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crossfire-client-gtk2-1.60.0-1 RPM for x86_64

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Name: crossfire-client-gtk2 Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 1.60.0 Vendor:
Release: 1 Build date: Sun Mar 13 05:40:24 2011
Group: Games/Adventure Build host:
Size: 2619196 Source RPM: crossfire-client-1.60.0-1.src.rpm
Packager: Crossfire Developer <>
Summary: GTKv2 client for crossfire
GTKv2 version of the Crossfire client - This client game window has
themes.  It supports the use of customized window layouts, and is
packaged with several pre-defined ones.






* Wed Sep 15 2010 Kevin Bulgrien <
  - Remove commented out X11, Gnome, and GTK-V1 client support.
* Mon May 03 2010 Kevin Bulgrien <
  - Add vendor tag (
* Sun Apr 18 2010 Kevin Bulgrien <
  - Drop support for building X11 and GTK-V1 clients.
* Sun May 17 2009 Kevin Bulgrien <
  - Package new GTK-V2 client layout that is particularly suited
    for low screen resolutions.
* Mon May 11 2009 Kevin Bulgrien <>
  - Change some of the BuildRequires to be more flexible after testing.  New
    requires curl-devel and libglade2-devel are accepted on more platforms
    that the prior libcurl-devel and libglade2.0-devel.
* Sat Nov 29 2008 Kevin Bulgrien <>
  - Group change from X11/Games to Games/Adventure for all packages.
  - Tabs removed to eliminate rpmlint complaint.
* Thu Jan 24 2008 Kevin Bulgrien <>
  + crossfire-client-1.11.0
  - Epoch 5
  - Add player selectable UI themes.
  - Rename cfclient->crossfire-client-x11
  - Rename gcfclient->crossfire-client-gtk
  - Rename gcfclient2->crossfire-client-gtk2
  - Add user selectable libglade XML window and dialog definitions.
  - Add BuildRequires: glibc-devel (gtkv2 pthreads)
  - Add Requires: libglade2.0, BuildRequires: libglade2.0-devel (gtkv2 UI)
  - Add Requires: libcurl BuildRequires: libcurl-devel (gtkv2 metaserver2)
* Thu Jun 29 2006 Mark Wedel <>
  + crossfire-client-1.9.1-1
  - new release 1.9.1
* Mon Feb 27 2006 Mark Wedel <>
  + crossfire-client-1.9.0-1
  - new release 1.9.0
* Tue Mar 01 2005 Mark Wedel <>
  + crossfire-client-1.7.1-1
  - new release 1.7.1
* Thu Feb 27 2003 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-1.5.0-1.realtime
  - new release 1.5.0
* Fri Feb 21 2003 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-20030220CVS-1.realtime
  - MSW: Fix bug in rescale_rgba_data() that was potentially causing a 1 byte
    overrun of malloc'd data, that could result in crashes or other odd problems.
* Thu Feb 20 2003 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-20030219CVS-1.realtime
  - upgrade to cvs snapshot from 02/19/2003
  - reworked configure and build to take advantage the new autoconf stuff
* Sun Sep 29 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-1.4.0-realtime.1
    - upgrade to 1.4.0
* Fri Jul 26 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-1.3.1-realtime.4
    - fixed crossfire-client.desktop entry
    - fix for init_SDL bug
    - added Requires: SDL, SDL_image
    - added BuildRequires: SDL-devel, SDL_image-devel
* Thu Jul 11 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-1.3.1-realtime.3
    - fixed location of sound files []
* Wed Jul 03 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-1.3.1-realtime.2
    - added 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 icons for proper KDE support
    - added support for SMP builds
* Wed Jul 03 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-1.3.1-realtime.1
    - released 1.3.1 client
    - BUG Fix     - Enhancement
* Wed Jul 03 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-1.3.0-realtime.1
    - released 1.3.0 client
* Tue May 07 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-20020424-realtime.5
    - missing some files dealing with cache images
* Wed May 01 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-20020424-realtime.4
    - moved desktop entries to the tclug sub-menu
* Thu Apr 25 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  + crossfire-client-20020424-realtime.2
    - change hard coded commands to rpms macros
    - change several file locations to comply with LSB
    - add crossfire-client to tclug-gampak; An apt4redhat virtual package
    - tclug-gamepak via apt rpm realtime/7.2/i386 tclug
* Fri Feb 15 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  -, configure: Add check for zlib before png lib check, as on
    some systems, png requires -lz.
