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kernel-headers-2.2.19-6.2.16 RPM for sparc

From Updates for Red Hat Linux 6.2 for sparc

Name: kernel-headers Distribution: Red Hat Linux
Version: 2.2.19 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release: 6.2.16 Build date: Wed Mar 13 16:01:01 2002
Group: Development/System Build host:
Size: 4871402 Source RPM: kernel-2.2.19-6.2.16.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat, Inc. <>
Summary: Header files for the Linux kernel.
Kernel-headers includes the C header files for the Linux kernel.  The
header files define structures and constants that are needed for
building most standard programs and are also needed for rebuilding the






* Tue Jan 15 2002 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - fix cipe bug
* Tue Oct 09 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - fix ptrace issue
* Tue Sep 18 2001 Philip Copeland <>
  - Updated ipvs from 1.0.6 to 1.0.8. Hopefully some issues
    with persistance will evaporate.
* Fri May 18 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - Merge fixes from 2.2.20-pre2 (compaq, usb, sis and some
    small cleanups)
* Fri May 11 2001 Pete Zaitcev <>
  - Added fix for usb printer probing.
* Tue May 01 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - Added VPN MASQ patch
  - Fixed iBCS
* Tue Apr 10 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - fixed ymfpci udelay bug
* Sat Apr 07 2001 Matt Wilson <>
  - corrected the %triggerpostun to be attached to the kernel-headers
    package and not the kernel package
* Sat Apr 07 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - added sparc64 NFS fix
* Fri Apr 06 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - added ARCH= when building the common sparc/sparc64 headers (from msw)
* Thu Apr 05 2001 Bob Matthews <>
  - removed 2.2.16-lockd patch.  No longer needed in 2.2.19
  - and makes lockd unkillable with msg "lockd_down: lockd failed to exit"
* Fri Mar 30 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - updated to 2.2.19
* Wed Mar 21 2001 Doug Ledford <>
  - add a patch to fix scsi scanning of certain external raid chassis devices
* Wed Feb 21 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - fixed headersinsource 0 (#18868)
  - fixed enterprise module-info
* Mon Feb 19 2001 Karsten Hopp <>
  - fix path to aic7xxx include in pcmcia-cs subtree
* Fri Feb 16 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - Added Comet Tulip PCI ID's (#18035)
* Thu Feb 15 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - Fixed missing ifdef around EXPORT_SYMBOLS in
    ip_masq.c (#21604)
* Thu Feb 15 2001 Helge Deller <>
  - Added EMC-approved QLogic driver emc_qla2x00.o
    (v2.19.15, requested by FSC)
* Wed Feb 14 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - Exported 2 extra symbols (#19862)
* Mon Feb 12 2001 Helge Deller <>
  - added missing Makefile changes for e100 driver 
    (#26985, #26995)
* Wed Feb 07 2001 Doug Ledford <>
  - apply a small bug fix to the new aic7xxx patch
  - update to the new 5.1.33 aic7xxx driver
* Tue Feb 06 2001 Doug Ledford <>
  - updated to aic7xxx driver version 5.1.32
* Fri Feb 02 2001 Helge Deller <>
  - updated e100 driver to version 1.3.20
* Wed Jan 31 2001 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added the PIII-5-mxcsr patch to close a security hole
* Wed Jan 24 2001 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added the ioapic-init patch to fix a known ioapic bug
* Wed Jan 24 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - Fixed bug 24737 (typo in alpha config file)
* Tue Jan 23 2001 Matt Wilson <>
  - added a quick hack to test for /sbin/genksyms.old
    we need kgcc like action with this in Makefile, though.
* Mon Jan 22 2001 Benjamin LaHaise <>
  - added 64 bit clean linux-2.2.17-sysctl.patch
* Tue Jan 16 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - added patch to upgrade the version of the sis900 driver.
    Related to bug 21514
* Sun Jan 14 2001 Karsten Hopp <>
  - added enterprise patch. Large storage systems have
    more than 64 LUNS and the kernel will fail to detect
    any disks if there are more LUNS than max_scsi_luns
* Fri Jan 12 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added linux-2.2.17-partquiet.patch for ls120 disks
* Thu Jan 11 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - disabled the QLogic 1280 driver for alpha because it fails to build
* Wed Jan 10 2001 Benjamin LaHaise <>
  - added fix for rawio bug (linux-2.2.17-raw-fix.patch)
  - tweaked make for use on smp without going exponential
  - bumped version to 2.2.17-11
* Thu Dec 21 2000 Philip Copeland <>
  - updated the ipvs patch (patch253), the old patch is still there but
    not used should we need to revert (patch250).
  - Added the Locality-Based Least Connection scheduler which aims 
    to provide locality and load balancing for cache cluster   
  - Fixes the terrible locking bugs in ip_vs_lblc.c
        *lock(tbl->lock) ==> *lock(&tbl->lock)
  - Fixes the uninitilized tbl->lock bug in ip_vs_lblc_init_svc
  - Adds full expiration check for ip_vs_lblc entries
  - Fixes the wrong rover usage in expiration of lblc
  - Fixes the wrong traverse in lblc flush and expiration functions
  - Adds the /proc/sys/net/ipv4/vs/lblc_expiration to set the
    time of lblc mapping.
  - Adds the CONFIG_IP_VS_DEBUG in the config menu, and clarifies
    debug levels
  - Updated the *.config files that use IPVS to take account of the new
    config option names (all architectures)
        (turned on/off with echo <1|0> > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/vs/debug_level)
* Mon Dec 18 2000 Stephen Tweedie <>
  - Update raw IO patches: various bugfixes.
