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RPM of Group Networking/Daemons

am-utils-6.0a16-4 Automount utils - includes the NFS automount daemon Linux/alpha
apache-1.3.3-1 Leading World Wide Web server Linux/alpha
apache-devel-1.3.3-1 Header files from apache for developing/compiling 3rd party modules Linux/alpha
autofs-3.1.1-8 autofs daemon Linux/alpha
bind-8.1.2-5 BIND - DNS name server Linux/alpha
bootp-2.4.3-7 bootp/DHCP server and test programs Linux/alpha
cleanfeed-0.95.7b-1 INN spam filter Linux/noarch
dhcp-2.0b1pl6-2 Dynamic Host Control Protocol Server and Clients. Linux/alpha
dhcpcd-0.70-2 DHCPC Daemon Linux/alpha
gated-3.5.10-1 GateD daemon for 2.0.x kernels Linux/alpha
imap-4.4-2 provides support for IMAP and POP network mail protocols Linux/alpha
inn-1.7.2-14 INN, the InterNet News System (news server) Linux/alpha
intimed-1.10-7 time server for clock synchornization Linux/alpha
mod_perl-1.15-3 mod_perl - an Apache module to embed PERL within HTML files Linux/alpha
mod_php-2.0.1-5 PHP/FI - a powerful apache module Linux/alpha
mod_php3-3.0.5-2 PHP3 - a powerful scripting language for HTML Linux/alpha
nfs-server-2.2beta37-1 NFS server daemons Linux/alpha
portmap-4.0-12 RPC port mapper Linux/alpha
ppp-2.3.5-1 ppp daemon package for linux 1.3.xx and greater Linux/alpha
sendmail-8.8.7-20 sendmail mail transport agent Linux/alpha
squid-1.1.22-2 SQUID Internet Object Cache Linux/alpha
squid-novm-1.1.22-2 SQUID Internet Object Cache (Low VM usage version) Linux/alpha
ucd-snmp-3.5.3-2 UCD SNMP agent Linux/alpha
wu-ftpd-2.4.2b18-2 Washington University FTP daemon Linux/alpha
xntp3-5.93-4 Network Time Protocol utilities Linux/alpha
ypserv-1.3.5-1 NIS/YP Server Linux/alpha

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