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glew-1.0.6-0 RPM for i686

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Name: glew Distribution: Unknown
Version: 1.0.6 Vendor: Karol Pietrzak <>
Release: 0 Build date: Fri May 9 05:13:07 2003
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host:
Size: 478679 Source RPM: glew-1.0.6-0.src.rpm
Packager: Karol Pietrzak <>
Summary: OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
The goal of the OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW) is to assist C/C++ OpenGL developers with two tedious tasks: initializing and using extensions and writing portable applications. GLEW provides an efficient run-time mechanism to determine whether a certain extension is supported by the driver or not. OpenGL core and extension functionality is exposed via a single header file. GLEW currently supports the products of two commodity graphics card vendors, NVIDIA and ATI, on two operating systems, Windows and Linux.

    Milan Ikits






* Fri May 09 2003 Karol Pietrzak <> [1.0.6-0]
  - removed patches (applied as of this version)
  - updated Description
  - updated %build stage because of renamed files
  - fixed permissions bugs in %install stage
  - properly install binary
  - moved ".a" file into devel package
* Fri Feb 21 2003 Karol Pietrzak <> [1.0.5-0]
  - added Requires to devel package
  - added patch from author to actually compile properly
  - added patch to compile without warnings
* Sun Jan 12 2003 Karol Pietrzak <> [1.0.3-0]
  - no changes
* Mon Dec 30 2002 Karol Pietrzak <> [1.0.2-0]
  - used libdvdcss spec to create this one
  - updated Group
  - updated License
  - updated URL
* Thu Dec 26 2002 Karol Pietrzak <>
  - no changes
* Sun Dec 01 2002 Karol Pietrzak <>
  - updated deletion of /var/tmp/glew-1.0.6-build script
* Sat Nov 09 2002 Karol Pietrzak <>
  - initial SPEC file
  - put ".so" files into devel package



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