* Mon Dec 18 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - add patch to fix get/setresgid on alpha (#21654)
* Mon Nov 27 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added Bill's vfat patch to fix FAT32 filesystems on 64-bit archs
  - Handle modules.usbmap as well as modules.pcimap
* Fri Nov 17 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Newer P4 patch from Doug fixes SMP detection bug
  - Temporarily turn off mmap in i810_audio for upcoming build
  - Added linux-2.2.17-i810quiet.patch to make i810 stop complaining,
    also support more hardware
* Thu Nov 16 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - updated to new cs46xx driver with the GFP_DMA fix
* Wed Nov 15 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - fixed pread/pwrite bug in LFS patch
* Tue Nov 14 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Ben fixed linux-2.2.17-vmalloc_fix.diff to work right
* Mon Nov 13 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Updated linux-2.2.17-vmalloc_fix.diff with Terence Ripperda's fixes
* Fri Nov 10 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Changed linux-2.2.17-brokenmptable.patch to Alan's version
* Thu Nov 09 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added linux-2.2.17-aacraid-ids.patch
  - Added linux-2.2.17-brokenmptable.patch because some idiots in Redmond
    decided that putting invalid MP tables on UP machines was a good idea.
* Wed Nov 08 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Updated to cs46xx 20001108 from Cirrus
  - Added elevator ordering fix from 2.2.18pre
  - fix more rhconfig goop
* Tue Nov 07 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - fix rhconfig goop.
* Tue Nov 07 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Updated PIII patch to the -5 version from Andrea Arcangeli
  - Re-merged the P4 changes into Andrea's PIII-5 patch
* Tue Nov 07 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - renabled iBCS build
  - added linux-2.2.17-vmalloc_fix.diff
* Tue Nov 07 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added loopd patch from Arjen
  - Added maestro3 driver from zab
  - added bonding patch
* Sun Nov 05 2000 David Woodhouse <>
  - include support for the CY82C693 IDE chipset found on Alpha SX164
* Tue Oct 31 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Updated to qla1x160src-3.19Beta and qla2x00src-4.15Beta at QLC's request
  - Updated to ServeRAID driver 4.20 at IBM's request
  - Updated to cs46xx 20001027 from Cirrus
* Mon Oct 30 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Disassociated ext3, kdb from the enterprise kernel
* Fri Oct 27 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added the PIII-3 patch from Andrea Arcangeli (which was based upon the
    PIII code in the 2.4pre kernels and also my PIII patch)
  - Added the PIII-3-to-3.2 patch which fixes a few issues with the PIII-3
    patch and prepares it to receive FPU optimizations later
  - Commented out the PIII-xor patch until the other FPU optimizations are
  - Added the PIII-3-setup patch to make the PIII patch work with the 2.2.17
    kernel.  This patch needs yanked out if the kernel is upgraded to 2.2.18.
* Thu Oct 26 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Removed nested ifs that were sometimes confusing enterprise builds
  - Turned on ext3 and kdb for an HA build
  - Updated to ipvs-0.9.16-2.2.17.patch
  - Updated other ipvs patches to match
  - Added EXT3 and KDB to x86 enterprise kernel config file
* Tue Oct 24 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - disable usbkbd on alpha
* Fri Oct 20 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - create a alpha jensen (yuck) subpackage
  - disable AGP on alpha (for now)
  - turn on USB for alpha
* Tue Oct 17 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - modified Patch155 to correctly build on sparc
  - commented out some conditional ext3 bits, rpm chokes hard on nested %if
  - merged the needed P4 .config changes to all x86 .config files *grumble*
  - updated .config files to have new bits in 2.2.17 (does anyone
    actually try to build this stuff?)
  - enable bigmem support on alpha
* Wed Oct 11 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added and enabled the support for Pentium 4 CPUs.
* Sat Oct 07 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - added Patch155 to make cipe use the proper blowfish on non x86
* Fri Oct 06 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Updated to Stephen's latest sard patch
  - Applied John Hardin's PPTP/IPSEC masq fix patch
* Fri Oct 06 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - patch main.c to include DAC960 devices when it is built as a module
* Thu Oct 05 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - config changes for alpha/sparc
  - added linux-2.2.16-alpha-pci-and-bogo.patch
* Tue Oct 03 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - updated LFS patch for 2.2.17.
  - restore several patches dropped in the initial 2.2.17 merge
* Tue Oct 03 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - change all instances of DEBUG_IP_MASQUERADE_PPTP to
    CONFIG_DEBUG_IP_MASQUERADE_PPTP to work around change in
    make oldconfig behaviour.
  - reenable rawio patch
  - add config options for new modules in the kernel.
* Tue Oct 03 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Fixed the pcmcia makefile to work on a Red Hat 7 system that has libforms
  - Updated the PIII patches.
  - Fixed the raid patch
  - Added i2c-old.o to the drivers/char/Makefile in place of i2c.o, this was
    needed to make the i2c patch work properly
* Tue Sep 26 2000 Bob Matthews <>
  - start update to 2.2.17 kernel
* Tue Sep 26 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Integrated HJ Lu's fix to Jakub's linux-modules-merge.awk script
  - Added Tim Waugh's patch to the xircom cardbus driver
  - Added a patch to allow drm modules to be loaded without the agp driver
    This patch also requires that modutils be modified to attempt to preload
    the agp module prior to loading any drm modules with lines such as:
    pre-install tdfx modprobe agpgart; exit 0
    Please note that the exit 0 at the end is important if you want a modprobe
    to continue to load the drm module regardless of whether or not the agp
    module load succeeded.  Certain cards, such as Voodoo 3000 PCI cards can
    use the drm module, but aren't always in machines that have AGP slots, so
    this is needed to make those types of supported cards work.
