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Packages beginning with letter T

taper-6.8.4-2 Menu driven backup system with support for compression Linux/i386
tar-1.12-2 GNU Tape Archiver (tar) Linux/i386
tclx-8.0.2-16 extensions to tcl and tk for POSIX systems Linux/i386
tcp_wrappers-7.6-3 Security wrapper for tcp daemons Linux/i386
tcpdump-3.4a5-3 dumps packets that are sent or received over a network interface Linux/i386
tcsh-6.07-2 Enhanced c-shell Linux/i386
telnet-0.10-5 Client and server for the telnet remote login protocol Linux/i386
termcap-9.12.6-11 Terminal database used by many applications Linux/noarch
tetex-0.4pl8-11 TeX typesetting system and MetaFont font formatter Linux/i386
tetex-afm-0.4pl8-11 afm (Adobe Font Metrics) fonts and utilities Linux/i386
tetex-dvilj-0.4pl8-11 dvi to laserjet convertor Linux/i386
tetex-dvips-0.4pl8-11 dvi to postscript convertor Linux/i386
tetex-latex-0.4pl8-11 LaTeX macro package Linux/i386
tetex-texmf-src-0.4pl8-11 Documented sources for TeX packages Linux/i386
tetex-xdvi-0.4pl8-11 X11 previewer Linux/i386
texinfo-3.12-4 texinfo formatter and info reader Linux/i386
textutils-1.22-7 GNU Text Utilities Linux/i386
tftp-0.10-3 Client and daemon for the trivial file transfer protocol (tftp) Linux/i386
time-1.7-5 GNU time Utility Linux/i386
timeconfig-2.2-2 Text tool for setting the timezone and clockmode Linux/i386
timed-0.10-3 TCP/IP time of day server Linux/i386
timetool-2.3-6 Time and Date Configuration Tool Linux/noarch
tin-1.22-10 tin News Reader Linux/i386
tix- many metawidgets (such as notepads) for tk Linux/i386
tk-8.0.2-16 Tk GUI toolkit for Tcl, with shared libraries Linux/i386
tkinter-1.5.1-4 GUI interface for Python Linux/i386
tkmc-4.1.33-2 Midnight Commander visual shell (tk version) Linux/i386
tksysv-1.0-3 X/Tk based SYSV Runlevel Editor Linux/noarch
tmpwatch-1.5-2 Cleans up files in directories based on their age Linux/i386
traceroute-1.4a5-7 traces the route packets take over a TCP/IP network Linux/i386
tracker-4.3-7 plays Amiga MOD sound files via /dev/dsp Linux/i386
transfig-3.2-4 Converts .fig files (such as those from xfig) to other formats Linux/i386
tree-1.2-3 Prints out a view of a directory tree Linux/i386
trn-3.6-12 Threaded News Reader Linux/i386
trojka-1.1-10 falling blocks game similar to xjewels or t*tris for curses Linux/i386
tunelp-1.3-7 configures kernel parallel port driver Linux/i386

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