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wavemixer-0.4-1.rhfc5.lcg RPM for i386

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Name: wavemixer Distribution: Bordeaux LCGrpms
Version: 0.4 Vendor: LCG, UFRJ.
Release: 1.rhfc5.lcg Build date: Thu Jul 27 15:00:43 2006
Group: Applications/Multimedia Build host: naja
Size: 1376099 Source RPM: wavemixer-0.4-1.rhfc5.lcg.src.rpm
Packager: Paulo Roma. <>
Summary: Multitrack wave editor
WaveMixer is a multitrack wave editor.
It can mix mutliple sound together to make a new sound file.
We want to do an audio software that is simple to use for anyone,
and not only by profesionnal users.

- Can load many sound format like: wave file, mp3, ogg.
- Show up the file in the sound editor
- You can apply some cool effect on a sample like: fade-in/out, echo, high and low pass filter, ...
- Can save a modified sample to mp3, ogg or wave format
- Can edit Metadata (id3 tag) thanks to TagLib...
- Handles very large file !
- Use esound to write the sound to the sound card
- Zoom in and out on a sample
- Wavemixer got a powerfull file explorer! All is done with drag'n drop.
- You can drop files from konqueror or nautilus.
- You can put many samples on the track editor to assemble them and create some very cool music !
- Unimited tracks!
- On each track, you can play with volume and pan
- When playing, a very great Vumeter is drawn to show up the peak volume of the sound/music!
  That's cool !
- Wavemixer can save an entire project in xml file for further load...

New in the 0.3 release :
- Wavemixer use now the Gstreamer framework for all file ops.
- The effect layer has been recoded to add the support of LADSPA effects (
- A copy/cut/paste function has been added to the editor
- The file explorer has been entirely redesigned, and it now has a preview function
  based on Gstreamer
- Internationalization support has been added.
- The core of wavemixer has been recoded to be more robust
- A doc is now available

New in the 0.4 release :
- Wavemixer has now many output drivers (Esound, OSS, Alsa, Jack).
  You can choose wich one you want to use from the command line
  (Try waveMixer --help to list all available options).
  The Jack output uses the bio2jack et libsamplerate libraries.
- The GUI is now ported to Gtkmm 2.6
- We are supporting a new library "LibRASC" (
  This lib is used to connect Wavemixer to a remote sample collection.
- Some bugfixes.






* Thu Jul 27 2006 Paulo Roma <> 0.4-1
  - Updated to 0.4
  - Created patch mixer.patch for gcc 4.1
* Thu Jul 28 2005 Mephisto <> 0.3-1
  - Initial release.



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