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ripdvd-1.12.3-fc RPM for noarch

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Name: ripdvd Distribution: Fedora Core
Version: 1.12.3 Vendor: Grozdan Nikolov <>
Release: fc Build date: Fri Oct 26 11:38:56 2007
Group: Multimedia/Media Editing Build host: neutrino.local
Size: 157367 Source RPM: ripdvd-1.12.3-fc.src.rpm
Packager: Grozdan Nikolov <>
Summary: ripdvd - an easy to use encoding helper script
This software aims to replace all gui rippers (like Acidrip, DVD::RIP, etc...)
by providing the user with a very simple and easy to use
interface where he only needs to specify a few things
before encoding a DVD to the XviD format.






* Fri Oct 26 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Bugfix release
* Mon Oct 22 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Improvements
* Wed Oct 03 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Bugfixes and improvements
* Wed Sep 26 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Improvements
* Wed Aug 22 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Improvements/bug fixes
* Thu Aug 16 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Imrpovements
* Fri Aug 10 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Improvements/additions
* Mon Aug 06 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Improvements/additions and bugfixes
* Wed Jun 20 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Bugfixes/improvements release
* Wed Jun 13 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - More info in the Changelog
* Sat Jun 02 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Read the Changelog
* Fri May 25 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Overall improvements
* Thu May 24 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Read changelog for changes
* Mon May 21 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Bugfixes & improvements
* Tue May 15 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Lots of changes/improvements in ripdvd
    read the ChangeLog
* Thu Apr 19 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Bugfixes/improvements release
* Mon Apr 02 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Bugfix release
* Fri Mar 30 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - See ChangeLog file for changes
* Wed Mar 21 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - More info in the ChangeLog file
* Thu Mar 01 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - See ChangeLog file for changes
* Wed Feb 07 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - Check out the ChangeLog file :)
* Wed Jan 24 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - See the ChangeLog file
* Sun Jan 21 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - modified the user_menu() function: if movie size is > 700 Mo, a question
    about number of file split was asked. By default the answer was 1 that caused
    the program to run the encode() function with the split option activated. Now
    on, the default option is "" (means blank), in order to avoid the activation
    of the split option.
  - modified the encode() function: the errors from mencoder are now printed
    dynamicaly to the error logfile. In case of errors in the encoding (or
    Ctrl+C), the user might want to have a look at this logfile.
  - added .desktop files for KDE and Gnome integration
  - added the icon file
* Mon Jan 15 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - added the delete_2pass_logfile() function, I think the name is explicit enought 
  - added a call to the delete_2pass_logfile() at the end of encoding, when in 2-passes mode 
  - cleaned and updated all doc files (TODO, READMEs, INSTALLs etc ...)
* Thu Jan 04 2007 <The ripdvd team>
  - added the -no-eject option to avoid dvd ejection at the end of encoding
  - modified the eject_dvd() function to fit the new -no-eject option
  - mencoder's output is now piped to awk only, no more sed/grep around. With
    this new feature, encoding errors can be captured and printed to some log file
  - config file is now placed in /home/user_name/.ripdvd/config rather than
    /home/user_name/.ripdvdrc. This also allows me to put the 2-pass logfile in
    /home/user_name/.ripdvd/2pass.log and encoding errors in /home/user_name/.ripdvd/errors.log
  - added a small script to remove old config/log files for releases under 1.2.0
  - updated TODO file
  - updated language files
  - updated the README and INSTALL files



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