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Bastille-Curses-module-1.2.0.rc3-0.1mdk RPM for noarch

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Name: Bastille-Curses-module Distribution: Linux-Mandrake
Version: 1.2.0.rc3 Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release: 0.1mdk Build date: Thu Apr 12 10:07:50 2001
Group: System/Configuration/Other Build host:
Size: 48917 Source RPM: Bastille-1.2.0.rc3-0.1mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Jay Beale <>
Summary: This module provides Bastille-perl-UI-module to Bastille Linux.
Bastille Linux requires either Perl-Tk, used for its X interface, or
Perl-Curses, used for its Curses-based terminal interface.  This module
provides the requirement for Perl-Curses.






* Mon Apr 09 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.rc3-0.1mdk
  -  Integrated PeterW's additional "play nice with drakgw" code
  -  Urged PeterW and to get some sleep.
* Mon Apr 09 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.rc2-0.4mdk
  -  Integrated code so Bastille plays nice with drakgw under 2.2 kernel
* Mon Apr 09 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.rc2-0.3mdk
  -  Moved to /etc/Bastille
  -  Fixed minor warning:  pop-3 isn't in /etc/services - change to pop3
* Mon Apr 09 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.rc2-0.2mdk
  -  Enhanced bastille firewalling code to cooperate intelligently with
     drakgw's Internet Connection Sharing
* Sun Apr 08 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.rc2-0.1mdk
  -  Fixed named bug: we weren't modifying recent distro's init script right.
  -  Fixed question flow oversight.
  -  Replaced GLOBAL_FILE hash lookup with GLOBAL_DIR in ConfigureMiscPAM
  -  Added bastille-firewall to list of init scripts to NOT deactivate
* Thu Apr 05 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.rc1-0.1mdk
  -  Added netfilter code to handle NetBIOS cases
  -  Fixed an escape bug on an @ sign
  -  Implemented SKIP_CHILD label to skip a couple more questions
  -  added investigative script
* Tue Mar 27 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre22-0.3mdk
  -  Fixed a stupid bug: we were writing LEVEL_SECURE instead of SECURE_LEVEL.
* Mon Mar 26 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre22-0.2mdk
  -  Fixed PATH bug -- do   export PATH=foo
  -  Fixed bug in adding the security scripts: added a \n to the end of the
     /etc/crontab lines.
  -  fixed logging bug where *.*   /dev/tty12   is appended without a newline.
  -  fixed peterw's bastille-tmpdir-defense bugs -- bash2 is incompatible
     with bash 1.14
* Mon Mar 26 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre22-0.1mdk
  -  Fixed chkconfig_off to create K__ symlinks in place of the ones that it
  -  Cleaned up questions.txt, so user is told they can select any umask, in 
     addition to the ones provided my security levels.
  -  Fixed stupid bug in :   s/B_append_file/B_append_line/
  -  Fixed PATH to include /usr/games and not include quotes.
  -  Incremented security level number set by the prewritten configurations,
     such that Lax=2, Moderate=3, Paranoia=4.
  -  Fixed all the double quote bugs based on pixel's grep.
* Sun Mar 25 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre21-0.1mdk
  -  Modified specfile to place BastilleChooser in separate package.
* Sun Mar 25 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre21-0.1mdk
  -  Minor oversight correction -- disallowed root logins via [gkx]dm via PAM.
  -  Switched "  into  '  signs in two regeps in,
  -  Fixed requires-bug that was stopping sendmail from getting called.
  -  Set the default configurations to not use pam filesize/process number limits.
  -  Bugfix: when you wanted root login denied on console, it was allowed and v/v.
  -  Fixed quoting bug in /etc/profile PATH-setting :  Mandrake specific
  -  Finished adding all new questions to pre-writtens configs/"security levels"
* Fri Mar 23 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre20-0.1mdk
  -  Fixed Matt's BastilleChooser bug -- if you selected "lax" then you
     didn't get a configuration written -- totally terminal bug.
  -  Fixed Questions.txt bug -- question "foo"!
  -  Fixed /etc/securetty bug -- the question was reversed from the
     corresponding action
  -  Fixed bug: export SECURELEVEL was only in /etc/profile -- added in
     /etc/zprofile as well.
  -  Fixed problem in ServerLax -- some settings were too tight.
  -  Fixed problem in ServerLax -- it was set to write LILO changes to disk.
  -  Changed method of deactivating telnet+ftp in xinetd.d/ use "disable" lines.
  -  Corrected oversight in disabling root tty access -- we now also disable root
     xdm-based login.
  -  Removed libsafe question -- libsafe 1.3 would introduce instability because
     of omit-frame-pointer compiler flag and libsafe 2.0 is too new.
* Wed Mar 21 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre19-0.2mdk
  -  lots of bugfixes
