-0.8.2-1tr A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture. linux/i586
libpng12-1.2.5-7tr libpng, library for working with PNG files linux/i586
libpng12-devel-1.2.5-7tr Development tools for version 1.2 of libpng linux/i586
libsmbpw-1.3-4tr library for accessing SMB password database linux/i586
libtermcap-2.0.8-24tr A basic system library for accessing the termcap database. linux/i586
libtermcap-devel-2.0.8-24tr Development tools for programs which will access the termcap database. linux/i586
libtiff-3.5.7-3tr A library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files. linux/i586
libtiff-devel-3.5.7-3tr Development tools for programs which will use the libtiff library. linux/i586
libtool-1.4.3-2tr The GNU libtool, which simplifies the use of shared libraries. linux/i586
libxml2-2.6.15-0.1tr Library providing XML and HTML support linux/i586
libxml2-devel-2.6.15-0.1tr Libraries, includes, etc. to develop XML and HTML applications linux/i586
libxml2-python-2.6.15-0.1tr Python bindings for the libxml2 library linux/i586
lilo- The boot loader for Linux and other operating systems. linux/i586
lilo-perl- The script of lilo that requires perl linux/i586
linux-headers-2.4.20-5tr The Linux kernel header files for the running system linux/i586
login-2.11z-5tr The login and friends linux/i586
logrotate-3.6.8-6tr Rotates, compresses, removes and mails system log files. linux/i586
losetup-2.11z-5tr Programs for setting up and configuring loopback devices. linux/i586
lsof-4.56-7tr Lists files open by processes linux/i586
lvm-1.0.7-6tr LVM tools linux/i586
lvm-devel-1.0.7-6tr development libraries for lvm linux/i586
lynx-ssl-2.8.4-5tr A text-based Web browser. linux/i586

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