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RPM of Group Amusements/Graphics

kdetoys-1.1.2-2 K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements Linux/i386
mxp-1.0-11 An X based Mandelbrot set generator and explorer. Linux/i386
xdaliclock-2.14-3 A clock for the X Window System. Linux/i386
xearth-1.0-13 An X display of the Earth from space. Linux/i386
xfishtank-2.0-14 An X Window System graphic display of an animated aquarium. Linux/i386
xloadimage-4.1-12 An X Window System based image viewer. Linux/i386
xlockmore-4.14-1 An X terminal locking program. Linux/i386
xmorph-1996.07.12-8 An X Window System tool for creating morphed images. Linux/i386
xscreensaver-3.17-4 A set of X Window System screensavers. Linux/i386
xsri-1.0-4 A program for displaying images on the background for X. Linux/i386
xwpick-2.20-11 An X Window System screenshot grabber. Linux/i386

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