* Fri Sep 15 2000 Matt Wilson <>
    for alpha-BOOT
* Tue Sep 12 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Drop in the fix to the enterprise module version headers (from Jakub)
* Wed Sep 06 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - update to pcmcia-cs 3.1.20
  - fix url for pcmcia-cs source
  - do not include ksymoops man-page in pcmcia rpm
* Wed Aug 23 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Removed unnecessary instances of KERNELCC that were causing trouble
  - 2.2.16-22
* Tue Aug 22 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added a small patch to make the nfs lockd service shut down cleanly
* Tue Aug 22 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Turned on several advanced routing options (not in the BOOT) (#7004)
  - Turned on netlink options on Alpha, made appropriate changes required
  - Turned on network scheduling options (#8340)
  - Turned on mroute and friends
* Sat Aug 19 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Changed newids patch to check only for 0xf; hack to support new Intel chips.
* Fri Aug 18 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - For make *config, default to currently running kernel's configs/ config.
* Fri Aug 18 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Rename (perc|hpc)raid to aacraid in all kernel postinstalls (#15205)
  - Extended ugly newids patch to utsname.machine
  - added linux-2.2.16-eof.patch to fix isofs accesses (#14069)
  - added linux-2.2.16-eepro.patch to fix network halting bug (#13238)
  - added linux-2.2.16-i2oinc.patch to update to latest i2o from Intel
  - Really change to qla2x00 2.23; QLC sent wrong version yesterday.
    Intended again to fix fabric mode problem (#15976)
  - added linux-2.2.16-ac97state.patch from Alan
  - added linux-2.2.16-cs46xx.patch from Alan for verification
  - modified linux-2.2.16-agpgart-2.4-compat.patch to remove spam
* Fri Aug 18 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - bug-fix update for the linux-2.2.16-cpqfcts.patch driver
* Thu Aug 17 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - reenable sparc patches, cvs admin -ko seems to help
* Thu Aug 17 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - disabled Jakub's sparc patches (they broke somewhere)
  - turn off VFS: disk changed message
  - really include 3c90x 1.0.0i -- 3com put the wrong version in their patch
    (#12987).  I turned it off on Alpha...
  - Change to qla2x00 2.23; QLC says that it is better for the 2.2 kernel.
    Intended to fix fabric mode problem (#15976)
* Wed Aug 16 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - added newids patch to try to deal with large cpuid cpu family numbers
* Wed Aug 16 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - Reenable Sparc kernel builds
  - DaveM's sparc-fixes patch
  - Fix ffb drm build on Sparc
  - Fix loop-F1 patch so that it gets kernel_thread prototype
* Tue Aug 15 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - micoff patch to default ESS Solo1 mics to off (#15905)
  - fix lib/modules/<ver>/build link for some archs
* Sat Aug 12 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - Fix linux-merge-config.awk so that CONFIG_SMP and a couple of
    other defines show up
  - DependKernel/SaveHeaders for up i586/i686/sparc64 as well
* Thu Aug 10 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - SD_EXTRA_DEVS=40 always
  - Do not build pegasus driver (#15736)
  - Added more prereqs for expanded %post scripts (#15808)
  - Updated to qla2x00 4.00 (#15764)
* Wed Aug 09 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Add ide_info (Bug #8004)
* Wed Aug 09 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Update to megaraid 1.09 driver (#13745)
  - Added code to create agpgart.o dependencies in drm modules
  - Update to aacraid driver 1.0.6 (#15772)
  - Added exponential make tradeoff
  - Removed more potential patch backup files (#15758)
  - Added modules.pcimap handling, /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build symlink
  - Strip some more binaries (#12429)
* Wed Aug 09 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - Added depmod to %post
  - minor cs46xx/i810_audio tweaks for lack of mono in certain cases
* Tue Aug 08 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - fix my last changes
* Tue Aug 08 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Turn on USE_IO in eepro100 driver (#15207)
  - Included Alan's patch to short-circuit bad pci_resource_len in uhci.c
  - Included Alan's patch to fix hard resets in usb
  - Included Alan's patch to clean up the cciss driver
    Incremented version number at compaq's request
    Changed the major numbers to the officially-sanctioned ones [104..111]
  - Turn on CONFIG_APM_IGNORE_SUSPEND_BOUNCE per Alan's request
  - Turn off usb-uhci interrupt status messages
  - Turn off usb debugging in general by default
  - Update to e1000-2.0.7 driver (#12989)
  - Included linux-2.2.16-810fix.patch from Alan (#15519, #13671)
  - Fixed DRM module build by adding missing device
  - Added wireless pcmcia config files (#15485)
  - Support the 3c556 ethernet card (#15640)
* Sun Aug 06 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - use DRM modules from 2.4, not from XFree86
* Sat Aug 05 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update cs46xx driver
  - fix cs46xx patch
* Sat Aug 05 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added 2.0.6 e1000 driver (#12989)
  - Added 1.2.1 e100 driver (#14993)
  - Added linux-2.2.16-cciss-0.9.9.patch driver
* Fri Aug 04 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - 2.2.16-18
  - 2.2.16-18.1: fixed mouse reconnect bug with patch from Alan (#14280)
* Fri Aug 04 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - save all modversions headers, merge them into autoconf.h, modversions.h
    and version.h
* Thu Aug 03 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - added usbquiet patch from alan to quiet debugging messages for our users
* Wed Aug 02 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - update to usb backport patch to usb-2.4.0-test2-pre2-for-2.2.16-v3.diff
    with kill_fasync changed to include the POLL_IN argument
  - remove drivers/usb/mouse.c change from the sigio patch because mouse.c
    disappears in usb-2.4.0-test2-pre2-for-2.2.16-v3.diff
  - updated 3c90x driver to 1.0.0i (#12987)
  - added linux-2.2.16-slab.patch from Alan
* Tue Aug 01 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - back to one config definition of EMU10K1 in standard location
  - updated to 2.2.16-pre14 sound patches with that EMU10K1 driver
  - re-enable parallel makes because we have a newer emu10K1 patch set
* Mon Jul 31 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - applied fix to headersinsource from HJ
* Sat Jul 29 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - if{n,}arch patches are generally a bad idea; removed unnecessary ones
  - updated alpha configuration files.
