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powersave- RPM for x86_64

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Name: powersave Distribution: SUSE Linux 9.2.1 (x86-64)
Version: Vendor: SUSE LINUX AG, Nuernberg, Germany
Release: 1 Build date: Thu Nov 25 16:59:14 2004
Group: System/Daemons Build host:
Size: 630261 Source RPM: powersave-
Summary: General Powermanagement daemon supporting APM and ACPI and CPU frequency scaling
Powersave gives you control over the ACPI power buttons, three user
defined battery states (warning, low, critical) and supports proper
standby/suspend handling.

Additionally it could control the frequency of your processor if it
supports SpeedStep(Intel) or PowerNow(AMD) technology. This will
greatly reduce power consumption and heat production in your system.

Together with the kpowersave and yast2-power-management package it
should be the preferred power managing application.

    Thomas Renninger (,






* Thu Nov 25 2004 -
  - Fix bug that prevented restarting of services at suspend (#47971).
  - Enable swsusp for APM machines.
  - "consider nice" did not work (#41823).
  - Fix endless loop when acpid dies.
  - Check swap partitions before swsusp.
  - reread available CPU frequencies on AC or CPU notify event (#48072)
* Wed Oct 06 2004 -
  - use -s /bin/bash when using su
    enables suspend/notify for non bash users (tcsh, csh, ... was
* Tue Oct 05 2004 -
  - also check AC state when battery polling is forced (#46846)
  - little docu update (mention Carl Thompson and cpufreq maillist)
* Fri Oct 01 2004 -
  - new READMEs
  - aic7xxx and ath_pci module added to list of modules that need to
    unloaded before suspend (#46037)
  - override user settings for list of modules that need to be
    unloaded before suspend/standby (provide user settings as comment)
* Wed Sep 29 2004 -
  - fix segfault on SIGHUP/exit in thermal zone code
    fix non-functional screensaver code in rare circumstances
    allow simple xlock_screensaver even in KDE if configured
    add a script to repair configuration after failed update
* Mon Sep 27 2004 -
  - updated contrib directory, documentation update
    daemon: removed debug logmessage (#45834), added debug_events
    script, better notify if module unloading fails, better screen-
    saver handling, do not touch hdparm settings per default (#45529)
    multiple cosmetic fixes (#46044, #46174)
* Tue Sep 21 2004 -
  - zombie problem fixed (#45702)
    proper use of stl map, no pointers to objects anymore (#45624)
    some cosmetics from concerning scripts
* Mon Sep 20 2004 -
  - lock screen after suspend (#45250)
    load acpi modules properly when running with acpid (#45472)
    nicer notifies (use kde and gnome windows if possible)
    deleted powersave_proxy -> not needed anymore
* Tue Sep 14 2004 -
  - wrong reporting of cpufreq mode
    suspend-to-ram fix
* Tue Sep 14 2004 -
  - ACPI suspend2ram does suspend2disk typo fixed (#44844)
    (was not checked in last time)
    let powersaved run in parallel with acpid
* Mon Sep 13 2004 -
  - APM suspend/standby fixed (#44672)
    ACPI suspend2ram does suspend2disk typo fixed (#44844)
    socket fds not closed if user got no rights by resmgr (#45114)
    some cosmetics
* Mon Sep 06 2004 -
  - invoke script to trigger acpi suspend/standby
    fix config files for sysconfig editor
    discard events on resume again
* Tue Aug 31 2004 -
  - little bug in prepare_suspend_to_ram that prevented a proper
    suspend to ram (Could not set device xx into sleep mode error -5)
* Fri Aug 27 2004 -
  - enhanced configuration -all variables can be overridden/specified
    in scheme conf files
  - added screen_saver (#44387)
  - assume AC online if power source cannot be detected (#44314)
* Thu Aug 26 2004 -
  - fd leak fixed (#44270)
  - allow user to override active thermal trip point
* Fri Aug 20 2004 -
  - suspend2disk by default enabled
  - socket connection to acpid-> powersaved as client
  - only ignore button events after suspend2disk/suspend2ram
  - increase cpufreq to max before suspend2disk
  - evaluate supported sleeping states
  - close fds of subprocesses
* Mon Aug 16 2004 -
  - cleanups in smp-cpufreq, event handling. Fix ac scheme detection
    bug. Fix filedescriptor leaks. Manpage enhancements.
    Various suspend script fixes.
