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klogwatch-2.0-1 RPM for i586

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Name: klogwatch Distribution: SUSE 10.1
Version: 2.0 Vendor: None
Release: 1 Build date: Thu Sep 7 21:14:51 2006
Group: System/Monitoring Build host:
Size: 265931 Source RPM: klogwatch-2.0-1.src.rpm
Packager: Nick Battle
Summary: A KDE firewall log monitor
KLogWatch is a simple monitor that watches a file for netfilter log messages.






* Tue Sep 05 2006 John Stamp <>
  2.0	Under New Management
  	New features:
  	 * New columns to account for all netfilter log info
  	 * Select which columns to see
  	 * Column size and order saved
  	 * Window size and position saved
  	 * Right mouse button actions:
  	    - hostname, traceroute, whois, Check info at SANS
  	 * Adjustable print font
  	 * Can now print/save window contents or raw log messages
  	 * Some code cleanups; more on the way
  	 * Changing configuration does not require restart
  	 * Desktop file installed automatically
  	 * Removed popup on alert action; all alerts appear in the tray
  	 * Debian package files and RPM spec file included
* Tue Jul 19 2005 Nick Battle <>
  1.8.4	Fixed bug in Save As option
  	New cleaner icons
  	Added uninstall make target
* Tue Nov 30 2004 Nick Battle <>
  1.8.3	Corrected to work properly when log-rotation occurs
  	Use proper KDE config file location
  	Don't scroll down to new packets if window already visible
* Tue Aug 17 2004 Nick Battle <>
  1.8.2	Corrected "parsed == false" assertion failure on startup
* Sun May 09 2004 Nick Battle <>
  1.8.1	Corrected SIGABRT bug when logfile exists, but is a directory
* Sat Apr 24 2004 Nick Battle <>
  1.8	Added sort by destination port
  	Lookup protocol numbers in /etc/protocols to give names
  	Fixed the autoconf system for Fedora/Mandrake/Debian
  	Minor corrections to WhatIs text
* Fri Sep 19 2003 Nick Battle <>
  1.7	Made KLogwatch a KUniqueApplication and removed -1 option
  	New packets are shown in bold and counted separately
  	Enabled sensible sorting by columns
  	Allow any font to be selected, not just fixed fonts
  	Closing the log window hides it instead of closing the program
  	Tray applet and listview show new/total packet counts
  	Removed MessageBox announcement on startup
* Wed Aug 13 2003 Nick Battle <>
  1.6	Added $LINE to double-click environment
  	Added buffer size configuration and defaults button
  	Added system tray icon and config checkbox to enable it
  	Add option to change tray icon rather than popup for new packets
  	Check logfile at startup, and do Setup if can't open
  	Re-arranged buttons and removed Exit button
  	Added the -1 argument to avoid multiple daemons running
  	Turned Pause into a stateful toggle button, without hiding
  	Switched to use KPrinter rather than QPrinter
* Tue Jul 08 2003 Nick Battle <>
  1.5	Changed to use autoconf configuration
  	Added the logfile name as a setup option
* Tue Jun 24 2003 Nick Battle <>
  1.4	Better fix for first-time popup focus bug
  	Allow zero display interval to mean "never hide"
  1.3	Fixed first-time popup keyboard focus bug
  	Changed timers to count hide time in secs rather than polls
  1.2	Added:
  	Timeout counter on Hide button
  	Modified for KDE 3.1.1 and Qt 3.1
  1.1	Added:
  	Clear button, configurable double-click script and daemon operation
  1.0	Tidied up the Makefile, added implicit rules and dependencies
  	Added manual page
  0.9	Added:
  	Change cursor during double click
  0.8	Added:
  	UIs using QT Designer, WhatIs support etc.
  0.7	Added:
  0.6     Added:
          Proper command argument support
          Using KAboutMenu
          Changed KDevelop to custom project
  0.5     Added:
          Support for KDevelop (automake/conf scripts)
  0.4	Added:
  	Config dialog for timers and font
  	Mutex exclusion in kloglist's timer method
  	Single-click selection of list items keeps the dialog active
  0.3	Added Open Source statements to all sources
  0.2	Added File/Save menu
  0.1	Lost in the sands of time



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