  - alpha-objstrip-include patch to build when system headers are 2.4 kernel
  - do not build drm modules on alpha yet (currently require ia32 assembler)
* Sat Jul 29 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - add "--srctree" to pcmcia configuration to use the kernel source
    instead of the running kernel for pcmcia configuration
  - add the kaweth and emu10K1 driver to the config files
* Thu Jul 27 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - commented out loopback system thread started message
  - presound patche now from 2.2.17-pre13 except what we already have otherwise
  - integrated Jakub's patch to use kgcc when appropriate
  - if headersinsource, another headers package is expected to be on the system,
    so modified the source package not to take over system header symlinks
* Thu Jul 27 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added more devices to SCSI blacklist
* Wed Jul 26 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - added the headersinsource define to conditionally merge the
    kernel-headers and kernel-source packages (needed when there
    is a separate kernel-headers package)
  - turned lm_sensors back on because the problem is elsewhere (lm_sensors
    autodetect script) and is getting worked around there.
  - export major_gendisk in sard patch
  - Added the sound patches from 2.2.17-pre9 for AC97 code support
  - Added the kaweth Kawasaki USB Ethernet driver
  - Added the drm-kernel package of DRM modules from XFree86 4.0.x
* Wed Jul 26 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - added the aacraid 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 patches
  - merged in the i815 support to the agpgart code
* Wed Jul 26 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - apply patch129 only for ia32
  - enable sard patch only for x86, as it depends on pcmcia being available
  - update the ICP vortex driver
* Sun Jul 23 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - disable parallel makes for modules since at least
    drivers/sound/emu10k1/Makefile is broken
  - update to pcmcia 3.1.19
  - update to ksymoops 2.3.4
* Sat Jul 22 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Updated to latest Ingo loopd patch
  - disabled lm_sensors because it overwrites the bios on some
    IBM Thinkpad laptops
* Fri Jul 21 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - added two QLogic drivers
  - added the sard patch from Stephen Tweedie
  - updated configs
* Fri Jul 21 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - fix emu10k1 depmod errors
* Thu Jul 20 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - disable Tachyon driver on alpha
  - update pcmcia to 3.1.18
  - add patch for cpqarray
  - add serial sysrequest patch
  - add eepro 100 driver from Intel
* Wed Jul 19 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - add newer SysKonnect FDDI driver
  - add newer Tachyon driver
* Wed Jul 19 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - added AGPGART support to i386 BOOT kernel
* Sun Jul 16 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - update from 8 to 64 luns for big (FDDI) storage systems (multilun.patch)
  - added patch for probing all luns on Compaq logical devices RA4100,
    >RA8000 (FibreChannel)
  - add Tachyon TL/TS 1.2 FibreChannel support
  - add SysKonnect FDDI PCI support
  - change server-tuning.patch:
  	- increase _SHM_ID_BITS from 9 to 10
  	- increase MSGMNI (in include/linux/msg.h) from 128 to 512
* Fri Jul 14 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - worked on spec file to get enterprise kernel added
  - worked around problems with using the /usr/man directive
  - worked around problems with the change in /etc/rc.d usage between 6.x and
    later Red Hat releases (FHS-2.0 standards compliance issues)
  - worked around problems with compiler naming issues (we use egcs if it
    exists, and gcc otherwise, which should make the compile kernel
    everywhere we care about now)
  - make the pcmcia install use -f when copying man pages into place because
    both the BOOT and normal kernels in the i386 arch want to install man
    pages and without the -f flag it causes the build to fail
* Thu Jul 13 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - added linux-2.2.16-usbdevfs-2.patch
* Thu Jul 13 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - added e1000 patch
  - added scsi-offline patch for disks that aren't available at scan time
  - updated ksymoops, pcmcia, and ibcs to all use the proper man path
  - added the enterprise kernel component to sparc64 i686 and alpha arches
  - added Ingo's loopback device patch
* Wed Jul 12 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - add linux-2.2.16-usbdevfs.patch to fix module unload problem
  - pcmcia updated to 3.1.17
  - added linux-2.2.16-iovec.patch to fix iovec problem on 64bit machines
* Fri Jul 07 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - well, -j isn't behaving properly.  sigh.  put it back.
  - updated lfs patches
  - fix ksymoops building as a user
* Tue Jul 04 2000 Ben LaHaise <>
  - Removed MAKE="make -j $NRPROC" from build process since
    current versions of make do the Right Thing with -j only
    at the top level.
  - Renamed spec file to kernel-2.2.spec
* Tue Jun 27 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added the sparc-eepro and sparc-signal patches
  - Enable IDE-CD and IDE-FLOPPY in the boot kernels
  - Added ip_masq_vpn patch
  - Added lm_sensors package
* Thu Jun 22 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added dledford's latest aic7xxx sequencer patch for aic7xxx
  - Added latest USB backport (2.4.0-test2-pre2) for development kernel
  - Jacub's new gcc296 patch is should work correctly with any gcc,
    so it is unconditionally enabled.
