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RPM of Group Networking

biff-0.10-3 Biff mail checker client and comsat mail checking server Linux/sparc
bootparamd-0.10-6 RPC server which provides boot information to diskless clients Linux/sparc
finger-0.10-5 Finger client and server Linux/sparc
ftp-0.10-3 Standard Unix ftp (file transfer protocol) client Linux/sparc
netkit-base-0.10-13 Includes inetd and ping networking programs Linux/sparc
ntalk-0.10-4 Talk client for one-on-one Internet chatting Linux/sparc
pidentd-2.7-3 Internet Daemon: Authorization, User Identification Linux/sparc
routed-0.10-10 RIP routing daemon for automatic route table maintenance Linux/sparc
rsh-0.10-4 Client and servers for the rsh, rcp, and rlogin commands Linux/sparc
rusers-0.10-8 Display login information for remote machines Linux/sparc
rwall-0.10-7 Client and server for sending messages to users on remote host Linux/sparc
rwho-0.10-8 Display login information for all machines on the local network Linux/sparc
samba-1.9.18p10-3 SMB client and server Linux/sparc
telnet-0.10-5 Client and server for the telnet remote login protocol Linux/sparc
tftp-0.10-4 Client and daemon for the trivial file transfer protocol (tftp) Linux/sparc
timed-0.10-3 TCP/IP time of day server Linux/sparc
ypbind-3.3-9 NIS binding process Linux/sparc
ytalk-3.0.3-6 uses internet talk protocol to create multiuser chat sessions Linux/sparc

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