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RPM of Group Utilities/System

MAKEDEV-2.3.1-7 Script to make and update /dev entries Linux/noarch
adjtimex-1.3-3 Kernel clock management Linux/sparc
apmd-2.4-6 Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS utilities Linux/sparc
chkconfig-0.9.6-1 Updates and queries runlevel information for system services Linux/sparc
clock-1.1-4 System clock tool Linux/sparc
control-panel-3.7-7 Red Hat Control Panel Linux/sparc
cracklib-dicts-2.7-2 Standard dictionaries (/usr/dict/words) Linux/sparc
dump-0.3-14 dump/restore backup system Linux/sparc
e2fsprogs-1.12-2 Tools for the second extended (ext2) filesystem Linux/sparc
eject-1.5-4 ejects ejectable media and controls auto ejection Linux/sparc
elftoaout-2.2-1 ELF to a.out conversion utility Linux/sparc
ext2ed-0.1-14 ext2 filesystem editor for hackers *only* Linux/sparc
fdisk-2.5-1 Hard disk partitioning tool Linux/sparc
getty_ps-2.0.7j-4 getty and uugetty Linux/sparc
glint-2.6.2-1 Graphical Linux INstallation Tool Linux/sparc
hdparm-3.3-2 utility for setting (E)IDE performance parameters Linux/sparc
helptool-2.4-4 Simple Help File Searching Tool Linux/noarch
info-3.12-9 standalone tty based reader for GNU texinfo documents Linux/sparc
ipfwadm-2.3.0-6 IP firewall and accounting administration tool Linux/sparc
kbd-0.96a-8 Linux keymap utilities Linux/sparc
kbdconfig-1.8.3-1 Text tool for setting and loading a keyboard map Linux/sparc
kernelcfg-0.5-3 Kernel Configuration Tool Linux/sparc
ldconfig-1.9.5-8 Creates shared library cache and maintains symlinks Linux/sparc
linuxconf-1.12r5-6rh Configure your system via text console, X, or Web Linux/sparc
logrotate-2.6-3 Rotates, compresses, and mails system logs Linux/sparc
losetup-2.8a-2 programs for setting up and configuring loopback devices Linux/sparc
lpr-0.33-1 Print server and client for local and remote printing Linux/sparc
man-1.5f-1 manual page reader Linux/sparc
mingetty-0.9.4-8 a compact, console-only getty Linux/sparc
mkdosfs-ygg-0.3b-8 Creates a DOS FAT filesystem on a device Linux/sparc
mkinitrd-1.8-3 Makes an initial ramdisk Linux/sparc
mkisofs-1.12b4-1 Creates a ISO9660 filesystem image Linux/sparc
mkkickstart-1.0-3 Makes a kickstart description file for a machine Linux/sparc
mktemp-1.4-3 mktemp - a program for safely making tmp files Linux/sparc
modemtool-1.21-3 configuration tool for /dev/modem Linux/noarch
modutils-2.1.85-9 Module utilities and kerneld Linux/sparc
mount-2.8a-2 Programs for mounting and unmounting filesystems Linux/sparc
mt-st-0.5-1 Control magnetic tape drive operation (mt) Linux/sparc
netcfg-2.19-5 Network Configuration Tool Linux/noarch
ntsysv-0.9.6-1 Full-screen interface for configurating runlevel information Linux/sparc
popt-1.1.1-2 C library for parsing command line parameters Linux/sparc
printtool-3.29-3 Printer Configuration Tool Linux/noarch
procinfo-14-2 proc filesystem information Linux/sparc
procps-1.2.9-2 Process monitoring utilities Linux/sparc
psacct-6.3-5 Process accounting tools Linux/sparc
psmisc-17-3 More ps type tools for /proc filesystem Linux/sparc
quota-1.55-9 Quota administration package Linux/sparc
raidtools-0.50beta10-2 Tools for creating and maintaining software RAID devices Linux/sparc
rhbackup-0.2-1 Red Hat Backup Utility Linux/noarch
rhmask-1.0-3 Generates masks between two files and can use the mask to restore files Linux/sparc
rhs-printfilters-1.46-3 Red Hat Print Filter System Linux/sparc
rhsound-1.7-3 Red Hat Sound system Linux/noarch
rmt-0.3-14 Remote (network) tape device access Linux/sparc
rpm-2.5.5-5.2 Red Hat Package Manager Linux/sparc
setconsole-1.0-5 Switches a system between local video and serial consoles Linux/noarch
setserial-2.14-4 Serial interface configuration program Linux/sparc
setuptool-1.0-1 Text-mode Configuration Tool Linux/noarch
sh-utils-1.16-14 GNU shell utilities Linux/sparc
shadow-utils-980403-4 Shadow password file utilities for Linux Linux/sparc
silo-0.8-2 Sparc Improved LOader Linux/sparc
sliplogin-2.1.1-3 Login program for SLIP Linux/sparc
sndconfig-0.27-1 Red Hat Sound Configuration tool Linux/sparc
statserial-1.1-10 displays status of the serial lines in a terminal Linux/sparc
swatch-2.2-3 System log watcher and alarm Linux/noarch
taper-6.9-2 Menu driven backup system with support for compression Linux/sparc
time-1.7-6 GNU time Utility Linux/sparc
timeconfig-2.5-1 Text tool for setting the timezone and clockmode Linux/sparc
timetool-2.3-7 Time and Date Configuration Tool Linux/noarch
tksysv-1.0-3 X/Tk based SYSV Runlevel Editor Linux/noarch
tmpwatch-1.5.1-2 Cleans up files in directories based on their age Linux/sparc
tunelp-1.3-8 configures kernel parallel port driver Linux/sparc
usernet-1.0.8-1 GUI application for users to control network devices Linux/sparc
util-linux-2.8-11 Collection of basic system utilities for Linux Linux/sparc

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