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Packages beginning with letter C

caching-nameserver-7.3-3 The configuration files for setting up a caching name server.
cadaver-0.22.1-3 Command-line WebDAV client
cdecl-2.5-30 Encoding/decoding utilities for C/C++ function declarations.
cdparanoia-alpha9.8-24 A Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) extraction tool (or ripper).
cdrtools-2.01.1-5 A collection of CD/DVD utilities.
checkpolicy-1.17.5-1 SELinux policy compiler
chkconfig- A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc*.d hierarchy.
chkfontpath-1.10.0-2 Simple interface for editing the font path for the X font server.
ckermit-8.0.209-9 The quintessential all-purpose communications program
compat-db-4.1.25-9 The Berkeley DB database library for Red Hat Linux 7.x compatibility.
compat-gcc-296-2.96-132.7.2 2.96-RH compatibility libraries
compat-gcc-32-3.2.3-47.3 The GNU Compiler Collection for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 compatibility
compat-glibc-2.3.2-95.30 Compatibility C library
comps-4AS-0.20050107 Comps file and header lists for the Red Hat Linux distribution
comps-4ES-0.20050107 Comps file and header lists for the Red Hat Linux distribution
comps-4WS-0.20050107 Comps file and header lists for the Red Hat Linux distribution
comps-4DESKTOP-0.20050107 Comps file and header lists for the Red Hat Linux distribution
comps-extras-10.1-1 Images for components and tools for working with the comps file
control-center-2.8.0-12 GNOME Control Center.
coreutils-5.2.1-31 The GNU core utilities: a set of tools commonly used in shell scripts
cpio-2.5-7 A GNU archiving program.
cproto-4.7c-3 Generates function prototypes and variable declarations from C code.
cracklib-2.7-29 A password-checking library.
crash-3.10-1 crash utility for live systems; netdump, diskdump, LKCD or mcore dumpfiles
crontabs-1.10-7 Root crontab files used to schedule the execution of programs.
crypto-utils-2.1-4 SSL certificate and key management utilities
cryptsetup-0.1-4 A utility for setting up encrypted filesystems
cscope-15.5-9.RHEL4 C source code tree search and browse tool
ctags-5.5.4-1 A C programming language indexing and/or cross-reference tool.
cups-1.1.22-0.rc1.9 Common Unix Printing System
curl-7.12.1-3 A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others).
cvs-1.11.17-5 A version control system.
cyrus-imapd-2.2.10-1.RHEL4.1 A high-performance mail server with IMAP, POP3, NNTP and SIEVE support.
cyrus-sasl-2.1.19-5.EL4 The Cyrus SASL library.

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