* Wed Jun 21 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added new HA patch
* Tue Jun 20 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - added davem's sparc syncdma patch
  - fixed /usr/include/* symlinks with triggerun
  - added bcrl's raw-fixup2 patch
* Mon Jun 19 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - workaround to build on sparc
* Sun Jun 18 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - added loopback change patch from Jakub for installer
  - made some alpha scsi drivers modular
  - small tweaks to the alpha-BOOT configuration
  - patched aacraid makefile to include the right kernel headers (Patch111)
* Sat Jun 10 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Updated to 2.2.16 kernel release
  - Added 2.2.16 combo fix patch
  - Removed old patches we were carrying around
  - Remade remaining patches to correct any line offsets or fuzz and verify
    they are still appropriate with 2.2.16
  - Removed lots (40+) patches that were obsoleted by 2.2.16
  - Reorganized spec file to make it easier to read
  - Organize patches into groups and apply them in a specific order:
    - General bug fix patches first
    - Large patches that change core kernel code next
    - Driver specific patches last
  - Added updated AMI MegaRAID driver
  - Added updated Acenic Gigabit Ethernet driver
  - Added Adaptec RAID (aacraid) driver
  - Added latest 3c90x driver from 3Com
* Sat May 27 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - added aic7xxx 5.1.29 driver version
  - added aic7xxx 5.1.30 driver version
  - added an agpgart patch that is a backport of the 2.3 agpgart code from
  - added patch from Steeleye that causes a RESERVATION CONFLICT SCSI return
    code to result in an I/O error instead of a SCSI bus reset
  - add patch from Steeleye that allows a SCSI Reset to be called for
    explicitly in the sg driver (with slight modifications by me)
  - add patch from DaveM that fixes a TCP/IP DoS bug
* Tue May 23 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update to 0.9.12 version of ipvs patch
* Tue Apr 25 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add patch from Chris Evans for the knfsd security problem
  - enable the last three patches (%patch - doh!)
* Sun Apr 23 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added a sparc DoS attack fix
  - Added a sparc patch for the Alt-Sysreq behavior
  - Added a pcmcia-cs patch to make it easier for non-root users to build
    a kernel rpm
* Wed Apr 19 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
  - regenerate config files
* Tue Apr 18 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Disabled the PIII patches
  - Added a fixed version of the bigmem-raw patch
* Thu Apr 13 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added the large-server patch for tuning purposes
  - Fixed some more PIII code....sigh...
  - Stopped applying the elf-loader patch since it conflicts with the latest
    elf security updates in Alan's DoS protection kit
  - Added Alan's DoS protection patch kit that solves 4 linux kernel security
    related bugs:
      Exec bug - users can read arbitrary files on filesystem
      Masq bugs - attackers can build reverse UDP tunnels through a masq host
      Ext2 bug - on an I/O error during readdir, subsequent calls can return
        garbage and readdir can return garbage if your user space buffer
        is currently swapped out
* Wed Apr 12 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Fixed the PIII patch once again.
* Tue Apr 11 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Re-worked the PIII patch once again.  This should solve all known
    PIII code issues.
  - Added a fix for the Unix domain sockets Denial of Service attack
      AF_UNIX - Any user can upset or crash the computer
* Fri Mar 31 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Fixed a bug in the PIII patch
  - Added a one line SMP fix for Sparc
  - Updated to the ipvs-0.9.8 patch
* Wed Mar 29 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - added the alpha-imb patch
  - added an LFS fix patch
  - added new PIII patches
  - renumber the pcmcia patches
* Tue Mar 14 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - make some more updates to the megaraid patch
* Mon Mar 13 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - fix the hlu agp gart patch
  - make the megaraid abort loading of controllers with firmware 3.00 or 3.01
  - fix sparc patches to play nice with lfs patches
  - turn lfs on
* Tue Mar 07 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
  - fix stupidity in the agphjlfixes. make xconfig work again
  - security patches from Alan (4 of them) (patch75-78)
  - acenic sparc patch from davem (patch79)
* Tue Mar 07 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added third sparc cpu bug fix patch from davem
* Mon Mar 06 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
  - fix symbol versioning on the alpha so we don't get any more unresolved
* Mon Mar 06 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added three new sparc patches from davem
  - Updated boot kernel config files to include SysV IPC support so the X
    server used during graphical install will be able to use shared mem
* Sun Mar 05 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Put the megaraid v107 patch back in now that it has been cleared
    from suspicion in the megaraid lockup problem.
