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mailx-8.1.1-8 RPM for i386

From Red Hat Linux 6.0 for i386

Name: mailx Distribution: BlueSky
Version: 8.1.1 Vendor: Red Hat Software
Release: 8 Build date: Mon Mar 22 03:00:44 1999
Group: Applications/Internet Build host:
Size: 92096 Source RPM: mailx-8.1.1-8.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat Software <>
Summary: The /bin/mail program, which is used to send mail via shell scripts.
The mailx package installs the /bin/mail program, which is used to send
quick email messages (i.e., without opening up a full-featured mail user
agent). Mail is often used in shell scripts.

You should install mailx because of its quick email sending ability, which
is especially useful if you're planning on writing any shell scripts.






* Sun Mar 21 1999 Cristian Gafton <> 
  - auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 8)
* Fri Aug 28 1998 Alan Cox <>
  - Synchronized with the Debian people (more small edge case cures)
* Wed Aug 05 1998 Jeff Johnson <>
  - build root
* Thu Jun 25 1998 Alan Cox <>
  - Switched dotlocking off. This fits the Red Hat model of not having setgid
    mail agents and fixes the "lock" problem reported.
* Tue Jun 23 1998 Alan Cox <>
  - Buffer overrun patches. These dont bite us when we don't run mailx setgid
    but do want to be in as mailx needs to be setgid
* Sat Jun 13 1998 Alan Cox <>
  - Moved from 5.5 to the OpenBSD 8.1 release plus Debian patches
* Wed May 06 1998 Prospector System <>
  - translations modified for de, fr, tr
* Wed Oct 22 1997 Donnie Barnes <>
  - spec file cleanups
* Fri Jun 13 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - built against glibc



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