  - common/client-types.h: Add #ifdef check for SOL_TCP
  - common/client.c: Add fast_tcp_send variable, comment out printing of error
    from socket EOF.  Use TCP_NODELAY for sending data to the server
    if TCP_NODELAY is available.  cs_write_string modified to use
  - common/client.h: Remove display_mode enum, add fast_tcp_send extern.
  - common/commands.c, common/init.c,gtk/image.c, gtk/map.c
    cs_write_sting modified to use cs_print_string
  - common/external.h: set_autorepeat extern added.
  - common/newsocket.c: Modified to be better optimized for using TCP_NODELAY -
    cs_print_string function added.
  - common/player.c: modified to use cs_print_string , autorepeat client side
    command added.
  - common/proto.h, gtk/gtkproto.h: updated with new functions
  - gnome/gnome.c: display_mode variable removed, cs_write_string
    replaced with cs_print_string
  - gtk/gx11.c: display_mode variable removed, cs_write_string replaced with
    cs_print_string, -nofog option added
  - pixmaps/question.111: Resized to be 32x32
    pixmaps/*.xbm - used for inventory icons in X11 client, replacing xpm
  - sound-src/cfsndserv.c: Better error handling, include time.h
  - x11/ -font and -noautorepeat options added.
  - x11/png.c: better error checking for rescaling images
  - x11/x11.c: noautorepeat variable added, display_mode removed, image icon
    functionality re-enabled, images now created from xbm files,
    set_autorepeat function added, add ability to set font, add mouse
    wheel support
  - x11/x11.h: remove screen_num extern.
  - x11/x11proto.h: Updated with new functions.
  - x11/xutil.c: Modified to use image_size instead of hardcoded 24x24 value
    for the status icons.  cs_write_replaced with cs_print_string, no
    auto repeat functionality added.
* Tue Jan 01 2002 Bob Tanner <>
  - Rolled 1.1.0 client
  - NOTE Mark's new email address
  - Fixed typo in install target for x11 client.
  - Make all clients Provide: crossfire-client
  - Make sounds dependent on crossfire-client.
* Mon Dec 31 2001 Mark Wedel <>
  - README: Update notes on needing png (and not xpm) library.  Update mailing
  -, configure: As the seperate sound program (cfsndserv) is the
    only supported sound configuration, remove new_sound_system defines
    and ability to use the old (now non existant) sound system.
    Have configure exit with error message if png library is not found,
    as it is critical to the build process.  Change it so that
    gnome/Makefile is always built so that making of releases works.
  - gnome/, help/about.h, x11/ Update mail address.
  - gtk/gtkproto.h, x11/x11proto.h: Rebuilt, prototypes for some changed for
    signed to unsigned characters.
  - gtk/gx11.c, gtk/png.c, pixmaps/stipple.111, x11/png.c, x11/x11.c, x11/xutil.c,
    pixmaps/stipple.111 pixmaps/stipple.112:
    Mostly changes to fix compile warnings and make sure we are passing the
    right types to the various image creation functions (8 bit data).
  - sound-src/ Add soundsdef.h to list of things to build.
  - x11/x11.h: Remove extra semicolon.
* Tue May 15 2001 Bob Tanner <>
  - Rolled new client 1.0.0
* Mon May 14 2001 Mark Wedel <>
  - player.c: Fix for client crashes if player enters really long commands (like
     say .....).
  - gx11.c,command.c: Remove some debug statements which really should not be
    there for 1.0, and which are not really useful anyways.  items_types,
    item_types.h: Varioius minor updates.
