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xcpc-0.0-0.7.20070122wip.fc8 RPM for ppc

From RpmFusion Non-Free Updates for Fedora 8 for ppc

Name: xcpc Distribution: Fedora 8
Version: 0.0 Vendor: RPM Fusion
Release: 0.7.20070122wip.fc8 Build date: Sun Aug 17 13:58:49 2008
Group: Applications/Emulators Build host:
Size: 344517 Source RPM: xcpc-0.0-0.7.20070122wip.fc8.src.rpm
Packager: <>
Summary: A portable Amstrad CPC464/CPC664/CPC6128 Emulator written in C
Xcpc is a portable Amstrad CPC464/CPC664/CPC6128 Emulator written in C.

It is designed to run on any POSIX system (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes).






* Sun Jul 27 2008 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.0-0.7.20070122wip
  - Changed license due to new guidelines
  - Removed %{?dist} tag from changelog
  - Updated icon cache scriptlets to be compliant to new guidelines
  - Improved macro usage
  - Removed the icon extension from the desktop file
  - Minor cleanup
* Sat Mar 17 2007 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.0-0.6.20070122wip
  - Changed .desktop category to Game;Emulator;
* Mon Jan 22 2007 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.0-0.5.20070122wip
  - Updated to latest snapshot
  - Added %date variable
* Mon Jan 15 2007 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.0-0.4.20070108wip
  - Added libICE-devel to the BR
  - Fixed openmotif/lesstif BR depending on fedora version
* Sun Jan 14 2007 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.0-0.3.20070108wip
  - Dropped --add-category=X-Fedora from desktop-file-install
* Wed Jan 10 2007 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.0-0.2.20070108wip
  - Updated to xcpc-20070108
  - Removed no longer needed fix to run xcpc
  - Changed .desktop category to "Application;Emulator;"
* Wed Dec 27 2006 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.0-0.1.20061218wip
  - Initial release for Dribble



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