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dfhlog-1.1-1mdv RPM for noarch

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Name: dfhlog Distribution: Mandriva
Version: 1.1 Vendor: MandrivaSoft
Release: 1mdv Build date: Mon Aug 1 18:10:29 2011
Group: Databases Build host: jesus-desktop
Size: 1721440 Source RPM: dfhlog-1.1-1mdv.src.rpm
Packager: Jesus Guardon Cerezo<>
Summary: dfhlog
Amateur Radio Logging program
Import/Export ADIF files, cluster connection, Hamlib based CAT control, support, XPlanet Maps and Custom GridSquare Maps,
simple awards support (WAS, DXCC, IOTA, USACA, TPEA).
Current available languages:
English, Spanish, Galego, Portugues, Ukrainian
This program is written in Gambas, so you will need Gambas to be installed.




General Public Licence


* Mon Aug 01 2011 Jesus Guardon Cerezo <> 1.1
  - Added HamQTH callbook lookup
  - Fix some translations
  - Updated cty.dat
  - Fix some minor bugs
* Thu May 19 2011 Jesus Guardon Cerezo <> 1.0
  - Change major version numbering to 1.x meaning stable version.
  - New feature: Ukrainian language added. Thanks to (Volodymyr, UR3QJW)
  - Fix: Optimized search. Locator works again without loggin in.
  - Request: If locator is not found in qrz then it tries to retrieve from previous contacts in database (EA7AH)
  - Fix: GridMap is now part of the package, no need of external one.
  - Request: New free text field in QSL design (EA7AH)
  - Fix: Optimized drawing routines in Grid Map.
* Sun Mar 06 2011 Jesus Guardon Cerezo <> 0.0.42
  - search fixed (again)
* Tue Jun 01 2010 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.41
  - BUG fixed: Solved error in newer versions of hamlib (Ubuntu Lucid)
  - Request: In QSL design, no more print the 'X' for QSL rcvd/sent status.
* Wed Mar 10 2010 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.40
  - GUI improved: Introduced BandMap for use with cluster and CAT. Idea from (EA7EJG).
  - GUI improved: Search form now is bigger and performs better.
  - GUI improved: New arrangement of widgets in main form.
  - Feature added: search now works in edit mode.
  - BUG fixed: weird behavior when editing qso from search form, lines turned blank. Thanks to (EA6AZ)
  - BUG fixed: popup menus did not show from shortcuts. Thanks to (EA1EYE).
  - BUG fixed: not all worked gridsquares was shown in grid map.
  - Several other bugs fixed.
* Sun Mar 07 2010 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.41
  * Sat Dec 19 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.39
  - Added printing support for QSL and labels
  - Some bugs fixed
  - Debian package structure redesigned
  - Added desktop notifications (debian based)
  - UTC time now can be adjusted manually
  - Possibility of choosing the plattform origin in ADIF files (newline character may differ from Mac and Window$ to Linux)
* Tue Sep 29 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.38
  - search fixed (again)
* Thu Sep 10 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.37
  - Modified the Web query, as they changed the page structure very often.
  - Added a button in the textbox to launch the default browser with the current callsign.
  - Now when log a QSO or cancel it, the focus returns to the callsign textbox. Thanks to (EA7TB).
  - Added Save to TXT feature in Search form, to export results in plain formatted text. Suggested by (EA7TB).
  - Modified the behaviour of DateChooser.
  - Possibility to log the cluster comments into log as an option in the preferences form. Suggested by (EA7TB).
  - Translations to Galego, Portugues and Spanish updated.
  - Some minor bugs were fixed.
* Sun Jun 14 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.36
  - Changed the name of executable file to all lowercase.
  - Added printing support using kugar package, marked as dependency.
  - Fixed some bugs related to CAT and RPC.
  - Changed the CAT button icon on toolbar.
* Mon Jun 01 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.35
  - Bug Fixed: Bad detection of CQ/ITU Zones when importing from ADIF not including these fields. Thanks to (EA7AH).
  - Added a new button (Quick entry) for disable some entry fields, leving only Call & locator for a quick entry when rushing, i.e: Sporadics-E on VHF. Idea from (EA7AH).
  - Modified CAT system, using now RPC daemon to connect to Rig. Alas, it needs to run as root, so a workaround has been made. No very elegant but works.
  - Added RPC interconnection to fldigi application <> to get fields text into dfhlog, ready to log QSO. Idea from (EA3ABB). BTW, this feature and above needs 'portmap' package to be installed.
* Fri May 08 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.34
  - Specific debian/ubuntu package which includes all libraries; other distros remains solving proper dependencies on its own.
  - Added a notify window that shows dx from cluster when minimized
* Mon May 04 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.34
  - Bug Fixed: Error when exporting to ADIF between two dates. Thanks to (EA7TB).
  - Bug Fixed: Bad key in config file not allowing searches. Thanks to (EA7EJG)
  - Improved CPU time in sockets -hamlib and telnet- by updating Gambas2 libraries.
* Sat Apr 18 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.33
  - Bug Fixed: Initialized variables of colors in statistics. Thanks to (EA7EJG)
  - Completely revisited MapLoc
  - Database structure changed to fit MapLoc
* Sat Apr 04 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.32
  -Improved ADIF import routine. Now it checks for mandatory fields. Also, now only pop up a message error if there were errors at the end of process.
  -Improved UTCNow routine, now it consumes less cpu.
  -Added Partial Statistics while logging a QSO by mode/band.
  -Added Global Statistics on all bands from menu.
  -AutoSpot routine improved. Tristate checkbox to send spots without confirmation, with a previous confirmation or not send spots at all.
  -Improved compact database routine. No more NULL fields breaking searches.
  -Added Web search method (no subscription needed).
  -Improved gridview filling. Fastest with huge amount of records.
  -Added: author keeps track of version and linux distribution when the application asks for new versions (experimental).
  -Updated current translations.
  -Bug Fixed: Did not export TPEA field to ADIF.
  -Bug Fixed: Callsigns splitted incorrectly when '/' symbol included.
  -Bug Fixed: When firstly installed, cluster filters state didn't match internal variables. Thanks to (EA1EYE).
* Sun Mar 22 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.31
  -Forgot to mention KLog EA4TV's based code for the world class. Thanks, Jaime.
  -Spanish translation updated
  -Galician translation finished. Thanks to (EA3GLJ).
  -Portuguese translation finished. Thanks to (CT1DRB).
  -Database structure modified
  -Locator Map fully operative
  -Changed 'About..' form
  -Some printing test added (QSL)
  -Management of QSL print queue
  -Now we can choose to use the same start time or not
  -Autologin on cluster
  -Now we can abort the importing ADIF process
  -Updated contextual menus
  -Multiple selections on gridviews
  -Partial export ADIF from logs
  -Checking for new versions online
  -Changed main toolbar size
* Sun Mar 01 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.30
  - Spanish translation finished
  - Map Loc semi-operative
  - Fixed some other bugs
* Wed Feb 11 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.29
  * Sun Feb 08 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.28
* Sun Jan 25 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.27
  - Solved some bugs;
  - Added some other pending features:
  - Search QSO
  - Set QSLrcvd & QSLsent from contextual menu
  - Edit QSO data from contextual menu
  - Added datepicker to date fields
* Sat Jan 24 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.26
  * Sun Jan 18 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.25
* Sun Jan 18 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.24
  * Sun Jan 11 2009 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.21
* Tue Dec 23 2008 Jesus Guardon <> 0.0.17
  * Sun Dec 21 2008 jesus <> 0.0.15
* Fri Nov 28 2008 jesus <> 
  - Initial release



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