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granule-1.0.2-0 RPM for i386

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Name: granule Distribution: Unknown
Version: 1.0.2 Vendor: Vladislav Grinchenko (
Release: 0 Build date: Mon Jun 28 04:27:32 2004
Group: Applications Build host:
Size: 887892 Source RPM: granule-1.0.2-0.src.rpm
Packager: Vladislav Grinchenko (
Summary: granule
granule is a flashcard program that implements Leither cardfile
methodology for learing new words. It features both short-term and
long-term memory training capabilities with scheduling.






* Sun Jun 27 2004 Vladislav Grinchenko <> - 1.0.2
  - Fixes scheduling count/lights.
  - Fixes duplicate Decks in DeckList.
  - Adds DeckView activation of a Deck from DeckList in the MainWindow.
  - Sets expiration date for CardBox 1 to 4 days in default config file.
* Sun Jun 13 2004 Vladislav Grinchenko <> - 1.0.1
  - Fixes tar.gz/rpm build from a wrong CVS tree.
  - Changes XML DTD file location from $prefix/share/granule/xml
    to /etc/xml/granule. This way no matter how package is built,
    both Deck and CardFile files will find the DTD files. 
    This breaks all decks and cardfiles created with 1.0.0 version.
    The fix for this unfortunately requires manual editing each .dkf and
    .cdf file and replacing "/path/to/{granule|cardfile}.dtd" with
  - Blocks off Esc key event in CardView window.
  - Adds (missing) 'bootstrap' shell script to $src directory.
  - Adds front column sorting to the DeckView window.
  - Fixes bogus notification pop-up when none of the CardBox cards
    are expired.
* Fri Jun 04 2004 Vladislav Grinchenko <> - 1.0.0
  - Initial release.



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