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watchlogd-0.92-eon.01 RPM for i486

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Name: watchlogd Distribution: Eonova Linux 7.0 (Berg)
Version: 0.92 Vendor: Eonova Systems Design
Release: eon.01 Build date: Mon Feb 14 00:05:11 2000
Group: System/Services Build host:
Size: 108012 Source RPM: watchlogd-0.92-eon.01.src.rpm
Summary: periodically moves logs into a rotation before deletion
watchlogd is a daemon that rotates backlogs daily, weekly,
monthly or when a maximum file size is reached. It will wake up once or
more a day and check if any logs need processing. Old logs can be saved
for a number of rotations and optionally compressed. The oldest log that
is removed from the rotational sequence can also be emailed before
deletion. A test mode can be enabled to debug and trace operational
scenarios without actually processing log files. For singular processing
chores, the non-daemon variant watchlog can be run.






* Sat Feb 12 2000 mike knerr  <>
  - update spec for the standard RPM environ vars
  - new group
  - update spec for RPM vars
  - apply previous patches
  - fix static inits
  - new release
* Fri Jul 31 1998 mike knerr  <>
  - 0.91a-6
  - glibc build
* Wed Mar 25 1998 mike knerr  <>
  - 0.91a-5
  - initial open errlog will truncate if exists
    instead of returning an error
* Tue Mar 24 1998 mike knerr  <>
  - 0.91a-4
  - clean up start/stop script and pkg script as separate source
* Tue Mar 17 1998 mike knerr  <>
  - 0.91a-3
  - 0.91a source changes (still keeping 0.91-3 patches )
  - watchlog.c pidFetch logs at debug level instead of error
    level (no pidifle is not always an error -- depends on when called)
  - log.c move unlink to remove error log file
    thanks to Claus-Justus Heine <>
    for pointing it out
  - log.c not using /tmp for error log (for the usual reasons) create
    in /var/lib/watchlogd instead
  - clean up junk in source dir and reissue tgz as watchlogd-0.91a.tar.gz
* Thu Mar 12 1998 mike knerr  <>
  - 0.91-3
  - patch for long overdue fix for day of the month checking in logrotate
* Thu May 08 1997 mike knerr  <>
  - 0.91-2
  - update spec to pkg vars and config handling standard
* Thu Apr 10 1997 <>
  - 0.91-1
  - fix install of /etc/watchlog.conf to default gets put in if new install



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