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xharbour-static-1.2.0-0cl8 RPM for i386

From SourceForge / x / xh / xharbour / Binaries for Linux Conectiva / 1.2.0 Conectiva 8

Name: xharbour-static Distribution: Conectiva Linux
Version: 1.2.0 Vendor:
Release: 0cl8 Build date: Sat Apr 4 01:03:34 2009
Group: Development/Languages Build host: localhost.domain
Size: 7525428 Source RPM: xharbour-1.2.0-0cl8.src.rpm
Packager: Przemyslaw Czerpak <> Luiz Rafael Culik Guimaraes <>
Summary: Static runtime libaries for xHarbour compiler
xHarbour is a Clipper compatible compiler.
This package provides xHarbour static runtime libraries for static
program linking.




GPL (plus exception)


* Sat Dec 04 2004 Przemyslaw Czerpak <druzus/at/>
  - the destination directories changed to use ditribution's
    _bindir, _libdir, _includedir
* Sat Aug 28 2004 Przemyslaw Czerpak <druzus/at/>
  - updated for recent changes in CVS structure - CT and TIP moved
    from contrib into core
* Sun Mar 07 2004 Phil Krylov <>
  - Russian translation added.
* Thu Sep 11 2003 Przemyslaw Czerpak <>
  - automatic platform checking - now MDK and RH, please add others
* Sat Aug 09 2003 Przemyslaw Czerpak <>
  - removed ${RPM_OPT_FLAGS} from C_USR
* Wed Jul 23 2003 Przemyslaw Czerpak <>
  - fixed file (user and group) owner for RPMs builded from non root account
  - shared lib names changed from [x]harbour{mt,}.so to
    [x]harbour{mt,}-<version>.so and soft links with short names created
  - 0.82 version set
* Wed Apr 30 2003 Przemyslaw Czerpak <>
  - new tool "xhb-build" (xhbcmp, xhblnk, xhbmk) added -
    compiler/linker wrapper.
  - new tool "hb-mkslib" (build shared libraries from static ones and object
  - shared libraries added.
  - binary package divided.
* Fri Mar 08 2002 Dave Pearson <>
  - Fixed gharbour so that it should work no matter the case of the name of
    the PRG file.
* Wed Feb 13 2002 Dave Pearson <>
  - Fixed a bug in harbour-link which meant that, since the environment
    changes of Jan 17 2002, users could not specify which GT library they
    wanted their application linked against.
* Tue Jan 22 2002 Dave Pearson <>
  - Used the "name" macro a lot more, especially in some paths.
* Thu Jan 17 2002 Dave Pearson <>
  - Removed the use of the /etc/profile.d scripts for setting the
    harbour environment variables. The settings are now placed
    directly in gharbour and harbour-link. This means that this .spec
    file should be more useful on RPM using platforms other than RedHat.
* Wed Dec 19 2001 Dave Pearson <>
  - Added a platform ID to the name of the RPM.
* Mon Dec 17 2001 Dave Pearson <>
  - todo.txt is now called TODO.
* Tue Aug 21 2001 Dave Pearson <>
  - Added todo.txt as a doc file.
* Sun Jul 22 2001 Dave Pearson <>
  - harbour-link now fully respects the setting of $HB_GT_LIB.
  - HB_GT_LIB wasn't set in the csh startup script. Fixed.
* Fri Jul 20 2001 Dave Pearson <>
  - Added the setting of $HB_GT_LIB to the environment (ncurses is used).
  - Added support for installing hbmake.
* Thu Jun 28 2001 Dave Pearson <>
  - Changed the gharbour script so that it only invokes the C compiler if a C
    file was output. This stops any error messages when someone is using the
    -g option to output other target types.
* Mon Mar 19 2001 Dave Pearson <>
  - Reinstated hbrun in the files section.
* Tue Feb 20 2001 Dave Pearson <>
  - Added README.RPM to the documentation directory.
* Sat Jan 06 2001 Dave Pearson <>
  - The gharbour script now passes the harbour include directory, using -I,
    to harbour.
* Thu Aug 24 2000 Dave Pearson <>
  - Changed the files section so that hbrun doesn't get installed. It isn't
    useful on GNU/Linux systems.
* Tue Aug 22 2000 Dave Pearson <>
  - Changed the 'egcs' requirement to 'gcc'.
* Mon Aug 21 2000 Przemyslaw Czerpak <>
  - Polish translation added
  - BuildRoot marco added. Now you can build the package from normal user
  - bison and flex added to BuildPrereq list
  - Debug information is stripped from installed files.
* Wed Aug 02 2000 Dave Pearson <>
  - Removed hbtest from the list of files installed into the bin directory.
  - Added 'bash' and 'sh-utils' to the list of required packages.
* Tue Aug 01 2000 Dave Pearson <>
  - Added harbour environment scripts to /etc/profile.d.
  - Added generation of gharbour and harbour-link commands.
* Mon Jul 31 2000 Dave Pearson <>
  - Re-worked the layout of the spec file to make it cleaner and easier to
    read and maintain.
  - The latest harbour ChangeLog is now installed into the RPM's doc
  - The content of the RPM's doc directory reflects the layout and content of
    the harbour source's doc directory.



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