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mtools-3.9.1-5 RPM for i386

From Red Hat Linux 6.0 for i386

Name: mtools Distribution: BlueSky
Version: 3.9.1 Vendor: Red Hat Software
Release: 5 Build date: Mon Mar 22 03:27:28 1999
Group: Applications/System Build host:
Size: 497822 Source RPM: mtools-3.9.1-5.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat Software <>
Summary: Programs for accessing MS-DOS disks without mounting the disks.
Mtools is a collection of utilities for accessing MS-DOS files.
Mtools allow you to read, write and move around MS-DOS filesystem
files (normally on MS-DOS floppy disks).  Mtools supports Windows95
style long file names, OS/2 Xdf disks, and 2m disks.

Mtools should be installed if you need to use MS-DOS disks.






* Sun Mar 21 1999 Cristian Gafton <> 
  - auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 5)
* Thu Mar 18 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - patch to make the texi sources compile
  - fix the spec file group and description
  - fixed floppy drive sizes
* Tue Dec 29 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
  - build for 6.0
  - fixed invalid SAMPLE_FILE configuration file
* Thu Sep 03 1998 Michael Maher <>
  - Built package for 5.2.
  - Updated Source to 3.9.1.
  - Cleaned up spec file.
* Sat Apr 25 1998 Prospector System <>
  - translations modified for de, fr, tr
* Sat Apr 11 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
  - updated to 3.8
* Wed Oct 22 1997 Otto Hammersmith
  - changed buildroot to /var/tmp, rather than /tmp
  - use install-info
* Tue Jul 22 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - built against glibc
* Fri Apr 18 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - Changed sysconfdir to be /etc
* Tue Apr 15 1997 Michael Fulbright <>
  - Updated to 3.6



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