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Packages beginning with letter A

a2ps-4.13b-41 Converts text and other types of files to PostScript(TM).
acl-2.2.23-5 Access control list utilities.
alchemist-1.0.34-1 A multi-sourced configuration back-end.
alsa-lib-1.0.6-4 The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library.
alsa-utils-1.0.6-3 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities
am-utils-6.0.9-10 Automount utilities including an updated version of Amd.
amanda-2.4.4p3-1 A network-capable tape backup solution.
anaconda- Graphical system installer
anaconda-help-10.1.0-1 Help files for use in the Red Hat Linux installer
anaconda-product-4-1AS Product specific data for use during installation
anacron-2.3-32 A cron-like program that can run jobs lost during downtime.
apel-10.6-5 A Portable Emacs Library
apmd-3.0.2-24 Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS utilities for laptops.
apr-0.9.4-24.1 Apache Portable Runtime library
apr-util-0.9.4-17 Apache Portable Runtime Utility library
arptables_jf-0.0.8-2 Userspace control program for the arptables network filter.
arts-1.3.1-2 aRts (analog realtime synthesizer) - the KDE sound system
ash-0.3.8-20 A smaller version of the Bourne shell (sh).
aspell-0.50.5-3.fc3 A spelling checker.
aspell-ca-0.50-1 Catalan dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-cs-0.51-1 Czech dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-cy-0.50-1 Welsh dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-da-0.50-10 Danish dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-de-0.50-9 German dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-el-0.50-1 Greek dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-en-0.51-11 English dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-es-0.50-10 Spanish dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-fr-0.50-7 French dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-it-0.53-1 Itallian dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-nl-0.50-5 Dutch dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-no-0.50.1-7 Norwegian dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-pl-0.51-2 Polish dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-pt-0.50-8 Portuguese dictionaries for Aspell.
aspell-sv-0.50-6 Swedish dictionaries for Aspell.
at-3.1.8-60 Job spooling tools.
at-spi-1.6.0-3 Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
atk-1.8.0-2 Interfaces for accessibility support.
attr-2.4.16-3 Utilities for managing filesystem extended attributes.
audiofile-0.2.6-1 A library for accessing various audio file formats.
audit-0.5-1 Audit user space tools for 2.6 kernel auditing.
aumix-2.8-9 An ncurses-based audio mixer.
authconfig-4.6.5-3.1 Text-mode tool for setting up NIS and shadow passwords.
authd-1.4.3-2 a RFC 1413 ident protocol daemon
autoconf-2.59-5 A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code.
autoconf213-2.13-9 A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code.
autofs-4.1.3-67 A tool for automatically mounting and unmounting filesystems.
automake-1.9.2-3 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles.
automake14-1.4p6-12 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles.
automake15-1.5-13 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles.
automake16-1.6.3-5 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles.
automake17-1.7.9-5 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles.
autorun-3.14-2 A CD-ROM mounting utility.

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