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RPM of Group Development/Tools

ElectricFence-2.1-1 A debugger which detects memory allocation violations. Linux/i386
autoconf-2.13-5 A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code. Linux/noarch
automake-1.4-5 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. Linux/noarch
binutils- A GNU collection of binary utilities. Linux/i386
bison-1.28-1 A GNU general-purpose parser generator. Linux/i386
blt-2.4g-4 A Tk toolkit extension, including widgets, geometry managers, etc. Linux/i386
byacc-1.9-11 A public domain Yacc parser generator. Linux/i386
cdecl-2.5-9 Programs for encoding and decoding C and C++ function declarations. Linux/i386
compat-binutils-5.2- A GNU collection of binary utilities. Linux/i386
cproto-4.6-2 Generates function prototypes and variable declarations from C code. Linux/i386
ctags-3.2-1 A C programming language indexing and/or cross-reference tool. Linux/i386
cvs-1.10.6-2 A version control system. Linux/i386
diffstat-1.27-1 A utility which provides statistics based on the output of diff. Linux/i386
flex-2.5.4a-7 A tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers). Linux/i386
gettext-0.10.35-13 GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages. Linux/i386
glade-0.5.3-1 A GTK+ GUI builder. Linux/i386
gperf-2.7-5 A perfect hash function generator. Linux/i386
libtool-1.3.3-1 The GNU libtool, which simplifies the use of shared libraries. Linux/noarch
make-3.77-6 A GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users. Linux/i386
patch-2.5-9 The GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files. Linux/i386
pmake-2.1.33-5 The BSD 4.4 version of make. Linux/i386
pmake-customs-2.1.33-5 A remote execution facility for pmake. Linux/i386
python-tools-1.5.2-7 A collection of development tools included with Python. Linux/i386
rcs-5.7-10 Revision Control System (RCS) file version management tools. Linux/i386

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