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RPM of Group X11/Utilities

ee-0.3-8 Electric Eyes Linux/sparc
gnome-linuxconf-0.14-4rh GNOME linuxconf front end Linux/sparc
mgetty-viewfax-1.1.14-5 X11 fax viewer Linux/sparc
mkxauth-1.7-9 Red Hat X Authority Utility Linux/noarch
moonclock-1.0-13 traditional oclock with moon phase hacks Linux/sparc
procps-X11-1.2.9-2 X-based process monitoring utilities Linux/sparc
rxvt-2.4.7-2 rxvt - terminal emulator in an X window Linux/sparc
xcpustate-2.5-3 X windows snapshot performance monitor Linux/sparc
xdaliclock-2.10-3 Marc's favorite clock Linux/sparc
xlockmore-4.11-3 X terminal locking program with many screensavers Linux/sparc
xmailbox-2.5-5 X based Mail notification tool Linux/sparc
xosview-1.6.1.a-4 X11 util for viewing system resources Linux/sparc
xscreensaver-2.34-1 X screen savers Linux/sparc
xsysinfo-1.6-3 display bar graphs of system load Linux/sparc
xtoolwait-1.1-3 Starts an X program and waits for its window Linux/sparc
xwpick-2.20-9 efficient X screen grabber Linux/sparc

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