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basesystem-4.9-3 Skeleton package which defines a simple Red Hat system Linux/noarch
crontabs-1.7-3 root crontab file Linux/noarch
dev-2.5.9-1 /dev entries Linux/alpha
etcskel-1.3-6 skelton user dot files Linux/noarch
filesystem-1.3.2-3 Basic filesystem layout Linux/noarch
initscripts-3.78-1 inittab and /etc/rc.d scripts Linux/alpha
mailcap-1.0-9 Defines multimedia helper applications for various programs Linux/noarch
pam-0.64-3 Pluggable Authentication Modules: modular, incremental authentication Linux/alpha
pamconfig-0.51-5 The obsolete configuration file and editor for pam Linux/noarch
passwd-0.50-11 Set or update a password using PAM Linux/alpha
pwdb-0.55-1 Password Database Library Linux/alpha
redhat-release-5.2-1 Red Hat Linux release file Linux/noarch
rootfiles-5.2-2 root dot files Linux/noarch
setup-1.9.2-1 Simple setup files Linux/noarch
termcap-9.12.6-11 Terminal database used by many applications Linux/noarch

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