* Sat Mar 04 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Back the megaraid driver back down to version 1.05 and remove the extra
    megaraid patch that was added in the last RPM build
* Sat Mar 04 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Fix the pcmcia build function to answer the questions in the make config
    process correctly
  - Upped the number of extra scsi disk structs to allow for adding drives at
    run time
  - Fixed the sparc config files to enable RAID partition autodetection
  - Added a delay to the megaraid detection routine to keep it from locking
    up the SCSI bus when you try to beat on it immediately after startup
* Fri Mar 03 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Updated the sparc-mmap patch to correct a slight oversight in the original
  - added the nautilus-srm patch for alpha machines
* Thu Mar 02 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Updated the alpha configs to include network socket filter so dhcp works
  - added the aic7xxx-5.1.28 patch
  - added the sparc Ultrasparc II CPU bug patch from davem
* Mon Feb 28 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added the ibcs locking patch
  - Added the sparc raid patch
  - Added the sparc mmap patch
  - Added the sparc lockd patch
  - Kept the actual kernel version (2.2.14-5.0) frozen instead of incrementing
* Wed Feb 23 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
  - insert doug's changelog: added the ipvs-template patch
* Fri Feb 18 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Replace the IDE no printk patch with the more correct ide-cd-shutup patch
    from Jens Axboe
  - Update the PSI drivers
  - Added Jakub's patch to keep the sparc kernel from complaining about not
    knowing what the LFS syscalls are
  - Added a patch to make the sk98 driver friendly to non-32 bit machines
  - Updated config files to turn on the sk98 driver, and the PCI2000 and PCI2200
  - Added aic7xxx-5.1.27 patch
* Wed Feb 16 2000 Zach Brown <>
  - bring acenic up to Jes' recommended 0.41
  - enable acenic on alpha and sparc64
  - disable vfs disk change printk
* Wed Feb 16 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - added patch for probing all luns on megaraid logical devices
  - added patch to increase number of loop devices
  - modified spec file to make /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia a %config(noreplace) file
  - added aic7xxx-5.1.26 driver
* Fri Feb 11 2000 Zach Brown <>
  - added newagp module with bugfixes 
  - added sblive emu10k1 driver
  - added pre7 eepro100 fixes
* Thu Feb 10 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added in all of Alan and Dave's various kernel fixes (patch numbers 42
    through 64 are from the 2.2.15-pre kernel series)
* Tue Feb 08 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Backed kernel back down to 2.2.14 official instead of 2.2.15-pre5
  - Added back in the MegaRAID patch, timersync patch, and various aic7xxx
    patches that used to be part of 2.2.15-pre5
  - Turned off the nfsattack2 patch because A) it didn't apply cleanly any more
    and B) Alan thought that the straight 2.2.14 kernel nfsd would be the
    best version of NFS to use
  - Undid the bigmem patch changes so it would apply to 2.2.14 again
* Tue Feb 08 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
  - make atyfb and pm2 available as modules instead of compiling them in
    (patch from jakub + config files update)
* Sat Feb 05 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - disable strip build root policy
* Fri Feb 04 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
  - updated the nfsd patch
* Fri Feb 04 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - added patch from Jakub to make new nfs build on sparc
* Fri Feb 04 2000 Zach Brown <>
  - Added HJL's 2.2.14 NFS patches
  - Fixed typo in creative joystick
  - ksymoops now doesn't require libbfd (care of hjl)
  - Andrea's kiobuf buffer overflow fix
  - Silence mostly harmless printk in sun disk label code
  - Turned off solaris emulation 
  - add AGPGART for x86
* Sat Jan 29 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Updated to 2.2.15-pre5
  - Removed duplicate patches that are now in 2.2.15-pre5 (megaraid,
    aic7xxx 1 and 2, timersync)
  - Updated config files to turn on all fb devs on x86
  - Enabled disk label support on x86
  - Added the pre5 sparc config patch
  - Added the Alpha arch. ramdisk size patch
  - Added the Compaq Smart2 Array driver update patch
  - Fixed the non-lfs version of the bigmem patch to apply to pre5.  The
    lfs version will need fixed similarly, but hasn't been done yet.
* Sun Jan 16 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Replaced the sigio patch with one that should compile on Sparc
    platforms (from Jakub Jelinek <>)
  - Added the SIGFPE patch to correct the problem where linux does not
    correctly set the siginfo struct values during a SIGFPE signal with
    unmasked FPU exceptions
* Sat Jan 15 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added the aic7xxx-5.1.23 patch
  - Added the sigio patch from Zach Brown <>
  - Added the timersync patch from Ingo Molnar <> to fix
    some SMP time mismatch problems on 8way machines
  - Added the removal of the file to the %preun scripts
  - Updated to v1.07 of the AMI MegaRAID driver
* Fri Jan 07 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Modified DAC960 driver to use 4 bits of the minor for partitions so
    that it can support up to 16 partitions on a single logical
    device (default is 3 bits and 8 partitions)
  - Enabled SMBFS support (as modules) on the Alpha platform
  - Excluded irq 12 from the available irqs (needed to help on systems
    with PS/2 mice, should probably go away after USB based keyboard
    and mouse systems become the norm)
* Wed Jan 05 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Replaced single LFS patch with split LFS headers and LFS functions
    patch supplied by Jakub.
  - Enabled LFS headers patch all the time so glibc can be built
    against this kernel and have knowledge about 64bit file ops
* Tue Jan 04 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Updated to Linus Official Penguin Pee 2.2.14 kernel
  - Re-Upgraded bigmem patch to the 2.2.13-7 version (latest)
    with one fix to make Samba work again
  - Turned off LFS patch for regular tree build
  - Now have to versions of the bigmem patch, one for use with LFS
    and one for use without LFS
* Mon Jan 03 2000 Doug Ledford <>
  - Updated to pre-patch-2.2.14-18
  - Downgraded bigmem patches to the previous version
  - Added an IO-APIC patch to fix machines that don't give
    multiple IO-APICs in the same computer different APIC
* Sun Dec 26 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - Updated to pre-patch-2.2.14-16
  - Updated to ipvs-0.9.7-2.2.13.patch
* Mon Dec 20 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - Updated LFS patch to fix nfsd compile problems
  - Rearrange ipvs patch to match HA groups kernel RPMS
* Sat Dec 18 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - 2.2.14pre15
  - LFS patch (64bit file I/O)
  - Updated to 2.2.13-7 version of BIGMEM patch
* Thu Dec 16 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - Added aic7xxx patch
  - 2.2.14pre14
* Thu Dec 09 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix broken symbols in multisound driver on alpha
  - 2.2.14pre12
* Mon Dec 06 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - Modified the PIII patch break over point for better performance
  - Modified packaging so that the configs are part of the header
    RPM instead of the source RPM
  - Updated config files (set all configs to 1GB kernel)
* Sun Dec 05 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - Put in a new PIII patch and re-enabled the PIII kernels
  - Updated to 2.2.14pre11
* Tue Nov 30 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - removed some things from alpha BOOT kernel
* Sat Nov 27 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update to 2.2.14pre9
* Tue Nov 23 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update to 2.2.14pre8
  - compile raid in on alpha (no initrd)
* Fri Nov 19 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update to 2.2.14pre7
  - oops, turn off vga16fb
  - add alpha math patch (jakub)
* Tue Nov 16 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update to 2.2.14pre6
  - new ipvs patch
  - new PIII patch
* Fri Nov 12 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - added patch from davem to fix the kernel socket filter
  - modified sparc config files to match other architectures
  - added patch from Jalub to properly draw the bootup logo on the 3dlabs card
* Wed Nov 10 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - new permedia2 patch (jakub)
  - turn on stop-a when we print out 'hit l1-a to go to prom' (jakub)
* Mon Nov 08 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - added patch from davem for new hardware
  - permedia2 patch (jakub)
* Thu Nov 04 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - patch for multiple Creator/Elite framebuffers (davem)
  - ship include/math-emu on sparc (jakub)
  - turn on video & joystick modules on Alpha
* Wed Nov 03 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - dbri patch (davem)
  - sparc initrd patch (jakub)
* Tue Nov 02 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - new sparc patch (DaveM)
* Sat Oct 30 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - patch for raid resync
  - patch for alpha TGA from Jay
  - syncookie patch from Alan
* Fri Oct 29 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - added latest DaveM sparc patch
* Tue Oct 26 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - disable PIII patch (Doug, here we go again...)
