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RPM of Group Amusements/Games

d1x-full-1.43-8.fc11 D1X - binaries for full version of game linux/x86_64
d1x-shareware-1.43-8.fc11 D1X - binaries for shareware version of game linux/x86_64
doom-shareware-1.9-6.s.fc11 Official shareware game files for DOOM linux/noarch
frogatto-1.0.3-2.fc14 An old-school 2D platform game linux/x86_64
pushover-0.0.2-2.fc14 Fun puzzle game with dominos linux/x86_64
roadfighter-1.0.1269-2.fc12 Konami's Road Fighter remake linux/x86_64
sdlmame-data-0140-1.fc14 Data files for the SDLMAME package linux/noarch
sdlmame-data-artwork-0120-3.fc11 Artwork used by the SDLMAME package linux/noarch
sdlmame-data-roms-0120-3.fc11 ROMs used for the SDLMAME package linux/noarch
sdlmame-data-samples-0139-1.fc14 Sound samples for the SDLMAME package linux/noarch
ufoai-2.3-2.fc14 UFO: Alien Invasion linux/x86_64
ufoai-common-2.3-2.fc14 UFO: Alien Invasion shared files linux/x86_64
ufoai-data-2.3-1 UFO: Alien Invasion data files linux/noarch
ufoai-data-server-2.3-1 UFO: Alien Invasion data files needed to run the server linux/noarch
ufoai-server-2.3-2.fc14 UFO: Alien Invasion dedicated server linux/x86_64
xrick-0.0.021212-4.fc11 A clone of the game Rick Dangerous linux/x86_64

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