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MAKEDEV-3.0.6-5 RPM for i386

From Red Hat Linux 7.0 for i386

Name: MAKEDEV Distribution: BlueSky
Version: 3.0.6 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release: 5 Build date: Thu Aug 24 11:01:03 2000
Group: System Environment/Base Build host:
Size: 400200 Source RPM: MAKEDEV-3.0.6-5.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat, Inc. <>
Summary: A program used for creating the device files in /dev.
This package contains the MAKEDEV script, which makes it easier to create
and maintain the files in the /dev directory.  /dev directory files
correspond to a particular device supported by Linux (serial or printer
ports, scanners, sound cards, tape drives, CD-ROM drives, hard drives,
etc.) and interface with the drivers in the kernel.

You should install the MAKEDEV package because the MAKEDEV utility makes
it easy to manage the /dev directory device files.






* Fri Aug 25 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - change some devices that could be used for dialing to root:uucp/0660 perms
* Thu Aug 24 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - up the number of SCSI CD-ROM devices we know about from 8 to 32, but only
    create 8 at build-time
* Thu Aug 17 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - remove both temp files generated in the %post (#16325)
* Tue Aug 15 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - change the sense of sga/sg0 node/symlink stuff to match kernel docs (#16056)
* Thu Aug 10 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - add the netlink device, and mark it as undocumented (#15785)
  - add /dev/log socket as a ghost using Erik's mksocket
  - add in devices that start with "m"
  - change /dev/i20 to /dev/i2o
  - fix a parser bug
* Wed Aug 09 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - add cciss device nodes (#14878)
* Tue Aug 08 2000 Crutcher Dunnavant <>
  - make the usb lp? devices group-owned by 'lp'
* Sat Jul 22 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - make floppy disk devices group-accessible by the floppy group
* Thu Jul 20 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - stop making bogus symlinks (#14225)
  - add "console" alias for tty devices to match man page
  - add "qic" alias for tape devices to match man page
* Tue Jul 18 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - change group of the "lp" devices to "lp"
  - comment out the ACSI disks, which probably shouldn't have those names
  - incorporate the release number into the tarball file name
* Thu Jul 13 2000 Prospector <>
  - automatic rebuild
* Tue Jul 11 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - fix symlink creation where both the link and a target are in a subdirectory
  - add efirtc in its own "ia64" control file
* Thu Jul 06 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - add a -i flag so that I can test in a CVS checkout
  - use correct IBCS compatibility device entries
  - fix symlink creation so that it works as intended
* Wed Jul 05 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - moved the Prereq: /usr/sbin/groupadd from the MAKEDEV package to the
    dev package
  - added the %post script to the dev package to add devpts mounting
* Sun Jul 02 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - make the man page 644, not 755
* Tue Jun 27 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - update from 8 to 16 loop devices
* Tue Jun 27 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - add input/mice and md devices to the dev package
  - limit loop devices to 16 in config files (this is a hard-coded kernel limit)
* Tue Jun 20 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - add the "floppy" group to the system in the dev package's pre-install
* Mon Jun 12 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - fix a typo in the devices list
  - move non-standard names from linux-2.2 list to redhat list
* Sun Jun 11 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - FHS packaging for a shiny new version



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