  - last sparc kernel patch. davem swears by it.
* Wed Oct 20 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - more sparc fixes (update kernel patch from DaveM)...
  - change the sparc64 config files to use SYM53C8XX instead of NCR53C8XX
* Wed Oct 13 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - update the Sparc patch again
  - add patch for the sigoops problem
  - fix undefined symbols for alpha for nm256.o and msnd_classic.o
  - don't boot an alpha BOOTsmp kernel anymore
* Tue Oct 12 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - New patch for Symbios SCSI controllers in Compaq machines
  - New patch for peer pci busses (supports the RCC HE and LE chipsets)
  - Updated Xircom patch
  - Added 3Com official driver patch
* Tue Oct 12 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - sparc patch from DaveM
* Sat Oct 09 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - leave the bigmem patches enabled only on the Intel
  - update sparc patch from davem
* Fri Oct 08 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - Put in a new peerbus patch to try and support the new RCC chipset
  - Add a modified version of the pcnet32 patch for HP
  - Patched the 3Com cardbus driver to support version C 575 cards
  - Updated Xircom patch for the tulip_cb.c driver
* Tue Oct 05 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - changes to the tulip_cb.c driver for Xircom cards
  - added bigmem patches from Stephen Tweedie (adapted from
    patches originally authored by Andrea Arcangeli from SuSE
    and Gerhard Wichert of Siemens AG)
  - added various bigmem support patches
  - added new version of linux-2.2.12-sparc-diff.gz from Dave Miller
  - added new linux-2.2.12-alpha-diffs.patch file from Jay Estabrook
* Fri Oct 01 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - Re-added the PIII patches
  - Started working on the Xircom cardbus driver (tulip_cb.o)
* Wed Sep 29 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - update sparc patches from davem
* Tue Sep 28 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - patch to fix xtime SMP lockup problem from DaveM
  - patch to fix the IDE poll lockups
  - make building modules for SMP work okay
* Mon Sep 27 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - turn off PIII patches again
  - NFS hang patch fix
  - TCP sequence patch fix
* Sun Sep 26 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - turn off suid bit on cardctl
* Sat Sep 25 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add bestfunc patch to PIII patches and re-enable them
* Sat Sep 25 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - disable PIII patches
  - 2.2.13pre12
  - PIII patches from Doug
  - network fixes form DaveM
  - sparc patches integration and consolidatin with stuff from vger (DaveM)
  - put back the nfsd patches from earlier versions
* Wed Sep 22 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - 2.2.13pre11
  - patch from Jakub to make CONFIG_BINFMT_SUNOS configurable on the sparc
* Tue Sep 21 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - Integrated the PIII patch and the PIII-xor patch against Ingo's raid code
  - Updated config files for PIII support
  - Added Vesa FB support to the i386-BOOT config
* Fri Sep 17 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - 2.2.13pre9
  - fix the Provides for the smp and BOOT kernel packages (provide the current
  - alpha patches from Jay Estabrook
  - Ingo's updated RAID code
* Tue Sep 14 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - jump to 2.2.13pre7 from Alan
  - remove Ingo's raid patch to see if we gain more stability
  - leave the peerbus patch enabled only for intel builds as it breaks alpha
    and sparc
* Sun Sep 12 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - use getconf to get the number opf CPus on the machine for use in the
    build process
  - add DaveM's sparc and strlen_user() fix
* Sat Sep 11 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - Add another device to the pci id listings
  - Fix a one line bug in pcnet32.c
* Thu Sep 09 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - new ipvs patch
  - patch from Doug to deal with peer PCI patch
* Wed Sep 08 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - patch from DaveM to handle increased NR_TASKS on sun4c
  - build an alpha SMP BOOT kernel.
