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Packages beginning with letter K

kaffeine-2.0.18-8.fc37 KDE media player linux/x86_64
kffmpegthumbnailer-1.1.0-23.fc37 A video thumbnailer for kde based on ffmpegthumbnailer linux/x86_64
kmod-VirtualBox-7.0.8-1.fc39 Metapackage which tracks in VirtualBox kernel module for newest kernel linux/x86_64
kmod-crystalhd-20220825-1.fc38 Metapackage which tracks in crystalhd kernel module for newest kernel linux/x86_64
kmod-ndiswrapper-1.63-7.fc38 Metapackage which tracks in ndiswrapper kernel module for newest kernel linux/x86_64
kmod-xtables-addons-3.24-1.fc39 Metapackage which tracks in xtables-addons kernel module for newest kernel linux/x86_64
kodi-20.1-1.fc39 Media center linux/x86_64
kodi-devel-20.1-1.fc39 Development files needed to compile C programs against kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-eventclients-20.1-1.fc39 Media center event client remotes linux/x86_64
kodi-eventclients-devel-20.1-1.fc39 Media center event client remotes development files linux/x86_64
kodi-firewalld-20.1-1.fc39 FirewallD metadata files for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-inputstream-adaptive-20.3.6-1.fc39 Adaptive file addon for Kodi's InputStream interface linux/x86_64
kodi-inputstream-rtmp-20.3.0-1.fc39 RTMP inputstream addon for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-peripheral-joystick-20.1.8-1.fc39 Joystick Peripheral addon for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-platform-18.0-0.13.20180302gite8574b8.fc38 Kodi platform support library linux/x86_64
kodi-platform-devel-18.0-0.13.20180302gite8574b8.fc38 Development files for kodi-platform linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-argustv-20.5.0-1.fc38 ArgusTV PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-demo-20.5.0-1.fc38 Demo PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-dvblink-20.3.0-1.fc38 Kodi's DVBLink client addon linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-dvbviewer-20.4.0-1.fc38 DVBViewer PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-filmon-20.3.0-1.fc38 FilmOn PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-hdhomerun-20.4.0-1.fc38 HDHomeRun PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-hts-20.6.2-1.fc39 TVHeadEnd PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-iptvsimple-20.10.1-1.fc39 Simple IPTV PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-mediaportal-tvserver-20.3.0-1.fc38 MediaPortal PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-mythtv-20.3.2-1.fc39 MythTV PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-nextpvr-20.4.1-1.fc39 NextPVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-njoy-20.3.0-1.fc38 NJOY PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-pctv-20.4.0-1.fc38 PCTV PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-stalker-20.3.1-1.fc38 Stalker PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-vbox-20.4.2-1.fc39 VBox Home TV Gateway PVR client for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-vdr-vnsi-20.4.1-1.fc39 VDR PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-vuplus-20.5.1-1.fc39 Vu+ PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-pvr-wmc-20.3.0-1.fc38 WMC PVR for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-visualization-spectrum-20.2.0-2.fc39 Spectrum visualizer for Kodi linux/x86_64

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