  - gx11.c: Fix bug that causes gtk client not to update weapon speed.
    metaserver.c: Have the listing get sorted by hostname to make it easier to
    find the host the user may want.
* Thu Apr 12 2001 Bob Tanner <>
  - Rolled new client 0.98.0 with Mark's changes listed next
* Wed Apr 11 2001 Mark Wedel <>
  - Change matching for sword - hopefully this should fix problems with dancing
    sword spellbooks.
  - Move animations of the look window to the client.  All the necessary was
    already being sent to the client - it was just needed for the client to use
    this information.  Also remove some
  - Only resort items based on name if the name has changed.  This fixes a problem
    with items moving around in the inventory if you lock/apply/unapply/unlock
* Thu Mar 22 2001 Bob Tanner <>
  - Rolled new client 0.97.0 with Mark's changes listed next
* Wed Mar 21 2001 Mark Wedel <>
  - Change so that containers on the ground still keep proper contents even if the
    map space itself changes (spells or other objects going onto the space).
  - commands.c: update the cpl.container tags when opening/closing containers.
  - item.c: Have locate_object see if the container matches the tag.  Don't have
    remove_item remove the object contents of other attributes if it is the
    container, but still remove it from the list it is on.
  - item.h: remove function prototypes - these are in proto.h
  - png.c: New png -> X11 (or gdk) creation routines that are much faster.  This
    should make a noticable difference in performance.  Note that the X11
    and gdk implementations are very different now - the gdk implementation
    lets the gdk library do most of the work.
  - gx11.c: remove some dead code, add call to gdk_rgb_init() if using
    png images - needed by new png loader.
  - x11.c: Add call to init_pngx_loader if running in png mode.  Also pass
    colormap by pointer so png_to_xpixmap can modify it.
  - xutil.c: pass colormap by pointer to init_pngx_loader (same reason as above)
  - Add DMALLOC_LIB definition instead of it going in with the
    the default libraries.  cfsndserv will now get properly linked with
  -, configure: add --disable-sound option, and make relevant
    changes to use that option (which basically amounts to not checking
    for any of the sound systems).  Add check for dmalloc.h.  change
    substitution for -ldmalloc.
  - cfsndserv.c: Modified so it now compiles with the modern ALSA sound system.
    No idea if it actually works.  MSW 2001/03/04
  - metaserver.c: Modified so it uses the value of -port if that command
    line option is given by a user.  MSW 2001/03/01
  - x11.c: Fixes for info window resizing.  This should fix some crashes
    and the code is a bit simpler now.  MSW 2001/02/28
  - Modify so that installs the target (cfclient, gcfclient,
    cfsndserv) one at a time so it works with the install script.
  - item.c: add insert_item_before_item function.  Modify the sorting function
    so it first sorts by type, then by locked/unlocked status, and then
   by alphabetical order (not including the number prefix).
  - item_types, item_types.h: More updates of missing objects or ones that
    need more specific matching rules.
  - x11.c: Remove a lot of duplicate code that was in place for metaserver
    support - instead, just add checks to the existing X event handling
    code to know not to do some things if we're in metaserver selection
    mode.  This fixes a bug in that resize events would not be handled
    if in metaserver selection mode.
* Wed Feb 14 2001 Bob Tanner <>
  - Rolled new client 0.96.0 with Mark's changes listed next
* Tue Feb 13 2001 Mark Wedel <>
  - If compiled with dmalloc, add 'dmalloc command that verifies the heap.  Makes
    checking for memory corruption easier.
  - CHANGES, configure crossfire-client.spec: Update for 0.96.0
    release item_types item_types.h: Add some additional items.
* Sun Feb 11 2001 Bob Tanner <>
  - Created new Group for this package Amusements/Games/Crossfire
* Sat Feb 03 2001 Bob Tanner <>
  - Rolled new client with Mark's changes listed next
* Wed Jan 31 2001 Mark Wedel <>
  - Complete rewrite of the exit handling code.  Hopefully as an effect,
    this will fix the player appearing in the middle of the oceans.  I
    think the code should also work better in many other areas.  Main
    enhancements is a 3x3 area for pets to follow player to new map, as
    well as golems now following players to the new  maps.
