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realplay-nplugin-7.0-1 RPM for i686

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Name: realplay-nplugin Distribution: Unknown
Version: 7.0 Vendor: RealNetworks, Inc.
Release: 1 Build date: Tue Mar 14 08:03:55 2000
Group: X11/Amusement Build host: localhost.localdomain
Size: 251407 Source RPM: realplay-7.0-1.src.rpm
Summary: RealPlayer Netscape plugin
RealNetworks' RealPlayer 7.0 plugin for Netscape.






* Mon Mar 13 2000 Lim Swee Tat <
  - Updated for Real player 7
  - Moved the mailcap and mimetypes to the netscape directory
* Tue Sep 07 1999 Peter Soos <>
  - Removed the unnecessary files from /etc/profile.d.
* Mon Sep 06 1999 Peter Soos <>
  - Export the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the realplay wrapper script.
* Fri Jun 11 1999 Peter Soos <>
  - Applied to RedHat Linux 6.0
  - Temporarly removed the Netscape plugin support because of this is libc5
    based and doesn't support the glibc based versions of Netscape and can't
    set the preload patch for kernel-2.2.x.
* Sat Apr 24 1999 Giuseppe Ghibò <>
  - split package into main and nplugin. Note that in Netscape 4.51 glibc:
    Setting HOME_MOZILLA=/usr/lib/netscape in script would allow
    to have mime.types and mailcap in /usr/lib/netscape, which is the
    default installation dir for netscape RedHat package, but netscape (I 
    wonder when Netscape will fix all these stuff) seems less stable if
    HOME_MOZILLA is set.
* Sat Apr 17 1999 Peter Soos <>
  - Corrected the wmconfig entry (conflicted with acroread).
* Wed Oct 21 1998 Torbjorn Lindgren <>
  - Added missing files (was only in i386 RPM,
    not src RPM).
  - Fixed to handle empty LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    correctly (minor nuisance for SH, fatal bug for CSH/TCSH).
  - Added workaround for a bug in the RealPlayer that gives it problems
    on late 2.1.x kernels (2.1.120+, read discussion about O_NONBLOCK in
    the linux.kernel for full information).
    Workaround verified on both 2.0.x and 2.1.x kernels.
  - Fixed incorrect handling of "special" filenames, such as filenames with
    embedded spaces. Always used the intended operator for this 
    ("$@" instead of $*)



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