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MAKEDEV-2.2-7 Script to make and update /dev entries Linux/sparc
NetKit-B-0.09-1 A large set of basic network services programs Linux/sparc
SysVinit-2.64-3 System V initialization program Linux/sparc
TheNextLevel-1.0-2 Desktop configuration files Linux/sparc
X11R6.1-devel-pl1-23 X11R6.1 static libraries, headers, tools, and programming man pages Linux/sparc
X11R6.1-libs-pl1-23 X11R6.1 shared libraries Linux/sparc
amd-920824upl102-8 NFS automount daemon Linux/sparc
bind-4.9.6-1 BIND - DNS name server Linux/sparc
bind-utils-4.9.6-1 DNS utils - host, dig, dnsquery, nslookup Linux/sparc
cmu-snmp-3.3-1 CMU SNMP agent Linux/sparc
cmu-snmp-devel-3.3-1 CMU SNMP development libs and headers Linux/sparc
cmu-snmp-utils-3.3-1 CMU SNMP utilities Linux/sparc
dev-2.4-1 /dev entries Linux/sparc
dialog-0.6-7 A program to build tty dialog boxes Linux/sparc
elm-2.4.25-8 ELM mail user agent Linux/sparc
ghostscript-3.33-3 PostScript interpreter and renderer Linux/sparc
ghostscript-fonts-4.0-2 Fonts for the GhostScript interpreter Linux/sparc
gpm-1.10-7 General Purpose Mouse support for Linux Linux/sparc
gpm-devel-1.10-7 development libraries and headers for writing mouse driven programs Linux/sparc
gzip-1.2.4-6 GNU gzip file compression Linux/sparc
ical-2.0p2-8 Calender application made with Tcl7.4/Tk4.0 Linux/sparc
imap-4.1.BETA-3 provides support for IMAP and POP network mail protocols Linux/sparc
inews-1.5.1sec2-2 Inews program (used for posting by inn and trn) Linux/sparc
initscripts-2.77-1 inittab and /etc/rc.d scripts Linux/sparc
inn-1.5.1sec2-2 INN, the InterNet News System (news server) Linux/sparc
inn-devel-1.5.1sec2-2 INN Library Linux/sparc
kernel-headers-2.0.22-2 Header files for the Linux kernel. Linux/sparc
kernel-modules-2.0.22-2 Collection of kernel modules Linux/sparc
kernel-source-2.0.22-2 Kernel source tree Linux/sparc
kernel-sparc-2.0.22-2 Generic SPARC linux kernel Linux/sparc No summary ! Linux/sparc
libc-5.3.12-17 standard shared libraries for programs Linux/sparc
libc-debug-5.3.12-17 libc with debugging information Linux/sparc
libc-devel-5.3.12-17 Additional libraries required to compile Linux/sparc
libc-profile-5.3.12-17 libc with profiling support Linux/sparc
libc-static-5.3.12-17 Libraries for static linking Linux/sparc
lpr-0.13-1 Print server and client for local and remote printing Linux/sparc
metamail-2.7-7 Collection of MIME handling utilities Linux/sparc
mh-6.8.3-13 MH mail handling system Linux/sparc
mingetty-0.9.4-2 a compact, console-only getty Linux/sparc
multimedia-2.1-3 A CD player and audio mixer for X11 Linux/sparc
ncurses-1.9.9e-3 curses terminal control library Linux/sparc
ncurses-devel-1.9.9e-3 development libraries for ncurses Linux/sparc
netcfg-2.12-1 Network Configuration Tool Linux/sparc
pam-0.50-22 Pluggable Authentication Modules: modular, incremental authentication Linux/sparc
perl-5.003-8 Practical Extraction and Report Language Linux/sparc
pythonlib-1.9-1 library of python code used by various Red Hat programs Linux/sparc
rdate-0.960923-1 Remote clock reader (and local setter) Linux/sparc
rpm-2.2.7-1 Red Hat Package Manager Linux/sparc
rpm-devel-2.2.7-1 Header files and libraries for programs that manipulate rpm packages Linux/sparc
screen-3.7.1-2 Screen - Manages multiple sessions on one tty Linux/sparc
sendmail-8.8.5-1 sendmail mail transport agent Linux/sparc
sendmail-cf-8.8.5-1 sendmail configuration files and m4 macros Linux/sparc
sendmail-doc-8.8.5-1 sendmail documentation Linux/sparc
setup-1.7-1 Simple setup files Linux/sparc
sh-utils-1.12-10 GNU shell utilities Linux/sparc
taper-6.7.4-2 Menu driven backup system with support for compression Linux/sparc
tar-1.11.8-9 GNU Tape Archiver (tar) Linux/sparc
tetex-0.3.4-4 TeX typesetting system and MetaFont font formatter Linux/sparc
tetex-afm-0.3.4-4 afm (Adobe Font Metrics) fonts and utilities Linux/sparc
tetex-dvilj-0.3.4-4 dvi to laserjet convertor Linux/sparc
tetex-dvips-0.3.4-4 dvi to postscript convertor Linux/sparc
tetex-latex-0.3.4-4 LaTeX macro package Linux/sparc
tetex-xdvi-0.3.4-4 X11 previewer Linux/sparc
util-linux-2.5-29 Collection of basic system utilities for Linux Linux/sparc
vixie-cron-3.0.1-12 Vixie cron daemon Linux/sparc
wu-ftpd-2.4.2b12-1a Washington University FTP daemon Linux/sparc
xgalaga-1.6c-2 Galaga clone Linux/sparc

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