* Wed Aug 11 2004 -
  - added cpufreq SMP support
    several bugfixes: (memory freeing, bad if/else on scheme change)
    from scripts enhanced
* Mon Aug 09 2004 -
  - People who installed Version (STABLE) 0.8.0 have to:
    rpm -e powersave; rm /etc/sysconifg/powersave -r
    The config error will not be corrected through scripts as this
    affects only a beta Version.
    set defines in powersavelib.h compatible to old interface
    added new POWERSAVE_ALWAYS_THROTTLE scheme variable
    make powersave.c C std compatible
* Fri Aug 06 2004 -
  - splitted shell script powersave_proxy into separate scripts
    in /usr/lib/powersave/scripts
    changed naming of suspend/standby into
    suspend-to-disk(ACPI S4/APM suspend)
    suspend-to-ram (ACPI S3/APM suspend)
    standby        (ACPI S1/APM standby)
    enabled thermal management:
    cooling_mode support alternatively (if not supported) the
    trip points temperature limits can be overridden for each
    scheme config
    splitted configuration files
    into cpufreq, sleep, thermal, common, battery, events all located
    in /etc/sysconfig/powersave/ which now fits to syseditor order
* Tue Jun 29 2004 -
  - changed a lot for SUSE 9.2:
    splitted files and funcs for better overview
    schemes can now be switched by hand
    better socket communication
    and a lot of other little things
* Wed Jun 02 2004 -
  - do not adjust hw clock after suspend (fixed in kernel)
    do use /proc/sys/vm/swapiness (#41505)
* Fri May 14 2004 -
  - do not show -1 minutes on powersave -b/B (#40495)
  - cleaned up powersave.cpp/h
  - cpufreq: hysteresis, consider_nice and jump to highest freq
    on sudden heavy CPU load
  - throttling support for multiple CPUs
  - moved frequency workaround after suspend from proxy to daemon
  - Only throw battery events when coming to lower battery states
  - extended configs to influence the dynamic cpufreq algorithm:
    hysteresis, consider_nice and jump to highest cpufreq on sudden
    CPU load values can be configured in powersave.conf for now
  - powersave binary multiple options
  - Version (0.7.3)
* Wed May 05 2004 -
  - corrected charging state for multiple batteries
    remove ieee1394 of unloaded modules for standby/suspend
    add autofs to service that needs to be restarted for standby/suspend
    add sub-version (0.7.1)
* Fri Apr 23 2004 -
  - syntax correction in powersave_proxy (actually done by
* Fri Apr 23 2004 -
  - add acpi module to list of cpufreq modules that are tested to be load
  -> necessary to support Pentium M (dothan) and probably others, as well
* Fri Apr 23 2004 -
  - proxy: after suspend/standby, start hotplug before reloading
    modules, this fixes network after resume (bug #39241)
  - on_ac_power: restore old behaviour (bug #39234)
* Wed Apr 21 2004 -
  - detect removal of batteries, fix "no battery" detection
  - fix FD leak in fan.c
  - fix socket handling, timeouts were ignored after socket
    operation (client asking for battery)
  - fix client hanging if no resmgr session active
  - fix "on_ac_power -q" (Bug #39234)
  - fix sighup-handling (not all values were updated correct)
  - proxy: warn, if AGP modules are loaded (Bug #38112)
    check, if more than one swap partition (Bug #38565)
    more debug messages at module unloading.
* Fri Apr 16 2004 -
  - added delay variable for power button actions
    to avoid triggering action before machine is switched off
    by holding power button for some seconds (#38578)
* Tue Apr 06 2004 -
  - fix startup with no running resmgr session (#38514)
  - fix useless polling on apm machines without battery
  - unload ipw2100 before suspend / standby (#38537)
* Mon Apr 05 2004 -
  - remove p4-clockmod module, revert to dynamic cpufreq even on
    performance scheme. (#37553)
  - fix init script to "skip" instead of "fail" if acpid or cpufreqd
    are running. (#38113)
* Mon Apr 05 2004 -
  - fixing getsockopt usage
* Mon Apr 05 2004 -
  - update README.suspend, LIESMICH.suspend
  - more conservative setting for dynamic cpu speed setting
  - longer timeout (10sec) before throttling, lower throttling (50%)
* Sun Apr 04 2004 -
  - make socket file sticky
  - do only permit access for usual users in "easy local" security
  - no access for users without resmgr session at all by default.
