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php-Analog-1.0.0-3.git9ab4c9e.fc15.remi RPM for noarch

From Les RPM de Remi for Fedora 15 for i386

Name: php-Analog Distribution: Unknown
Version: 1.0.0 Vendor: Remi Collet
Release: 3.git9ab4c9e.fc15.remi Build date: Mon Feb 11 13:13:57 2013
Group: Development/Libraries Build host:
Size: 35829 Source RPM: php-Analog-1.0.0-3.git9ab4c9e.fc15.remi.src.rpm
Summary: PHP micro logging package
MicroPHP logging package based on the idea of using closures for
configurability and extensibility. It functions as a static class,
but you can completely control the writing of log messages through
a closure function (aka anonymous functions).

Analog also comes with over a dozen pre-written handlers,
with examples for each in the examples folder. These include:
- Amon - Send logs to the Amon server monitoring tool
- Buffer - Buffer messages to send all at once (works with File,
  Mail, Stderr, and Variable handlers)
- File - Append messages to a file
- FirePHP - Send messages to FirePHP browser plugin
- GELF - Send message to the Graylog2 log management server
- LevelBuffer - Buffer messages and send only if sufficient error
  level reached
- Mail - Send email notices
- Mongo - Save to MongoDB collection, requires php-pecl(mongo)
  package to be installed
- Multi - Send different log levels to different handlers
- Null - Do nothing
- Post - Send messages over HTTP POST to another machine
- Stderr - Send messages to STDERR
- Syslog - Send messages to syslog
- Variable - Buffer messages to a variable reference.

So while it's a micro class, it's highly extensible and very capable
out of the box too.






* Sun Feb 10 2013 Johan Cwiklinski <johan AT x-tnd DOT be> - 1.0.0-4.git9ab4c9e
  - Add patch for locked file (
  - Remove licence file and patch applied upstream
  - Change github source URL
* Sun Dec 30 2012 Johan Cwiklinski <johan AT x-tnd DOT be> - 1.0.0-2.git876d8a3bb
  - Fix a typo
  - Run tests, add relevant BR and patch
* Sun Dec 30 2012 Johan Cwiklinski <johan AT x-tnd DOT be> - 1.0.0-1.git876d8a3bb
  - Fix version
  - remove not needeed php-hash requirement
  - remove php-mongo requirement (add a line in %description)
  - remove unneeded macro
  - add LICENSE file (upstream bug
* Mon Dec 24 2012 Johan Cwiklinski <johan AT x-tnd DOT be> -
  - Latest snapshot (bug fixes, new handlers)
  - Fix Requires
* Sat Dec 01 2012 Johan Cwiklinski <johan AT x-tnd DOT be> - 1.0.0-1
  - Initial packaging



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