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RPM of Group Utilities/File

file-3.25-2 file(1) command Linux/alpha
fileutils-3.16-10 GNU File Utilities Linux/alpha
findutils-4.1-25 GNU Find Utilities (find, xargs, and locate) Linux/alpha
git-4.3.17-3 GIT - GNU Interactive Tools Linux/alpha
lslk-1.18-1 Lists lock files held by processes. Linux/alpha
lsof-4.37-1 Lists files open by processes Linux/alpha
macutils-2.0b3-9 utilities for manipulating Macintosh file formats Linux/alpha
mtools-3.9.1-2 programs to access DOS disks w/o mounting them Linux/alpha
sharutils-4.2-10 GNU shar utils - shar, unshar, uuencode, uudecode Linux/alpha
stat-1.5-8 file information reporter Linux/alpha
symlinks-1.2-2 symbolic link sanity checker Linux/alpha
tree-1.2-4 Prints out a view of a directory tree Linux/alpha
which-1.0-8 Finds a program 'which' is in one of the directories on your PATH Linux/alpha

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