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Packages beginning with letter S

samba-3.0.0-14.3E The Samba SMB server.
sane-backends-1.0.9-5.1.1 Scanner access software.
sane-frontends-1.0.9-2 Graphical frontend to SANE
schedutils-1.3.0-3 Utilities for manipulating process scheduler attributes
screen-3.9.15-10 A screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal.
scrollkeeper-0.3.11-7E ScrollKeeper is a cataloging system for documentation on open systems.
sed-4.0.7-3 A GNU stream text editor.
sendmail-8.12.10-1 A widely used Mail Transport Agent (MTA).
setarch-1.3-1 Personality setter
setserial-2.17-12 A utility for configuring serial ports.
setup-2.5.27-1 A set of system configuration and setup files.
setuptool-1.13-1 A text mode system configuration tool.
sgml-common-0.6.3-14 Common SGML catalog and DTD files.
shadow-utils-4.0.3-7 Utilities for managing accounts and shadow password files.
shapecfg-2.2.12-13 A configuration tool for setting traffic bandwidth parameters.
sharutils-4.2.1-16 The GNU shar utilities for packaging and unpackaging shell archives.
sip-3.6-1 SIP - Python/C++ Bindings Generator
skkinput-2.06.3-3 SKK like Japanese-input application
slang-1.4.5-18 The shared library for the S-Lang extension language.
slocate-2.6-9 Finds files on a system via a central database.
sox-12.17.3-11 A general purpose sound file conversion tool.
spamassassin-2.55-3.1 Spam filter for email which can be invoked from mail delivery agents.
specspo-3EL-1 Red Hat package descriptions, summaries, and groups.
splint- An implementation of the lint program
squid-2.5.STABLE3-3.3E The Squid proxy caching server.
squirrelmail-1.2.11-1 SquirrelMail webmail client
star-1.5a08-4 An archiving tool with ACL support
startup-notification-0.5-1 Library for tracking application startup
strace-4.5-3 Tracks and displays system calls associated with a running process.
stunnel-4.04-4 An SSL-encrypting socket wrapper.
sudo-1.6.7p5-1 Allows restricted root access for specified users.
swig-1.1p5-22 Connects C/C++/Objective C to some high-level programming languages.
switchdesk-3.9.8-17 A desktop environment switcher for GNOME, KDE and AnotherLevel.
symlinks-1.2-18 A utility which maintains a system's symbolic links.
sysklogd-1.4.1-12 System logging and kernel message trapping daemons.
sysreport-1.3.7-1 Gathers system hardware and configuration information.
sysstat-4.0.7-4 The sar and iostat system monitoring commands.

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