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RPM of Group Utilities/Text

diffstat-1.25-5 Provides diff file statistics Linux/alpha
diffutils-2.7-11 GNU diff Utilities Linux/alpha
faces-1.6.1-11 Face saver database tools Linux/alpha
faces-xface-1.6.1-11 Utilities to handle X-Face headers Linux/alpha
gawk-3.0.3-3 GNU utilities text processor. Linux/alpha
gecko-1.6-0 newt-based linuxconf front end Linux/alpha
grep-2.2-2 GNU grep Utilities Linux/alpha
ispell-3.1.20-11 GNU ispell - interactive spelling checker Linux/alpha
less-332-2 text file browser -- less is more Linux/alpha
m4-1.4-10 GNU Macro Processor Linux/alpha
mawk-1.2.2-9 Mike's New/Posix AWK Interpreter Linux/alpha
nenscript-1.13++-12 converts plain ascii to PostScript Linux/alpha
patch-2.5-5 GNU patch Utilities Linux/alpha
perl-5.004m4-1 Practical Extraction and Report Language Linux/alpha
perl-MD5-1.7-3 Perl MD5 module Linux/alpha
rgrep-0.98.4-6 recursive grep utility Linux/alpha
sed-3.02-1 GNU Stream Editor Linux/alpha
textutils-1.22-7 GNU Text Utilities Linux/alpha
words-2-11 English dictionary for /usr/dict Linux/noarch

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