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RPM of Group Networking/Utilities

bind-utils-8.1.2-5 DNS utils - host, dig, dnsquery, nslookup Linux/alpha
bootpc-061-8 bootpc, a client to get networking info from bootpd Linux/alpha
comanche-0.6a-1 COnfiguration MANager for apaCHE Linux/noarch
dip-3.3.7o-12 dip modem dialer Linux/alpha
fwhois-1.00-8 finger-style whois Linux/alpha
mgetty-1.1.14-5 Smart getty replacement for data and fax modems Linux/alpha
mgetty-sendfax-1.1.14-5 Support for sending and receiving faxes via a faxmodem Linux/alpha
mgetty-voice-1.1.14-5 Support for modems supporting voice mail Linux/alpha
nc-1.10-1 NetCat - Network test and debugging tool Linux/alpha
rdate-0.960923-5 Remote clock reader (and local setter) Linux/alpha
rdist-1.0-9 file distributor - maintain files on multiple machines Linux/alpha
traceroute-1.4a5-7 traces the route packets take over a TCP/IP network Linux/alpha
ucd-snmp-devel-3.5.3-2 UCD SNMP development libs and headers Linux/alpha
ucd-snmp-utils-3.5.3-2 UCD SNMP utilities Linux/alpha
yp-tools-2.1-1 NIS (YP) clients Linux/alpha

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