* Sat Apr 03 2004 -
  - update to version 0.7
    (kkaempf, aj, coolo and adrian we-work-for-lots-of-wine edition)
    * Security audit
    * Fixed memory leaks
    * Fixed fd leaks
    * Fix access to random memory
    * Fixed wrong function calls
    * add resmgr support to powersaved
    * add soname to libpowersave
    * do not create powersave group anymore
    * clean up spec file
* Fri Apr 02 2004 -
  - try to load longrun (Transmeta) and longhaul (Via) scaling
    drivers as well
* Fri Apr 02 2004 -
  - on AC, cpu now always runs on highest speed (bug #37753), to
    avoid workstations appearing slow although they aren't.
  - include memory info in swsusp.log                      pl7
* Thu Apr 01 2004 -
  - add "-n" option to the daemon to disable cpufrequency scaling and
    appropriate code to the init script (better fix for 36680).
  - powersave now system group                             pl6
* Wed Mar 31 2004 -
  - Fixed "Default:" fields for yast2 powersave module in config file
    rcpowersaved: add possibility to skip module loading (bug 37525)
    powersaved: fix "no battery" system (workstations).    pl5
* Mon Mar 29 2004 -
  - README: typo fixes, new README.suspend
    standard config more conservative, better comments.
    powersaved: fix battery charging status client request
    powersave: fix error messages                          pl4
* Fri Mar 26 2004 -
  - proxy: recursive module unloading, if unloading modules fails,
    suspend will be canceled. A logfile with the loaded modules
    before suspend is written. User feedback on failed suspend
    is greatly improved (bug 36868). Additional configurable
    hdparm parameters. No longer unload usbcore and hid, pl1
    powersaved: fix compiler warnings, minor code cleanup, changed
    getColonValue function in powerlib. pl2
    general: less experimental default settings, suspend disabled,
    battery low now warns instead of suspending.
* Tue Mar 23 2004 -
  - re-add contrib-directory which got lost in cvs.
    From now on, submit only proper diffs to autobuild.
* Mon Mar 22 2004 -
  - rcpowersave sets polling frequency for thermal zones and checks
    for number of CPUs. SMP is not supported yet.
    proxy fixes for:
    * locking multiple X-Servers (bug #36704)
    * KDE screensaver (bug #36698)
* Mon Mar 22 2004 -
  - fix typo in proxy script that prevented remounting of filesystem.
    removed bogus warning in syslog for throttle()
* Mon Mar 22 2004 -
  - added laptop_mode to powersaved_proxy. Additional config file for
    harddisk parameters. Throttling skipped on APM machines. Complete
    rewrite of the hdparm calling part of proxy (faster, expert
* Wed Mar 17 2004 -
  - better screensaver handling in powersave_proxy
    fix p4-clockmod module name typo in rcpowersaved
* Mon Mar 15 2004 -
  - fix bugs in event handling, rcpowersave -> rcpowersaved
    proxy: disable bootloader handling, fix notify via xmessage,
    many X related minor fixes.
    dethrottle when back on AC power
    wttyhx: adapt to new "w"
    cleaned up excess logging with low debug levels.
* Mon Mar 08 2004 -
  - cpufreq, new adjustance of cpufreq method
    small fixes in proxy
    signal handling cleaned up
* Fri Mar 05 2004 -
  - disk power management in powersave_proxy enhanced
  - (using APM and standby timout and 2.6 laptop patch now)
  - modified scheme descriptions
* Wed Mar 03 2004 -
  - add %restart_on_update and %stop_on_removal in .spec file
  - group powersave added by spec and not make install
* Mon Mar 01 2004 -
  - reject suspend/standby if proxy returns unequal 0
  - request whether standby/suspend is enabled/disabled by admin
  - powersave -r only if compiled on x86_64 or i686
* Thu Feb 26 2004 -
  - fixed critical bug in init script
  - wm_shutdown shuts down even no window manager is running
* Wed Feb 25 2004 -
  - change gz to bz2 archive
* Tue Feb 24 2004 -
  - add wttyhx
* Mon Feb 23 2004 -
  - changed ERR to INFO messages to work properly on workstations
    no polling if no battery and cpufreq is found
    apm remaining time in seconds supported now
    admin can disable suspend/standby
* Mon Feb 16 2004 -
  - little battery caculation bug found ...