  - include/sproto.h, random_maps/rproto.h - rebuilt.
  - random_maps/random_map.c: Change generate_random_map to take a structure
    with the random map paremeters.
  - random_maps/reader.l, reader.c: Add set_random_map_variable function that
    reads the map parameters from a char buffer.  Also, remove some leftover
    comments that were from the common/loader.l file.
  - random_maps/rogue_layout.c: Change some functions to be static so make proto
    doesn't collect them.
  - random_maps/standalone.c: Add opening of parms file into main function since
    it ws removed from the random_map.c file.
  - server/apply.c: Don't display the message of random maps to the players
    as they enter them, as this message is random map parameters, and not
    a real message.
  - server/login.c: #if 0 out using of the player loading element in the
    structure.  this isn't used right now.
  - server/main.c: Bulk of the changes.  main changes are to break apart
    the old enter_exit function into smaller functions that more
    logically do the needed function (random maps, unique maps, and
    transferring the player to the new map).  random map code now passes
    the parameters via structure instead of file in /tmp.  Code is much
    more understandable now and hopefully bugfree.
  - server/pets.c: minor changes/bugfixes.  Search full SIZEOFFREE array, use
    real owner variable when print out messages.
  - server/player.c: Remove usage of the loading variable in the player structure.
* Mon Jan 15 2001 Bob Tanner <>
  - Create destination dirs, remove extra tab.  Patch also by Dave.
  - Protocol: typo fixed.
  - config.h, Add HVAE_DMALLOC_H #ifdefs.  Checks currently
    disable in, as with it, the sound won't like properly since
    it needs -ldmalloc, and I haven't bothered investing that much time
    into fixing the Makefile.
  - gx11.c: Patches by Dave Peticolas - mostly code cleanup, but one new feature
    is support of wheel mice to move the scrollbars.
  - png.c: No real code change, just adjustments in some ordering which I think
    makes the code appear a little simpler.
  - x11.c: Minor code cleanups, some formatting changes, some to make better
    error messages.
* Tue Jan 09 2001 Bob Tanner <>
  - Applied MSW patch to change damge type to 16 bits
* Thu Jan 04 2001 Bob Tanner <> [0.95.8-1]
  - Upgraded client to 0.95.8
  - Moved sounds into /usr/share/sounds/crossfire
  - Moved the prefix to /usr/X11R6
  - Upgrade source file locations
  - Made the gtk client GNOME aware and put the crossfire picture into
    Program->Games - Sounds are noarch
* Wed Mar 17 1999 Toshio Kuratomi <> [0.95.2-2]
  - A few changes to conform to FHS 2.0
  - Edit the sounds patch to place things in the /usr/share/sounds directory
    instead of /usr/share/sounds/sounds
  - Rewrite certain parts of the script to rely more on the make install target
    rather than hacking it ourselves.
  - We don't have to compile the program twice -- make all will create both the
    gtk and the Athena binaries.
* Sun Jan 31 1999 Kjetil Wiekhorst Jørgensen <> [0.95.2-1]
  - upgraded to version 0.95.2
  - fixed minor bug in Makefile
* Sun Jan 24 1999 Kjetil Wiekhorst Jørgensen <> [0.95.1-2]
  - some bug fixes to the 0.95.1 release
* Wed Dec 09 1998 Kjetil Wiekhorst Jørgensen <> [0.95.1-1]
  - upgraded to 0.95.1
  - install sounds in /usr/share/sounds
  - build both vanilla X client and GTK+ client
* Thu Dec 03 1998 Kjetil Wiekhorst Jørgensen <> [0.94.4-1]
  - upgraded to 0.94.4
* Sat Sep 05 1998 Kjetil Wiekhorst Jørgensen <> [0.94.3-1]
  - upgraded to version 0.94.3
* Wed Jun 03 1998 Kjetil Wiekhorst Jørgensen <>
  - Initial release.



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