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elektra-backend-gconf-0.4.10-0.fdr.1.9 RPM for i386

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Name: elektra-backend-gconf Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.4.10 Vendor: Unknown
Release: 0.fdr.1.9 Build date: Tue Jan 11 06:38:01 2005
Group: Development/System Build host: localhost.localdomain
Size: 8448 Source RPM: elektra-0.4.10-0.fdr.1.9.src.rpm
Summary: Include files and API documentation for Elektra Project
The Elektra Project provides a framework to store generic configuration data
in an hierarchical key-value pair database, instead of a human-readable only
text file.

This way any software can read/save his configuration using a consistent API.
Also, applications can be aware of other applications configurations,
leveraging easy application integration.

This package contains a GConf backend for Elektra.






* Mon Jan 10 2005 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.10
  - Added the backend to treat the /etc/fstab file as a backend storage
  - Divided Key documentation in several parts
  - Appeared ksPopLast()
  - Appeared the keySteal*() methods
  - Removed env var that defines default backend
  - Experimental GConf backend
* Mon Dec 27 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.9
  - Full nice elegant documented support for dynamic pluggable backends
  - kdb now validates an imported XML against an XML schema, thanks to Remi Pouak
  - -devel RPM includes the framework and examples for backends development
  - elektraenv script is more secure now, thanks to Johan Kiviniemi (ion at
  - Removed unused #includes
  - new kdbOpenBackend() and ksPop() methods
  - install examples in elektra-devel/examples/ directory
* Mon Dec 06 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.8
  - Whish me a happy birthday
  - All sources moved to src/
  - New 'kdb help' to show some usage examples
  - enum KeyFlags changed to enum KeySwitch (KeyFlags values maps to new KeySwitch for compatibility)
  - New keyNew(), keyDel(), ksNew(), ksDel() advanced constructors and destructors
  - All documentation and examples changed to increase usage of keyNew()
  - ksSort(), ksHead(), ksTail() methods appeared and documented.
  - ksLookupByName(), ksLookupByValu(), ksLookupRE() appeared as beta and documented.
  - #ifdef __cplusplus to make it C++ safe.
  - Many small fixes that appeared in the switch to keyNew()
  - Many other fixes, code robustness and cleanup.
  - User-defined key types greatly improved, fixed and tested.
  - XML export can now supress obvious UID and GID for 'user/*' keys
  - XML export can now supress user domain for 'user/*' keys
  - New keyNewExample.c and lookup.c on example/
  - New example/keyset.xml with example of complex keys, and how they look XML-exported.
  - XML DTD were droped. Now we have XML schemas, thanks to Rémi <>.
  - pkgconfig support, thanks to Pier Luigi Fiorini <>
  - Library now has soname etc, to make binary compatibility safe
* Sun Nov 28 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.7
  - Better BuildPrereq in spec file
  - Small updates to documentation
  - New 'kdb mv' command (needs improvement)
  - Updated kdb.1 manpage to include 'kdb mv'
  - The KDB_ROOT env var to kdb command (needs manpage), thanks to Markus Raab
  - Fixed a bug in spec file, section %post
  - Acknowledged comments from
* Fri Nov 05 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.6
  - New method: kdbRename()
  - Updates to spec files, to conform to Fedora conventions
  - First GPG sign
  - Ready to be sent to
* Tue Nov 02 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.5
  - Fixed a bug in kdbGetKeyByParentKey()
  - Changed the behavior of kdbSetKeys(): now developer may know where errors occured
  - Changed kdb to to fit new kdbSetKeys behavior
  - Small fixes in the doxygen documentation, improved code examples
  - More efficient documentation build
* Mon Oct 25 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.4
  - Added documentation on how to write new backends
  - Fixed "kdb get" when getting binary values
  - Fixed a bug when converting binary key values to hex digits
  - Fixed a bug in the reverse way: from hex to binary (jens)
  - Added -b to kdb, to set key values with the content of a file
  - Trying to fix something wrong in kdbGetKey()
* Wed Sep 22 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.3
  - Removed kdbOption instantiation from kdb.h
* Sun Sep 12 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.2
  - Fixed a gzip problem in the build system
  - Added ksGetSize() method
* Thu Sep 09 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4.1
  - Fixed some wrong charset handling
  - License changed to BSD
  - Updates to documentation
* Tue Aug 31 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.4
  - Name changed to Elektra
  - rg command changed to kbd
  - registry.h to kdb.h
  - to
  - The former still provided as a wrapper for binary compatibility
  - Most #defines now are enums
  - Enums now documented
  - "*NameSpace()" to "*Namespace()"
  - Appeared keyClearFlag()
  - Changed documentation due to new name
  - Greatly improved documentation. It is now 100% complete
  - API man pages are now from Doxygen
  - Tested build in BSD: iconv is a separate library there
  - Changed some error codes for BSD compatibility
  - Used the "const" parameter modifier everyplace that is needed
  - 'kdb export' now allways exports as UTF-8, regardeless of current encoding
  - 'kdb get' now has a shell mode with -s option
  - elektrasetenv now uses the new 'kdb get' command, and it is less comples
  - elektrasetenv now set environment from system/env and user/env
  - Changes in the XML DTD header due to web site change
* Tue Aug 17 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.3.1
  - Fixed a bug in keyToStream() regarding XML export of comments
  - Make rg.c compile with older XML library
  - .spec now uses gmake instead of make
  - Moved ENODATA to ENOMSG, for better BSD compatibility
  - Improved the README documentation with packaging info
* Tue Aug 10 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.3
  - Registry now supports key and key sets CHANGE NOTIFICATIONS
  - New 'rg monitor' command, using notifications framework
  - 100% fully documented methods with Doxygen
  - Thinking seriously in a project name change. I have an idea for a new name