  - added some FAQs
* Fri Feb 13 2004 -
  - forgot to change config variable to new sysconfig directory
* Thu Feb 12 2004 -
  - fix of exit after supsend
    and bettery battery (mins) output
* Wed Feb 11 2004 -
  - hopefully last sys editor and sysconfig changes
  - runtime check for tsc register instead of compile time check
    to calculate CPU speed
* Tue Feb 10 2004 -
  - fixed bug, when resuming from apm suspend
  - library now only returns minutes, no hours any more(rem battery)
  - changed /etc/sysconfig directory from powermanage to powersave
  - optimised sysconf descriptions
  - file /etc/sysconfig/../powersave merged into /etc/powersave.conf
* Mon Feb 02 2004 -
  - modified spec and Makefile to recognise RPM CFLAGS + C++FLAGS
  - added addtional query possibilities (remPerc, remHours/Mins, charging state)
    for client(in regard to the GUI front-end)
  - libraries are now compiled with CC !
  - include files for libraries are now installed in /usr/include
  - made powersave -b layout nicer (replaced numbers through strings)
* Wed Jan 28 2004 -
  - forgot to create new tarball...
* Wed Jan 28 2004 -
  - fixed critical bug concerning config file parsing
  - fixed critical bug concerning config file parsing
* Tue Jan 27 2004 -
  - workaround for awaking after suspend
    powersave_proxy -> diverse cleanups
  - workaround for awaking after suspend
    powersave_proxy -> diverse cleanups
* Mon Jan 26 2004 -
  - add #include that prevented compilation on some machines
    added possibility to also forward the ACPI event line(/proc/acpi/event)
    through config file(/etc/powersave.conf)
    added a "&" for background starting of xmessage in powersave_proxy
    corrected some sentences in README
* Fri Jan 23 2004 -
  - fixed spec file: some sysconfig and %_lib stuff
    added an additional POWERSAVED_DYNAMIC_CPU_LOW_LIMIT variable
    for better control of processor.dynamic.low events.
    Before CPU frequency and throttling could build each other up and
    result in and endless setting-unsetting at specific constant CPU usage
    better check of string to int parsing
    no errno checking in all code anymore
* Thu Jan 22 2004 -
  - deleted a lot of debug statements in library
    made string to int (strtol) better(check for errors)
    do not check for errno anymore!
* Tue Jan 20 2004 -
  - fixed bug that is related to fix before, (no ac offline event)
    small bugs in rcpowersave (parameter for cpufreq module, lsmod grep
    replaced by grep /proc/modules)
    .spec file build compatible now
* Wed Jan 14 2004 -
  - fixed bugs to send SIGHUP for reloading configs
    re-read battery, AC state after standby/suspend
    deleted some ! for nicer output and shell parsing
    now services can be set that need restart after
    added variable to enforce battery polling for machines wiht broken
    acpi events
    fixed some bugs in parameter parsing in powersaved
* Mon Jan 12 2004 -
  - wait for proxy before suspend/standby.
    add -d parameter for powersaved to daemonize process
    changed name of group pm_group to powersave and automatically add
    group through rpm spec file
* Thu Jan 08 2004 -
  - throw battery warning,low or critical event at startup
* Thu Jan 08 2004 -
  - use cc to compile library instead of g++ -> reduction of library size
    (not done yet, could not integrate cc compiled libraries into g++ compilations)
  -> need to do some research, at least it compiles using cc
  - corrected paths to /sbin/rchotplug and /sbin/rcpcmcia in proxy
  - implemented debug priority scheme into proxy
  - implemented workaround for sleep/power button events happening twice
    in acpi.cpp in the daemon.
    Time slice for two button events(sleep/power) happening in a row set to 1 second
  - added workaround for waiting some seconds before sleep to give proxy time
    to load/unload modules
  ->this is not a good solution will be handled in another way later ...
* Fri Dec 19 2003 -
  - add new output flag: debug
  - removed unnecessary function in acpi.cpp
  - clean /proc/acpi/event before start and after suspend/standby
* Wed Dec 17 2003 -
  - Last few changes:
    added additional processor.* events
    fixed powersave -s bug
    fixed multiple batteries but not all present bugs
    set time after suspend/standby properly
    mangage proxy invokations through several process
    or e.g. suspend is triggered before suspend event is executed
    and to avoid unforseen race conditions
    how to do user management if not by pm_group?
    evaluate current X users? -> resource manager,
    but it is not working yet
    standby timeout (if implemented in kernel)
    research and implement keymapping (xmodmap, loadkeys?) for implementing
    ignore suspend, standby,... for presentations
    testing cpufreq on 2.4.x kernels (->should be broken)
    throw out debug statements in library to reduce binary size
    compile library with cc instead of g++



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