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flac-1.0.4-2 RPM for i686

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Name: flac Distribution: Unknown
Version: 1.0.4 Vendor: Karol Pietrzak <>
Release: 2 Build date: Thu Dec 5 00:31:53 2002
Group: System/Libraries Build host:
Size: 611823 Source RPM: flac-1.0.4-2.src.rpm
Packager: Karol Pietrzak <>
Summary: FLAC audio library
FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. Grossly oversimplified, FLAC is similar to MP3, but lossless. The FLAC project consists of:
    * the stream format
    * libFLAC, a library of reference encoders and decoders, and a metadata interface
    * libFLAC++, an object wrapper around libFLAC
    * libOggFLAC and libOggFLAC++, which wrap the encoders and decoders of libFLAC and libFLAC++, respectively, to allow access to FLAC streams in an Ogg container
    * flac, a command-line wrapper around libFLAC to encode and decode FLAC files
    * metaflac, a command-line metadata editor for .flac files
    * input plugins for various music players (Winamp, XMMS, and more in the works)

"Free" means that the specification of the stream format is in the Public Domain (the FLAC project reserves the right to set the FLAC specification and certify compliance), and that neither the FLAC format nor any of the implemented encoding/decoding methods are covered by any patent. It also means that the sources for the libraries are available under the LGPL and the sources for flac, metaflac, and the plugins are available under the GPL.

    Josh Coalson <>






* Wed Dec 04 2002 Karol Pietrzak <> [1.0.4-2]
  - moved documentation to proper location
  - forked package into doc
  - added BuildRequires
  - updated Requires
* Mon Nov 11 2002 Karol Pietrzak <>
  - updated deletion of /var/tmp/flac-1.0.4-build
  - moved ".so" files to devel package
  - configure script enabled 3Dnow and SSE if compiling on i686
  - added man pages and aclocal stuff to devel
  - added XMMS plugin
  - added bin/ binaries to main package
  - added HTML documentation to devel package
* Sat Nov 09 2002 Karol Pietrzak <>
  - initial SPEC file



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