* Tue Mar 20 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre19-0.1mdk
  -  Added syslogging *.* to /dev/tty12, as msec compatibility feature
  -  Added PATH adjustments to Bastille, as msec compatibility feature
  -  Added export SECURE_LEVEL in /etc/profile, as msec compat feature.
  -  Added feature to disable kdm/gdm user listing, as msec compat feature.
  -  Added libsafe functionality to maintain compatibility with msec.
  -  Moved Curses-specific files into Bastille-Curses-module
  -  Moved Tk-specific files into Bastille-Tk-module
* Tue Mar 20 2001 Vincent Danen < 1.2.0.pre18-0.3mdk
  -  specfile cleanups; macros
* Mon Mar 19 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre18-0.2mdk
  -  bugfixes in requirements code
* Sun Mar 18 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre18-0.1mdk
  -  added remaining msec functions
  -  re-worked inetd/xinetd module
  -  more bugfixes
* Sat Mar 17 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre17-0.1mdk
  -  added msec fileperms support 
  -  cleaned up requires code - several bugfixes
  -  more bugfixes
  -  enhanced functions to support globbing
* Tue Mar 13 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre15-0.1mdk
  -  added Spong's hack to BastilleChooser to let you specify
     security/paranoia level on the command line.
* Mon Mar 12 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre14-0.1mdk
  - Added more pre-written configuration templates
  - added Spong's BastilleChooser program to choose/modify the templates based on user input
  - added Paul's hack to Curses interface so it reads in previously-written 
    configuration if one exists.
* Sun Mar 11 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre13-0.1mdk
  - applied PeterW's "make question pruning optional" patch
  - applied a whole lot of other PeterW changes (details coming)
* Sat Mar 10 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre12-0.1mdk
  - Fixed requirements bugs
  - Updated Questions database: suid questions won't get asked if 
    requisite binaries aren't suid
* Sat Mar 10 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre11-0.1mdk
  - Re-worked requirements language
* Wed Feb 21 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre9-0.4mdk
  - Fixed stupid date error in spec file
* Wed Feb 21 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre9-0.3mdk
  - removed the specs for Bastille-perl-Tk and Bastille-perl-Curses and
    wrote the virtual provide/require rpm The Right Way.
* Wed Feb 21 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre9-0.2mdk
  - added a virtual rpm to require perl-Tk OR perl-Curses
* Mon Feb 19 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre9-0.1mdk
  - fixed firewall bug by hacking Questions.txt.
* Sun Feb 18 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre8-0.1mdk
  - refixed BastilleBackEnd @INC bug ...
  - fixed bug where Bastille fails to properly detect Mandrake and Immunix versions.
    Longstanding, stupid and dependent on ordering. 
  - changed API::B_place to suit the new file locations 
  - fixed tiny bug in API::B_hash_comment and uncomment.
  - updated Pete's scripts, modules and Questions.txt.
  - fixed bug where Bastille fails to account for MandrakeSoft's weird naming scheme for
    their distro (Linux Mandrake)
  - other misc bugs
* Sun Feb 18 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre7-0.1mdk
  - Fixed InteractiveBastille bug
  - Forced X (tk) mode on Interface unless user specifically uses -c flag. 
  - -c flag on GUI/TUI checks for perl-Curses module.
* Sun Feb 18 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre6-0.1mdk
  - Removed .pl's from program names and changed BackEnd script name
* Sun Feb 18 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre5-0.1mdk
  - Bugfixes from Keith Buck.
  - Changed README to be more appropriate to new system.
  - Added PeterW's netfilter script, so bastille-firewall loads the "right"  
    script for the given kernel.
  - Fixed AutomatedBastille so it works!
* Thu Feb 15 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre4-0.1mdk
  - Added install script (so developers can hack without dealing with RPM's. 
  - Added Greg K's diff to support Immunix OS's.
  - Altered specfile to not require Curses.  Thus, force people to use X 
    interface for now.
* Thu Feb 15 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre3-0.1mdk
  - Added Peter's IPCHAINS compatibility diff, to support 2.4 kernels until we
    get true Netfilter support
    - Added perl-Tk requires code
    - Fixed UndoBastille problems -- it runs now.  Darn it Sweth!!!!
* Wed Feb 14 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre2-0.1mdk
  - Fit to RPM, hacked file system locations (1.2.0.pre2)
* Wed Feb 14 2001 Jay Beale <> 1.2.0.pre1-0.1mdk
  - Built the first alpha-quality RPM to allow cooker testing.
  - Bastille Linux's "real" changelog can be found at
  -	 This Changelog is specific to this RPM.



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