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wine-devel-20030902-1mdd RPM for i586

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Name: wine-devel Distribution: Unknown
Version: 20030902 Vendor: Mark Draheim <>
Release: 1mdd Build date: Tue Sep 2 18:49:22 2003
Group: Development/C Build host: pc4
Size: 10891400 Source RPM: wine-20030902-1mdd.src.rpm
Packager: Mark Draheim <>
Summary: Tools, libraries and headers for %{lib_name_orig}
This is an ALPHA release of Wine, the MS-Windows emulator.  This is
still a developers release and many applications may still not work.

%{lib_name}-devel contains the tools, libraries and header files
needed to develop programs which make use of wine.

Wine is often updated.






* Tue Sep 02 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030902-1mdd
  - CVS
  - new autofs patch, thanks to guidod, obsoletes automount config lines
  - updated mdconf patch for %xx% environment and new autofs patch
  - new regdefaults
  - change audio to oss in config
* Wed Aug 13 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030813-1mdd
  - CVS
  - added menu entry for regedit
  - first attempt at centralizing user dotfiles in fakewin
    o changed wine-launcher to link files
    o changed make_a_windows_system
  - no more running wine as root
  - added warining about group wine
  - run checks only on initial start
  - set umask to 002
  - right now I reset perms on fakewin at each startup, still trying to
    figure a better way
  - modified patch 108, now pointing at /var/lib/wine/windows/temp
  - disabled patch 106
  - rediff mdkconf patch
* Tue Aug 05 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030805-1mdd
  - CVS
  - new patch 108: hardcodes icons dir to get shelllinker working again
  - modified make_a_windows_system to create /var/lib/wine/windows/icons
  - modified winelcase to (hopefully) work with spaced filenames
* Wed Jul 30 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030730-1mdd
  - CVS
  - modified apploader patch, now removes stuff unused on mdk
  - make linked EXEs even more confusing according to wineinstall
  - disabled creation of 0Byte dlls in make_a_windows_system
  - new helper file converts filenames in windows and system dir to
    lowercase, checks for duplicates and keeps newer file according to internal
    FileVersion string, Requires binutils (/usr/bin/strings)
  - call winelcase from wineboot
* Thu Jul 10 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030710-1mdd
  - official July snapshot
  - new wine is confused by empty allarg string, added yet another condition
  - updated regdefaults
  - I'm starting to phase out native windows
    o uply hack to in order to default to fakewin
  - added commented automount flags to config and
* Sat Jul 05 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030705-1mdd
  - CVS
  - changed sysconfdir to /etc/wine in destdir patch so that regdefaults
    are actually used
* Wed Jul 02 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030702-1mdd
  - CVS
  - enable global reg files in mdkconf
  - rm obsolete symlinking (probably fixed by destdir patch)
  - rm obsolete ldconfig fix in postin/postun
  - safety measure: skip pre perm reset if /var/lib/wine is a symlink
  - fix perms on config.sys and autoexec.bat
  - rm changelog stuff from
  - added note about mixed mode paths to usage message
* Mon Jun 30 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030630-1mdd
  - CVS
  - disabled gcc strict aliasing as it is apparently no good anyway with
    current wine
* Thu Jun 19 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030619-1mdd
  - CVS should be same as official June version
  - updated regdefaults
  - added Per Oyvind's symlinks for builtins
  - disabled extra post/postun ldconfig stuff
* Thu May 22 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030522-1mdd
  - CVS
  - added winemenubuilder.exe to package main
* Fri May 16 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030516-1mdd
  - CVS
  - merged libwine into main
    o makes distribution easier
    o there are no valid libwine apps around
  - add nptl to configure again
* Tue May 13 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030513-1mdd
  - CVS
  - updated shelllink patch to remove backslashes from menu entries
  - re-enabled and updated apploader patch so that it works with
    our wine starter script
  - rediff mdkconf patch
* Fri May 09 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030509-1mdd
  - CVS, should be same as official 20030509
  - new added to package main
  - rework of
    o handles winstyle paths now
    o better handling of arguments
  - rediff shelllink patch
  - updated regdefaults
  - rm configure nptl option
  - s/RPM_BUILD_ROOT/DESTDIR/ destdir.patch > 20030430-destdir.patch
  - rm obsolete apploader patch
  - labelled apps menu entry "Start"
  - made fakewin files setgid wine
  - moved perm re-setting to pre
* Sun Apr 06 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030406-1mdd
  - CVS
  - modified
    o ugly hack of to get it working with winstyle paths
      as used with menu entries created by wineshelllink
    o this does NOT cd to apps dir, right now I have no idea how to
      achieve that with winstyle paths
  - rediff shelllink patch, this is getting worse by the day
  - => this winelauncher/shelllinker thingy is driving me crazy
       TODO: I think we should port winelauncher to perl so that we can
       translate winstyle paths to Linux and/or can protect backslashes
