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ossim-1.5.6-1 RPM for i686

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Name: ossim Distribution: na
Version: 1.5.6 Vendor:
Release: 1 Build date: Thu Dec 30 21:46:55 2004
Group: Applications/Image Build host:
Size: 126967175 Source RPM: ossim-1.5.6-1.src.rpm
Packager: Garrett Potts <>
Summary: Open Source Software Image Map
Pronounced "awesome", the OSSIM project leverages existing open
source algorithms, tools, and packages to construct an integrated
library for remote sensing, image-processing, and Geographical
Information Sciences (GIS) analysis.






* Mon Jan 28 2002 Kenneth Melero <>
  -New Visual Chain Editor, redo of RPM, several minor bug fixes
* Thu Jan 03 2002 Kenneth Melero <>
  -Redesign of connectable object pipeline, Save State updates,
   getTile updates, progress interfaces, added New Tile Caching schemes, 
   MPI updates, several minor bug fixes
* Mon Oct 29 2001 Kenneth Melero <>
  -Upgraded Geotrans, Fixed CIB/CADRG/ADRG support, Display remapper
  support for 11/16-bit, new configuration options, MacOS Carbon support,
  igen fixes, new discrete convolutions, NaN support, several minor bug fixes
* Tue Sep 18 2001 Kenneth Melero <>
  -Libtiff Memory leak fix, CCF Head fix, MySQL support, Shapefile
   support, dbossim-stager app, several minor bug fixes
* Thu Sep 13 2001 Kenneth Melero <>
  -Elevation Intersection and autoload DTED/DEM support, Bug fixes for
   sensor modeling, RecceVue with sensor model support, CIB/CADRG
   splitter application, IGEN (Image Generator) application,
   MPI support for IGEN, Full reading/writing GeoTIFF support,
   several minor bug fixes
* Fri Aug 31 2001 Kenneth Melero <>
  -OSSIM Sensor Modeling, RecceVue, Histogram manipulation,
   Elevation support, Minor bug fixes
* Tue Jul 17 2001 Kenneth Melero <>
  -First official release.
* Sun Mar 04 2001 Derald Metzger <>
  -UPDATE pkg to 0.999.8-1.  New rpm snapshot.
    Compiles under both redhat-6.2 and 7.0.
    Rpm builds by default withgrass=no but will build with it.
    Did not test python.
* Thu Feb 08 2001 Derald Metzger <>
  -UPDATE pkg to 0.999.7-1
    The ossim dir tree has been extensively reconfigured.
* Thu Dec 28 2000 Derald Metzger <>
  -UPDATE pkg to 0.999.3-1
    The 0.999 is meant to imply preliminary code (alpha or beta).
    The .3-1 is the 3rd preliminary version and first rpm release of it. 
  - Remove $BR build root stuff from Makefile. Use make var defs on cmdline.
  - Macroized and updated the files manifest
  - Added config dir etc/ossim
  - Added doc dir
  - Removed lib/ossim - linking statically
* Fri Sep 01 2000 Derald Metzger <>
  -pkg 0.2.0a-2  Rebuild with wxGTK-2.2.1-0.
* Sun Aug 27 2000 Derald Metzger <>
  -pkg 0.2.0a-1  Snapshot of current alpha code
* Wed May 24 2000 Derald Metzger <>
  -PACKGED 0.0.0-1
  - rpm'd ossim. Started version at 0.0.0



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