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registry-devel-0.1.6-1 RPM for i386

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Name: registry-devel Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.1.6 Vendor: Avi Alkalay <>
Release: 1 Build date: Wed Mar 31 16:44:12 2004
Group: Development/System Build host: mozart
Size: 29658 Source RPM: registry-0.1.6-1.src.rpm
Packager: Avi Alkalay <>
Summary: Include files and API documentation for the Linux Registry
The Linux Registry is an alternative back-end for text configuration files.

Instead of each program to have its own text configuration files, the Registry tries to provide a universal, fast, consistent, robust, thread-safe and transactional infrastructure to store configuration parameters through a key-value pair mechanism.

This way any software can read/save his configuration using a consistent API. Also, applications can be aware of other applications configurations, leveraging easy application integration.

This package contains the include files and API manual pages to use the Registry API in C.






* Wed Mar 31 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.1.6
  - One more bug related to strblen in registryFileUnserialize(), causing wrong data size calculation
* Wed Mar 31 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.1.5
  - Fixed in registryGetKey: Keys allways needed sync
  - Fixed bug releated to NEEDSYNC: ~RG_KEY_FLAG_NEEDSYNC needed a special cast to use the right number of bits
  - Improved HOWTO documentation and manual. Link to ReiserFS.
  - Started writting of the key.3 manual
* Mon Mar 29 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.1.4
  - Written manual pages rg(1), registry(7), registry(5) and registry(3) using DocBook
  - Ported the specification to DocBook, using the modularized man pages
  - RPMs include manpages
  - RPMs have prerequesites now
  - Fixed bug regarding \0 in end of key names on recursive stats
  - More robust build system, catching warnings
  - New method: registryGetRootKeys(KeySet *returned)
  - Fixed some bugs related to usage of strblen()
  - Introduction of the RG_O_* method options
  - Removed bug related to permission when stat()ing keys
  - Removed bugs in some KeySet methods
  - Much improved 'rg ls' command, specially in recursive mode
  - New key flag, NEEDSYNC, to indicate the change status of a key
  - New method, registrySetKeys, to commit all modified keys on a KeySet
* Tue Mar 16 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.1.2
  - The Linux Registry API is 100% usable
  - The rg command is very usable
  - Full support to UTF-8. Everything stored in the registry is UTF-8, regardeless of user's LANG. Conversions are on the fly.
  - Fixed bug on keySetName(), regarding wrong keyNameSize
  - Introduction of registryRemoveKey()
  - rg subcommands: ls, get, set, rm
  - rg now supports set octal permissions from command line
  - Key and Registry support for DIR type
  - Documentation process (man pages) in the very begining
  - Include files in a separate package
* Sat Mar 06 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.0.9
  - Now no more IPC, Berkeley DB, threads, setuid, and other complexities
  - Simple library that accesses files on disk
  - rg has 'set' and partial 'ls' subcommands implemented
  - API can already be used
* Sun Feb 15 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.0.2
  - Based on IPC, Berkeley DB, Threads, and many other complexities



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