       and parse/modify CL args in an ordered fashion
  - renamed submenu from "Programs" to "Winapps" to avoid getting
* Sat Apr 05 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030405-1mdd
  - CVS
  - configure changes
    o rm enable-opengl (now default)
    o with-nptl
  - new menu: added entries for builtin tools and progs
    o add Programs submenu
  - Patch 107: shellinker puts apps in apps/emu/wine/Programs subdir
    o disable desktop shortcuts, user can always dnd from main menu
  - new files: winecfg + added to package main
    o TODO: test the thing and maybe patch it to go along with our stuff
    o for now it doesn't seem to work at all, but that may be due
      to packaging or whatever; I'm not in the mood to debug the stuff
      because I don't need a frontend to a simple text file
  - rediff mdkconf, add stdole=native in dll section, there's no
    wine subst around in the near future
* Wed Mar 12 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030312-1mdd
  - CVS
  - rediff mdkconf, add riched32=native  entry in dll section
  - move system zero dlls to *.wine to
    avoid clash with native dlls
* Tue Mar 11 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030311-1mdd
  - CVS
  - rediff mdkconf, again make arts default
* Tue Mar 04 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030304-1mdd
  - CVS
  - rediff mdkconf patch, left winmm on oss
* Fri Feb 28 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030228-1mdd
  - CVS
  - mv wcmd to main
* Sun Feb 23 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030223-1mdd
  - damn, regdefaults must be named .systemreg and .userreg, changing back
  - rm userdef.reg
  - created {share} regtools dir and added scripts for diffing native reg files
* Sat Feb 22 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030221-1mdd
  - changed path values in to reflect win98 settings
    o made systemdir "system" and added system32 to path
    o winehq config has a tmpdir named "test" in path
* Fri Feb 21 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030221-1mdd90
  - new CVS snapshot for mdk 9.0
* Thu Feb 20 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030220-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot, should be same as official 20030219
  - updated regedefaults
* Fri Feb 14 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030214-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot
  - replaced wine.init with newer cooker one
* Sun Feb 09 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030209-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot
  - revert to make install DESTDIR
  - patch106: add location of winedefault.reg to warning message
* Fri Feb 07 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030207-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot
* Thu Feb 06 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030206-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot
  - regapi is driving me crazy, do they want it or not, rm the sucker
* Tue Feb 04 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030204-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot
  - put back in
* Sun Feb 02 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030202-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot
  - rm regapi, fnt2bdf
  - massive spec cleanup
* Fri Jan 31 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030131-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot
  - new regdefaults
    o now generated by regedit instead of regapi
  - mv regapi, fnt2bdf, winelauncher to devel
  - install winedefault.reg to both configsamples and fake win
    so that user can find it easily if he gets an error message
    asking the user to run "regedit winedefaults.reg"
* Wed Jan 29 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030129-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot
  - patch 105: kill WINELOADER stuff in loader-scripts
    o TODO: fix regapi weird loader-script
  - merge fake win back in as it's too small to make sense
  - merge wine-utils into wine, just playing around
    o there's really no need to split out such a small package
    o there are neato tools like uninstaller and winefile that I wouldn't
      want anybody to miss
  - place where loader-script is, those without script go to proper
  - congigure changes
    o disable debug+trace
    o rm obsolete enable-dll, no static libs anymore
    o rm prefix, should be handled by configure macro
  - disable Danny's O3 fix, my cooker defaults to O2 anyway
  - add some {} to files, hey I was bored ;)
* Tue Jan 28 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030128-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot
  - split out fake win
  - reset own+perms on fakewin in post, this is dirty but necessary if
    wine was uninstalled and then reinstalled, wine gid may have changed
    so fake win is no longer owned by group wine
  - rm superfluous ";" in config, spotted by <andrewkent>
  - mv lib* from proper to lib to avoid circular dependency
  - mv more stuff into devel package
* Sat Jan 25 2003 Mark Draheim <> 20030125-1mdd
  - new CVS snapshot, spec based on 20030115 cooker src.rpm
  - renamed regdefault files to generic .reg
    o added userdef.reg, can't tell if that does anything
    o set user in user.reg to .Default
  - rediff mdkconf.patch, disabled load global reg, enabled load true win reg



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