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Packages beginning with letter S

sag-0.5-2 LDP System Administrator's Guide Linux/noarch
samba-1.9.18p5-1 SMB client and server Linux/i386
scottfree-1.14-5 interpreter for Scott Adams format text adventure games Linux/i386
screen-3.7.4-2 Screen - Manages multiple sessions on one tty Linux/i386
sed-2.05-10 GNU Stream Editor Linux/i386
sendmail-8.8.7-17 sendmail mail transport agent Linux/i386
sendmail-cf-8.8.7-17 sendmail configuration files and m4 macros Linux/i386
sendmail-doc-8.8.7-17 sendmail documentation Linux/i386
setconsole-1.0-4 Switches a system between local video and serial consoles Linux/noarch
setserial-2.12-4 Serial interface configuration program Linux/i386
setup-1.9.1-2 Simple setup files Linux/noarch
setuptool-1.0-1 Text-mode Configuration Tool Linux/noarch
seyon-2.14c-10 X communications program for modems Linux/i386
sgml-tools-1.0.6-2 text formatting system used by the Linux Documentation Project Linux/i386
sh-utils-1.16-12 GNU shell utilities Linux/i386
shadow-utils-980403-3 Shadow password file utilities for Linux Linux/i386
sharutils-4.2-10 GNU shar utils - shar, unshar, uuencode, uudecode Linux/i386
slang-0.99.38-4 shared library for C like extension language Linux/i386
slang-devel-0.99.38-4 static library and header files for slang C like language Linux/i386
sliplogin-2.1.1-2 Login program for SLIP Linux/i386
slrn- The world's best newsreader (in Red Hat's opinion anyway) Linux/i386
smbfs-2.0.1-4 programs to access SMB network servers Linux/i386
sndconfig-0.21-2 Red Hat Sound Configuration tool Linux/i386
sox-11g-7 general purpose sound file conversion tool Linux/i386
spice-2g6-7 SPICE circuit simulator Linux/i386
spider-1.0-6 X11 implementation of Spider card game Linux/i386
squid-1.1.21-5 SQUID Internet Object Cache Linux/i386
squid-novm-1.1.21-5 SQUID Internet Object Cache (Low VM usage version) Linux/i386
stat-1.5-7 file information reporter Linux/i386
statserial-1.1-10 displays status of the serial lines in a terminal Linux/i386
strace-3.1-5 prints system call strace of a running process Linux/i386
svgalib-1.2.13-3 library for full screen [S]VGA graphics Linux/i386
svgalib-devel-1.2.13-3 development libraries and include files for [S]VGA graphics Linux/i386
swatch-2.2-2 System log watcher and alarm Linux/noarch
symlinks-1.2-2 symbolic link sanity checker Linux/i386
sysklogd-1.3-22 Linux system and kernel logger Linux/i386

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