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poslib-1.0.2-0 RPM for i586

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Name: poslib Distribution: Posadis
Version: 1.0.2 Vendor: Posadis
Release: 0 Build date: Fri Nov 7 17:02:55 2003
Group: Networking/DNS Build host: localhost
Size: 384428 Source RPM: poslib-1.0.2-0.src.rpm
Packager: Meilof Veeningen <>
Summary: A library for programs using the Domain Name System
Poslib is a library for programs that use the Domain Name System (DNS). This
library, which is available on many platforms including most modern Unices and
Windows, makes programming DNS applications much easier by providing a nice
C++ API. It proides functions for such DNS issues as DNS message compilation,
domain name management and master file and Resource Record interpretation.

Poslib also has a server part to simplify server development. Poslib takes care
of such issues as domain name compression, DNS message handling, and TCP/UDP
transport, to enable you to easily write your own DNS applications.

This package contains the runtime files required to run programs that use






* Wed Nov 05 2003 Meilof <>
  Upgraded to Poslib 1.0.2
* Thu Aug 07 2003 Meilof <>
  Upgraded to Poslib 1.0.1
* Tue Jul 29 2003 Meilof <>
  Upgraded to Poslib 1.0
* Fri May 30 2003 Meilof <>
  Upgraded to Poslib 0.9.7
* Fri May 23 2003 Meilof <>
  Upgraded to Poslib 0.9.6
* Fri Apr 04 2003 Meilof <>
  Upgraded to Poslib 0.9.5
* Mon Feb 24 2003 Meilof <>
  Upgraded to Poslib 0.9.4
* Sat Feb 08 2003 Meilof <>
  Upgraded to Poslib 0.9.3
* Thu Jan 16 2003 Meilof <>
  Initial RPM, based on the Posadis 0.50.8 one.



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