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ogg2mp3-0.4-1mdd RPM for noarch

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Name: ogg2mp3 Distribution: Mandrake Linux
Version: 0.4 Vendor: Mark Draheim <>
Release: 1mdd Build date: Sat Jan 29 19:37:59 2005
Group: Sound Build host: pc4
Size: 17707 Source RPM: ogg2mp3-0.4-1mdd.src.rpm
Packager: Mark Draheim <>
Summary: Convert ogg music files to mp3 music files.
Perl script to convert ogg files into mp3 format.
Note that the conversion is lossy.

This is basically an inverted version of
Nathan Walp's mp32ogg

This is Alpha, so be careful.






* Sat Jan 29 2005 Mark Draheim <> 0.4-1mdd
  - 0.4 (ogginfo fix, stereo for high kbps)
* Sat Nov 29 2003 Mark Draheim <> 0.3.1-1plf
  - small cleanups
* Tue Mar 18 2003 rcc <> 0.3-1plf
  - new version
  - added ChangeLog file to docs
  - description changed
  - added perl-String-ShellQuote to Requires
* Sun Mar 16 2003 rcc <> 0.2-1plf
  - ogg2mp3 rewrite based on mp32ogg code
  - patch0 obsolete
* Sat Mar 15 2003 rcc <> 0.1-1plf
  - initial spec based on mp32ogg-0.11-1mdk
  - patch0: swapped default MP3ENC line, swapped default OGGDEC line
  - no version, so I tagged it 0.1 to reflect beta status which
    the author claims for the script
  - the author doesn't provide any doc files and the license link
    is rather vague (distributable, can be modified, no selling)
    so I chose Artistic as License
  - the script is not very clever (no kbps setting, creates tmpfile
    in current dir, saw it choking on weird filenames). I guess,
    I'll join this script with an adapted mp32ogg soon



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