* Fri Jul 30 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.2.9
  - Doxygen finaly generates methods documentation. Not very nice though.
  - Included in -devel RPM
  - Included Advogato project page in the documentation
* Sun Jul 25 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.2.8
  - Added the export and import subcommands to rg.
  - Updated man page for that.
  - Build environments that don't have xsltproc and the DocBook styles won't fail to build manual pages.
* Sun Jul 04 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.2.7
  - First atempt to workaround the manpage creation when XSL tools are not available.
* Thu Jun 24 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.2.6
  - Moved responsability of creating dirs in the installation process from spec to Makefile.
  - Detected a problem of manpage creation in other distros, thanks to Tim Witham from OSDL. Not fixed yet.
* Wed Jun 02 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.2.5
  - Fixed the absense of keyClose in some places. Thanks to Victor.
  - In registryStatKey(), handled error if file can't be found. Thanks to Jens Andersen.
  - keyInit is now less smart: it will not test if the key is initialized or not. This is now a programmer responsability.
  - Code migrated to Subversion, thanks to Sean Russel.
  - Added $Id: etc to source files.
  - Added 'make commit' to deal with 'svn ci'
* Sat May 22 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.2.4
  - Improved rgsetenv login script: now set aliases too.
  - New methods: registryGetKeyByParent, registryGetKeyByParentKey, registryGetValueByParent, registrySetValueByParent
  - First attempts to create a bianry 'rg' with libxml statically linked.
  - New libregistry.a provided in -devel package, for creation of static binaries.
  - API manpages can now be accessed by method name (example: man registryGetKey)
* Thu May 06 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.2.3
  - Defined an XML DTD for keys
  - Defined keyToStream() and ksToStream() that dumps a key or keyset to XML format
  - Defined keyCompare() and ksCompare()
  - New 'rg edit' subcommand, to XML edit subtrees of the Regitry
  - Improved registryGetChildKeys() for better handling of symlinks
  - An /etc/profile.d script to set user environment is available in package now
  - New "Society of Softwares" section in documentation
  - Improved CSS of the HTML documentation
* Tue Apr 13 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.2.2
  - Implemented -u and -g in rg command to set Key UID and GID.
  - Included RG_O_SORT option for registyrGetChildKeys, to returned a KeySet sorted by key name.
  - Now every user/* key has an associated Owner defined, which defaults to $USER, when not specified in keySetName().
  - Upgrade in the key file format. Changes in the data type field.
  - New handleOldKeyFileVersion() to keep backwards compatibility with older key files.
  - Updates to documentation for this version changes.
  - Symbolic links between keys are now consolidated. There is a formal key type for them: RG_KEY_TYPE_LINK
  - Fixed a minor problem related to reading last \n in key comments
  - Updated userd-convert script to be make a more NIS compatible conversion
  - Included a new migration script: hwconfingKudzu-convert. To migrate kudzu data to the registry
* Tue Apr 06 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.2.1
  - Change in key names: instead of (.) as hierarchy delimitator, we have (/) now. This is better for POSIX file name compliancy.
  - Consolidation of inactive keys.
  - Updates to documentations to include inactive keys concepts, etc.
  - Written key.3 manual page for key*() methods.
  - New conversion script to convert /etc/fstab
  - Removed a bug in UTF8Engine(). Data was written with a \n in the end. Thanks to Jens Andersen.
* Thu Apr 01 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.1.6
  - Introduction to inactive keys
  - registryGetChildKeys by default do not include inactive keys in resulting KeySet. Use RG_O_INACTIVE instead.
  - rg.c changed, specially in the list subcommand, to work with new behavior
* Wed Mar 31 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.1.5
  - Fixed in registryGetKey: Keys allways needed sync
  - Fixed bug releated to NEEDSYNC: ~RG_KEY_FLAG_NEEDSYNC needed a special cast to use the right number of bits
  - Improved HOWTO documentation and manual. Link to ReiserFS.
  - Started writting of the key.3 manual
  - One more bug related to strblen in registryFileUnserialize(), causing wrong data size calculation
* Mon Mar 29 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.1.4
  - Written manual pages rg(1), registry(7), registry(5) and registry(3) using DocBook
  - Ported the specification to DocBook, using the modularized man pages
  - RPMs include manpages
  - RPMs have prerequesites now
  - Fixed bug regarding \0 in end of key names on recursive stats
  - More robust build system, catching warnings
  - New method: registryGetRootKeys(KeySet *returned)
  - Fixed some bugs related to usage of strblen()
  - Introduction of the RG_O_* method options
  - Removed bug related to permission when stat()ing keys
  - Removed bugs in some KeySet methods
  - Much improved 'rg ls' command, specially in recursive mode
  - New key flag, NEEDSYNC, to indicate the change status of a key
  - New method, registrySetKeys, to commit all modified keys on a KeySet
* Tue Mar 16 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.1.2
  - The Linux Registry API is 100% usable
  - The rg command is very usable
  - Full support to UTF-8. Everything stored in the registry is UTF-8, regardeless of user's LANG. Conversions are on the fly.
  - Fixed bug on keySetName(), regarding wrong keyNameSize
  - Introduction of registryRemoveKey()
  - rg subcommands: ls, get, set, rm
  - rg now supports set octal permissions from command line
  - Key and Registry support for DIR type
  - Documentation process (man pages) in the very begining
  - Include files in a separate package
* Sat Mar 06 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.0.9
  - Now no more IPC, Berkeley DB, threads, setuid, and other complexities
  - Simple library that accesses files on disk
  - rg has 'set' and partial 'ls' subcommands implemented
  - API can already be used
* Sun Feb 15 2004 Avi Alkalay <> 0.0.2
  - Based on IPC, Berkeley DB, Threads, and many other complexities



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