  - don't ship sparc64 binaries on Intel
* Tue Sep 07 1999 Doug Ledford <>
  - add pci-id patch to correct pci.h and oldproc.c bugs
  - add aic7xxx-5.1.20 patch to fix two kernel null pointer derefs
  - very small patch to fix problems on Intel 450NX chipset motherboards
    (this is a preliminary patch pending an official patch from Martin Mares)
* Sat Sep 04 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add hashing patch from DaveM
  - add peerpci patch from Doug (disabled because it is busted)
* Fri Sep 03 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add APIC patch from Doug and Zach
* Wed Sep 01 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - added Alan's fixes patch
  - added rawio patch from Stephen
  - disabled CONFIG_SCSI_ALL_LUN on all config files
* Mon Aug 30 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - 2.2.12
  - enabled IPVS
  - work around rpm's stupidity when it comes to _arch/_target_cpu and
* Thu Aug 26 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add the linux/modversions.h file to the list of kernel version dependent
    (because of the .ver files it includes)
  - upgrade to final3 + add-on patches
* Tue Aug 17 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - added pre7 patches from 2.2.12
  - handle kernel-version specific autoconf.h and version.h headers
  - add the NFS patches
* Sat Aug 14 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add the serveraid patch
* Sat Aug 07 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - updated to pre5
  - updated RAID patch from Ingo
* Tue Jul 27 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - patch to address the sysrq error on sparc
  - patch to fix socket include file (thanks notting)
  - add sparc patch from Jakub
  - add afinet patch from Alexey Kuznetov
  - add 2GB patch from Leonard Zubkoff
* Fri Jul 16 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - updated Adaptec kernel driver to 5.1.18
  - pcmcia 3.0.13
  - patch to pcmcia to fix some Cardbus problems
* Thu Jul 15 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add patch to fix ATAPI ZIP drives
* Tue Jun 29 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - adeed patch tp increase default SEMMSL value
* Tue Jun 15 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - turn off CONFIG_SMB_WIN95
* Wed Jun 02 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - added remote crash fix from Alan Cox
* Tue May 18 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - rebuilt against fixed egcs to fix sparc crashes
* Tue Apr 27 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - alpha patches form Jay Estabrook
  - semaphore patches from rth for alpha
* Tue Apr 20 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - upgraded the defrag patch with stuff from davem
* Mon Apr 19 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - log debugging information about starting nfsd to syslog instead of console
  - make sure the postinstall exits with success for the kernel rpm if lilo
    has issues
  - updated sparc jumbo patch
  - networking fixes from DaveM
  - make pcmcia use a preun instead of a postun. Duh.
  - triggerpostun protects upgrades from older verrsions of pcmcia. Duh. Duh.
* Sun Apr 18 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - added patches for the alpha problems, ftruncate fix, mmap
    and shm fixes from the 2.2.6 kernel
  - updated DaveM's sparc patch
  - x86 patches also from x86 kernel
* Sat Apr 17 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - build alpha network drivers as modules
  - pcmcia scripts do not use /dev/cuaX anymore for /dev/modem (ttySX instead)
  - disable RTC on alpha
* Thu Apr 15 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add patch for tokenring
  - add the REAME.kernel-sources file to the kernel-headers
  - updated again the sparc patch
  - add Linus's patch to fix out of memory errors
  - fix dac960's driver include files
* Tue Apr 13 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - new sparc patch (davem)
  - new RAID patch (mingo)
  - new aic7xxx driver (5.1.15 - dledford)
  - aarp patch from alan
* Sat Apr 10 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add patch from Alan to make SYS_access SuSv2 compliant
  - update Dave Miller's sparc patch
  - get rid of the bogus buffer patch (why the heck didn't patch reject it in
    first place?)
* Thu Apr 08 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - more patches from Alan
  - updated the knfsd patches from knfsd 1.2.2
* Tue Apr 06 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - updated sparc patch from davem
  - added patch for sound docs and bttv driver from alan
* Thu Apr 01 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add i586 as an other platform
  - patch from Alan Cox to fix misc hangups
  - updated Doug's driver to 5.1.13
  - version 2.2.5
* Fri Mar 26 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - added BOOT config files for all the arches
  - updated config files (again)
* Wed Mar 24 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - version 2.2.4
  - new DAC960 patch
  - install a module-info for ech kernel build
  - be more selective in building kernel-doc for all arches
  - alpha CPUs detection patch
* Sat Mar 13 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - patch for nbd stuff
  - added large fd patch
  - added nfsd patches from the knfsd dist
* Sat Mar 13 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - disabled vfork() on sparc32
  - fixed up sparc64 build
  - changed the compression level for bzImages from -9 to -3 on i386
* Fri Mar 12 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - build sunlance into the sparc kernels
* Thu Mar 11 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - version 2.2.3
  - make the /usr/src/linux-VER dir owned by kernel-headers instead of
* Wed Mar 10 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - update to 2.2.2-ac7
  - add config files for i686
* Wed Feb 24 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - merged in sparc64 changes
  - update to 2.2.2
  - fix the uname problems in different shapes of kernel being generated
  - create a documentation package
* Thu Feb 11 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - version 2.2.1 w/ ac5
  - build the boot kernel for the bootdisks
* Wed Jan 27 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - ver 2.2.0 final w/ ac1
  - move the pcmcia modules to the main kernel package
  - also build smp version of the kernel
  - enable apm in the kernel by default
* Tue Jan 19 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - update to 2.2.0 pre 8 w/ ac1
* Sun Dec 27 1998 Mike Wangsmo <>
  - put in 133ac3
  - fixed PCMCIA to use GET_USE_COUNT instead of module->usecount
* Mon Dec 21 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
  - remove the jensen and srm-jensen subpackages, as those should be handled
    by the generic kernel instead.
  - use 131ac13
  - upgradede to 2.1.131
  - removed /usr/include/scsi from kernel-headers
* Mon Nov 23 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
  - upgraded to 2.1.129 ac3
  - pcmcia-cs 3.0.6
  - XXX: disabled the DEPCS, EWRK3 support, as it does not build yet
* Wed Sep 30 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
  - upgraded to 2.1.123
  - builds jansen and jensen-srm subpackages on alpha
* Fri Aug 14 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
  - build of 2.1.115, based on the previous spec from 2.0.35
  - build like almost any other package, not dircetly in the buildroot
  - sed the buildroot dir out of the .depend files



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