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lts_kernel_all-2.2-0 RPM for i386

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Name: lts_kernel_all Distribution: Unknown
Version: 2.2 Vendor: Unknown
Release: 0 Build date: Wed Jan 3 03:57:44 2001
Group: Networking/Admin Build host: localhost.localdomain
Size: 741650 Source RPM: lts_kernel_all-2.2-0.src.rpm
Summary: LTSP Linux kernel containing drivers for ALL chipsets
This package contains a workstation kernel with support for several
network card chipsets.  Supported cards include:
3c501, 3c503, 3c505, 3c507, 3c509/579, 3c515, 3c590, 3c9xx,
AMD Lance and PCnet (AT1500 & NE2100), SMC WD80*3, SMC Ultra,
SMC Ultra32, SMC 9194, Racal-Interlan NI5010, NI5210, NI6510,
RealTek 8129/8139, AT1700/1720, Cabletron E21xx, DEPCA, DE10x,
DE200, DE201, DE202, DE203, DE204, DE205, DE422, EtherExpress 16,
EtherExpressPro, FMV-181/182/183/184, HP PCLAN+ (27247B and 27252A),
HP PCLAN (27245 and other 27xxx series), HP 10/100VG PCLAN,
ICL EtherTeam 16i/32, NE2000/NE1000, SEEQ8005, SK_G16, AMD PCnet32,
ANsel EISA 3200, Apricot Xen-II, CS89x0, DM9102, Generic DECchip &
EtherWORKS PCI/EISA, DECchip Tulip (dc21x4x), Digi Intl. RightSwitch SE-X,
EtherExpressPro/100, Mylex EISA LNE390A/B, Novell/Eagle/Microdyne NE3210,
PCI NE2000, TI ThunderLAN, VIA Rhine, SiS 900/7016, Racal-Interlan ES3210,
SMC EtherPower II, Zenith Z-Note






* Tue Jan 02 2001 Jim McQuillan <>
  - Fixed a problem with the root-path for older bootroms
* Sun Dec 17 2000 Jim McQuillan <>
  - Updated to 2.2.18
  - Used mknbi-linux 1.1 which will pass IP parameters from bootrom to kernel
  - Added module support
* Mon Aug 07 2000 Jim McQuillan <>
  - Upgraded to work with ltsp-2.0
* Tue Mar 28 2000 Jim McQuillan <>
  - Added support for: Modules, Math emulation, Floppy, EIDE Harddrive & CDROM
* Fri Jan 28 2000 Jim McQuillan <>
  - Created new kernel



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