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RPM of Group Utilities/System

kbd-0.91-10 Linux keymap utilities Linux/i386
kernelcfg-0.4-1 Kernel Configuration Tool Linux/i386
logrotate-2.4-1 Rotates, compresses, and mails system logs Linux/i386
man-1.4j-1 manual page reader Linux/i386
mkinitrd-1.7-1 Makes an initial ramdisk Linux/i386
mktemp-0.9-1 mktemp - a program for safely making tmp files Linux/i386
netcfg-2.16-1.1 Network Configuration Tool Linux/i386
procps-1.2.7-0 Process monitoring utilities Linux/i386
rhs-printfilters-1.41.1-1 Red Hat Print Filter System Linux/i386
setserial-2.12-1 Serial interface configuration program Linux/i386
sh-utils-1.16-5 GNU shell utilities Linux/i386
util-linux-2.7-13.1 Collection of basic system utilities for Linux Linux/i386

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